This day

Nothing is worth more than this day. Johann von Goethe

Too often we put a very high value on money and the worldly goods / possessions that money can buy. We blissfully ignore the reality that intangibles like strong family ties, harmonious relations ships and a clear conscience are far more valuable, for money can’t buy these. Yet much more valuable than all this is the moment; this very moment and the day that is formed by all the moments strung together.

The beauty of today lies in its uniqueness for each person. Although it is available in the same identical measure to every one yet it has a unique DNA that makes it so different and so special for each one of us. No two days are ever the same and when we are happy the hours fly by and when we are sad and forlorn, time almost ceases and never seems to move. The morning brings hope, the night rest and depending on how we used the opportunities of the day, we will either sleep well or sleeplessly toss and turn, feeling miserable that we can not turn the clock back.

A good day is one when we have attained all we set out to do, a day when we are blessed with good tidings and moments of bliss and ecstasy. To make every day count and become invaluable we need to realize that we have to plan our day. No doubt there will be numerous changes and adjustments required during the course of the day but the end goal will rarely change or remain unattained. Planning enables us to clarify our goals, put in place an action plan, visualize the rewards and work purposefully towards our goals. Every goal we achieve is a victory for our spirit and spurs us to redefine our goals, take up even bigger challenges and helps us realize our full potential.

While goals give us direction and a target to guide our efforts, the day itself gives us ample opportunities to grow rich in spirit, widen our horizons, expand out circle of friends, bond intimately with our family and experience the mercy and blessings of GOD. Today is yours NOW, cling tightly to its bosom and drink amply from its bounty; for tomorrow is another DAY.

Remember: Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream. Kahlil Gibran

Try these:

Analyise your day in time slots of 1 hour each. Write down what you do and how you spent your time. Do this for a week and you will find a pattern. Examine how much how time was fruit fully spent and how much was wasted. Ask yourself if a lack of planning and not having a goal contributed in some way to not using your day properly.

When you visit your doctor or dentist and you are forced to wait till you are called how do you spend your time? Do you do something meaningful or just while away your time frivolously? Does the same thing happen when you are waiting in the airports or railway stations and there are delays or do you plan something specific to take care of time available when there are delays?

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