If your eyes are blinded with your worries, you cannot see the beauty of the sunset.Krishnamurti

Worries are the yoke that God has put on the human beings shoulders so that they are bridled and restrained from going berserk through life. Unfortunately for many of us, this yolk becomes a millstone that threatens to drown us in the whirlpool of life. Worries cloud our thought process, affect our sensibilities and threaten our peace of mind.

Worry is a mechanism for the higher order of God’s creation viz man and woman to be careful, cautious and clear in their plans for their future. Without worry, we would not engage in a any productive activity, nor save for the future and possible squander away our wealth. Notice that unlike other animals man is the only animal that destroys the environment under the garb of progress, covets and hoards more than his/ her needs and kills for pleasure rather than for self protections or consumption needs.

However worry is misconstrued by many people to mean never ending troubles, constant vigilance to anticipate troubles and an inability to enjoy the pleasures of life lest we lose it. Worry would not let you savor the beauty of life be it the bringing up of children, appreciating the wonders of nature or enjoying the company of loved ones. We can worry about the silliest things like getting a heart attack to the probability of someone robbing us while we travel or getting worked up when we know about the arrival of guests. Some get obsessed and possessive because they worry about losing their prized possessions.

The trick to overcome our worries is to see the solutions to our immediate worries. Positive thinking is the crisp antidote for those prone to anxiety and depression. Look at life positively and enthusiastically and you will learn to enjoy the rain and sunshine in equal measure!

Remember: “There is a great difference between worry and concern. A worried person sees a problem, and a concerned person solves a problem.”Harold Stephens

Try these:

  1. Every night before going to bed think of your problems. Then think of the solutions to the problems. Satisfy yourself that the solutions are appropriate even if they bring pain to you mentally or physically. You will then be able to have a good sleep if your focus on the solutions working the next morning
  2. Analyze the worst fears you had in your life and during the last month. What were the solutions to those worries? How many of those worries tortured you? Eg. If you failed in school and had to repeat a class everyone must have been distraught. How long did that feeling last? Did that failure majorly affect your future life? The learning is clear; worries will be there but they can be overcome !

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