Month: December 2009


The mind is never right but when it is at peace within itself.
•Lucius Annaeus Seneca
We begin this NEW YEAR 2010 with a fresh perspective on Peace of Mind. We may have no riches in monetary terms or in tangible assets but money does not guarantee Peace of Mind! What is most needed by the world is the greatest riches possessed by the enlightened and those who sleep well – peace within ones heart. Our mind is always wandering and seeking gratification – often the key lies in our pursuit of the seven deadly sins Pride, Greed, Envy,Anger,Lust, Gluttony and Sloth.
If we make a determined effort to overcome these 7 deadly sins, there is a very bright chance that we will focus attention on the seven positive virtues Humility, Generosity, Love, Kindness, Self control, Temperance and Zeal. Once we start focusing on these, we would reduce our desires, minimize our cravings and actually start enjoying the riches that we are blessed with.
Try these
  • List out 3 of the seven deadly sins that tempt you the most.
  • Outline a plan of action to resist giving into the temptations from these sins.
  • Outline a plan to practice one of the virtues on a weekly basis.

Remember : ‘ A clear conscience is the Best Pillow ‘

Igniting your thoughts – Encouraging you to ACT SPOnTaneously

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New Year 2010

You are here, possibly because you clicked a link on our website where we have put up a PPT received by us, and which we thought had to be shared with all. As you would have noticed the PPT gives you a succinct message for each day of the year ahead.

In this blog, we shall attempt to give you our interpretation of each message so that it becomes easily understood, efficiently utilised and positively impacts you! We hope to share appropriate examples, pointed tips on effectively using the learning and be a channel to inspire and motivate you.

The blog will effectively start 1st Jan 2010. Have a wonderful Christmas Season and a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year !


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Igniting your thoughts – Encouraging you to ACT SPOnTaneously

2- The challenge called CHANGE

CHANGE is permanent – sounds ironic, but the reality is that this is a the pivot around which the human race has made progress in leaps and bounds. Yet change posses a challenge – the challenge of accepting change. In our growing up years, we found it easier to accept the change because we did not rationalize too much. We accepted our bodily change to adult hood as a natural progression of life. In any case there was very little that we could do to stop those changes and so we accepted the pimples and warts as also the realization of our sexuality with curiosity and a wee bit of anxiety.

However as we grow older, we prefer to cling to the tried and tested, avoid the discomfort of learning anew and anxiously bypass the challenges posed by new technology. Unfortunately, we can neither avoid the fury of change nor ignore the discomfort of being called outdated in the fast paced world. So the only option is to make friends with change and make change an allay in our personal pursuit of excellence.

So how do we embrace change wholeheartedly ? The first thing we must do is acknowledge that change is permanent and will be our allay. The next step is to adapt and adopt it at the earliest. Only then can we experience the wonders of change. See the revolution brought about by the internet or an ATM machine or a digital camera. Mobile communication and the mobile hardware and software industry are driving change at a supersonic pace and while the heart of the technology would be quantum mystery to the lay man, the use, ease and pace of change are something we can easily identify with.

The message is Don’t fight change – change our attitude !

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1- The First Step

The journey of a thousand miles, they say begins with the First Step. Beginning now, I have begun my blogging journey with missionary zeal, an adventurous spirit and loads of enthusiasm. I am sure these were also the key ingredients that aided and abetted the pioneering adventurers and scientists in their quest for new lands, new knowledge and exploring new frontiers. Hopefully, I too shall make some new discoveries about myself, the world around and the world beyond my current imagination.

I invite you to join me in this quest of unearthing the treasures of imagination, creativity and change. This blog hopes to be a flashlight to explore within, around and beyond!!

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