If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. Michael Evans

Life blesses us with the best of choices. The trouble is we have to make a specific choice and that is a ‘commitment’, many of us cannot decisively make. The dilemma one faces is that all alternatives look equally attractive or have similar limitations and hence no sooner we make the choice, we believe that an alternative is better. Often we are tempted to choose on impulse, which is not a bad choice because that choice is based on our intuition and first impressions, which very often are quite balanced.

 Standing for something ensures that we have something definitive to focus on. This gives us an opportunity to examine our alternatives both objectively and insightfully, before we zoom in on our choice. This means that we must have at least a conceptual blueprint in our mind, which objectively defines the parameters within which our choices must fall. Our personal insight will provide the comfort that our heart feels, about the correctness of the choice.

Not being decisive, exposes us to the possibilities of being forced into a decision because you can’t defer it any further and not because it is well thought out and ideal. Even more dangerous is the possibility that we might end up accepting decisions that are thrust upon us or decisions which otherwise might have been our last choice. Often the decisions taken are irrevocable and could involve substantial financial outlay, have major impact on the professional, personal, social, economic or political environment in which we operate.

There are times when standing for something also means exposing ourselves to criticism, risks of varied types like social ostracism, bodily harm, financial ruin, harassment by authorities and vested interests and the like. This is particularly true if we stand up for a minority point of view or stand up against fanaticism of any kind. This means that we need to be bold and courageous, well planned and well prepared, conscious about the risks involved and ready to move well beyond our comfort zone.

Remember: Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the “right stuff” to turn our dreams into reality.” James Womack

Try these:

  1. Make a list of health, wealth and travel related dreams that you have. It could relate to slimming, eating well, reducing your tummy, enhancing your income by a certain amount, contributing to a charity etc. Select one of the options from each and then make the commitment to follow-up on that for the coming year.
  2. Make a commitment to enhance your spiritual growth, your intellectual growth and your overall personality. Like the above, begin with a commitment to one way of achieving this for each area of your life.

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