Get Going

Inspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action. Brendan Francis

Man is not just a social animal, but a thinking species too; this gives us a unique advantage in that we are constantly ideating and never short of inspirational thoughts. Notice that at the moment of getting the inspired thought we are fully charged up, extremely passionate about our idea and can even feel the glorious dazzle of success. Alas, we are soon bogged down by trivials; our perceived lack of resources, our inability to take the risk, our inability to translate our inspirations into working project skeletons etc.  Soon our enthusiasm wanes, our self doubts creep in, we prepare to fail and work towards a self rationalizing reasons. The dazzle of success soon turns into a fizzle of leaving a trail of despondency.

Inspirations require quick responses in order to translate it into evaluative results and self propelling ventures. The key is to start (see the post on START in dt 1stFeb 2010). What a good start ensures is immediacy of action that enables one to make the commitment to make the inspiration workable. Equally important is the fact that once we start, we will be moving towards generating some results which can be evaluated for reconfirmation that our inspiration is workable or requires tweaking. The start also gives us the momentum to continue to pursue the project; the progress made helps us sustain our enthusiasm, reinforces our confidence and generates its own energy of positive reinforcement, optimistic outlook not to mention a taste of success.

An inspiration is like a bottle of soda, which once opened needs to be consumed immediately or it will loose its fizz. How we consume it, where we consume, in how much time we consume it etc. are matters that are automatically taken care of when we commit to opening  the soda bottle. Inspirations when they come leave us with even little choice for action, because we will succumb to the lure of the next idea or to the pleasures of leisure. A quick proactive response commits one to the idea, generates solutions to problems that may crop up and motivates us to chase our dream in right earnest. It may also help us reinforce our beliefs, stimulate more inspirations and possibly even kindle in you the spirit of adventure.

Remember: “Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.”

Try these

  1. Take a sheet of paper. How many times can you fold it before you reach a point when you can’t fold it anymore? Are you guessing? Did you hear about it / read about it and so know the answer? Have you confirmed that answer? If you have never confirmed the answer… Get Going- TRY it NOW!
  2. Did you like the contents of this post? Have you noticed that there is a provision to comment about the post on the bottom of each post? Have you ever tried to give your comment / views on the post? Get going – TRY it NOW!

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One thought on “Get Going

  1. Hi,

    I am Dhanraj, working in private company, I have become one of the permanent member who visit your blog.

    I am really thankfull to you for providing us motivational speech on daily basis. i am sure that i have changed atleast 10% after reading your blog. i have started reading your blog from last month.daily you are taking good topic. today’s one is fantastic one. as a first step i have taken initative to write comment to this post. Let me try to put inspirations to work.

    From now, whenever i read the blog, sure i will leave my comments.


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