Every day I wake up a little afraid.  Only a fool is never afraid. Ron Meyer 

Fear is an emotion provided by nature to rein in our bravado and foolhardiness. It is an inbuilt self preservation mechanism that cautions us, warns us and protects us from the perils of life. However, it is human nature to look at fear as an emotion that connotes weakness, belittles us in the eyes of others and devalues our self esteem. It s this misnomer about fear that often provokes us into displaying bravado at dangerous moments and rushing in where angles fear to tread.

Viewed from another angle, fear plays a positive part in shaping us as we grow. Fear of parents made us obedient, fear of authority made us disciplined, fear of biting of more than what we can chew made us pragmatic, fear of over reaching made us conservative, fear of divine retribution made us create a social structure and put in place social norms and practices. Fear has molded our thought process when we temper our ambitions with an infusion of realism; it helps us control our strong emotions so as to ensure our reactions are measured; makes us realized our own limitations and encourages us to think creatively.

Ironically one of the most common fears, world over, has very little to do with facing dangers or confronting an external enemy; rather the fear of ‘public speaking’ frightens legions of the best human talent for they find it harder to conquer the enemy within themselves – the lack of confidence and the fear of ‘exposing themselves to failure and consequent ridicule’. Surprisingly this is also one of the easiest fears to overcome for all it needs is encouragement, guidance, preparation, practice and a few sessions of practice. What a pity that a vast majority don’t take the small effort of confronting this fear by seeking expert guidance or help.

Many of our fears are mental blocks. They lock up our energy, stifle our enthusiasm and paralyses us psychologically and physically. When we attempt anything for the first time, there is always the fear of the unknown for there is no experience to back your instincts. The first attempt often helps us reduce our fears drastically, except where our experience has been terrible or exceptional scary or where it reconfirms our inability psychologically or physically. However, the self preservation nature of fear will never go for it is part of our personality that helps us prepare better, tones up our senses and makes us perform at our peak when it matters most. Like the string that restraints and guides the kite when it flies in the air, your fears restraint your from being stupidly brave and guides you in intelligent discernment.

Remember: Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it.”  – Lt. John B. Putnam Jr. (1921-1944)

 Try these

  1. List out your dream activities that you have still not attempted. Ask yourself if you have ignore attempting it because you feared that they were too ambitious or your lacked financial resources or you were apprehensive of  the reactions of close family and friends or you feared the commitment an effort that you would have to put in. Do you think that it is possible for you to revive those dream activities now?
  2. What are the situations or who are the people you fear the most? What is it that you fear in these – is it because of your lack of self belief, fear of failure, the task looks too daunting that you even fear to begin planning, the person is too intimidating because of temperament, knowledge, authority or position. If given an opportunity now, would you gather courage to face these situations or persons and make an attempt to indulge in realizing your goals / dreams?

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