Labor disgraces no man; unfortunately, you occasionally find men who disgrace labor. Ulysses S. Grant

Work has been the one goal that has kept the human race sane active and progressive. Unlike animals, the human race has been blessed with a superior intellect, which craves to expand its horizons, seeks stimulation in adventurous pursuits and translates thoughts into action. Work provides us the horizons, the stimulation and the action to engage the human mind, satisfy the inner yearnings and explore the life beyond just waking and sleeping.

Ironically, the biblical theory that work was given to man / woman the day Adam ate the forbidden fruit and is actually a punishment for our original sin could have an element of truth because when we examine work, we find that work has too many shades, meanings, connotations and varieties. Yes, everyone without exception, be he beggar or king has to labor. While physical labor is perhaps considered low skilled and less rewarding, the white collared job has bee the prerogative of the educated and the intelligent. Alas, the white collared job comes with a major handicap of stress being major devil that tempts us with cravings to achieve more, be rewarded more but at the cost of ill health, mental trauma, lifestyle disease like diabetes and blood pressure, not to mention heart attacks.

While hunting and farming were the forerunners of what we today call work, slavery and bonded labor were the disgraceful consequences of work and workers being abused. Till recently one of the most pitiable work being done was by the lowest of the low in the social hierarchy, was carrying night soil from the lavatories. Merciful that has been banned and the emergence of more hygienic and cost effective sanitation methods have helped in eliminating this pathetic work. Yet the evils of bonded labor, child labor, racial abuse and sexual harassment at the work place continue unabashedly; a sad commentary on the progress made by man in his pursuit of progress.

Remember: The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Try these:

  1. What is you dream job? List out 5 reasons why you chose this as your dream job. Outline 7 things you think will be the troublesome areas of that job.
  2. Can you list out the 5 worst jobs in the world in your opinion. Who are the people doing these jobs and why do they do it? What are the 3 things that motivate them to do that job?
  3. If you had the resources tell us how you will tackle the problems of bonded labor, child labor, racial abuse and sexual harassment in the work place.

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