Being bored is an insult to ones self. Jules Renard

Ask any school kid, a week after his/ her final exam how they spend time and they will invariably end up with the bitter complaint that they are bored. It is also possible to get a similar answer from people who have retired from active service. While boredom in kids can be pardoned because of their immaturity and inability to discern how to fruitfully use their time, the complaint of the retired is hard to pardon simply because they have so many options with them to keep busy and do some fruitful work. How much more unpardonable it is to hear the word boredom from people who are in their prime of their lives.

Boredom starts when a person’s creativity and work ethics start rusting. It gets worse when the person is lazy, has no sense of purpose and has a lackadaisical attitude. It doesn’t help if the people pretend to be busy by engaging in passive activity like watching TV, reading every page and sentence of the newspapers and / or gossiping. Most people who engage in such frivolous activity constantly complaint about time moving slowly, the poor weather conditions and keep finding fault in everything around. They are easily irritable, snap at people, potter around aimlessly and gerenaly get on every ones nerves.

For any intelligent human being keeping ones self occupied is not a difficult task, for there is ample scope for everyone to harness his /her abilities and talents. However, too much money and too much time are often the main culprits that attract boredom. Having a sense of purpose, a goal, a clear cut task is central to the theme of driving away boredom. Planning a schedule for the day and the week and if possible the month and year with sufficient breaks for contingencies is the next step. Notice how very few women seem to complaint of boredom; in fat most of them complaint about being over worked. This is because they are engaged in a wide variety of tasks, take pride in doing house hold chores, enjoy having people around so they go ahead and take on anything that cheers all those they want to please.

Having a personal passion to pursue, taking on a new learning challenge, taking on a cause close to your heart, pursuing an activity focused on a social cause etc are some of the many alternatives that will keep boredom away. All you need is the will, the feel and the person drill to utilize your time and talents to drive away boredom and lead an active and fulfilling life.

Remember: “Boredom is the desire for desires” Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Try these:

  1. Make a list of activities that you are passionate about. Select 3 to 5 of these and plan a schedule to indulge in each of it every day or at least every alternate day. Explore creative ways to be involved in it.
  2. When bored ask yourself 3 questions. What useful thing can I engage in? How will I see returns on the task I do? Will I enjoy doing that task? The task can be as simple as visiting a sick relative or friend or taking on a honorary position where your expertise can be harnessed for  a social cause or it could be more vigorous like gardening,  writing, teaching etc.

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