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In the post dated 18th May 2010 on the topic Life is to be lived, we had sought entries from you as under

I would welcome some original epitaphs to be emailed to along with your name, age and location. Please avoid copying epitaphs from the net or other sources but attempt to write one for yourself. Quality contributions received up to 31st May 2010 may be published and showcased on this blog around 6th June 2010.

Unfortunately as on date we have not received any original epitaphs. It could be indifference, it could be personal difficulty or it could be fear  of death itself. What ever be the reason it is a wee bit disheartening and I am wondering if the Try This is really a useful section.

Your feedback will be much valued.

It wont be the same tomorrow

Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are. Bertolt Brecht

Every single day the sun rises in the east and sets in the west; yet each day is very different from the previous and you can bet it will change tomorrow too. Similarly there are no major changes that happen in our lives on a daily basis and that are why by and large we are able to follow a routine. That is also the reason we are able to predict the future and plan for it too. However we are also aware that there could be sudden upheavals, unforeseen happenings and definite changes in a planned routine and so factor in this when we draw up plans.

The bigger problem is when changes creep up and we do not see it happening. This is extremely dangerous because we are often not forewarned, preparing for an unknown eventuality is a near impossibility and when things change we could be swept away by the sheer scale, intensity and novelty of the change. This is why R&D occupies an important place in the business set up especially where there is competition and where there is huge demand. Market driven companies can provide ample examples right from the innumerable varieties of mobile phones to the onslaught of sachets, ready to cook food and the personalization of the mass media because of the internet.

It is on the personal front that it becomes more challenging for us to anticipate change. The generation gap is often a good barometer of this sudden emergence of a reality that was always creeping home but one we side stepped. Fashion, style, art, music and lifestyles have changed over the years and we find it hard to identify with the new trends. While in the old days only the tough soldiers and particularly the navy men who got themselves tattooed, it is today a rage amongst the youngsters, particularly the girls. The music space too is seeing a proliferation of styles with rap and metal giving way to influences that are continent and country specific like Latin American, Indian and Arabian influences integrating with the pop and rock.

Technology is responsible for this sudden spurt in the changes that are rapidly engulfing us and paradoxically it is technology that also provides solutions to foreseeing trends. Technology itself is undergoing a major metamorphosis and so relatively new technology like the floppy, the CD’s and the desk top itself have almost become obsolete and will shortly be extinct. The computer is here to stay but the computing will be very different from what was originally conceived; in a nutshell that sums up the crux of today’s post.

Remember: “Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are for what you could become.”

Try these:

  1. Take on a challenge to give yourself a new look beginning with the physical go on to try and harness your talents and give in to your passions.
  2. Predict 5 changes that you think will happen in the next 5 years. Can you outline the type of change that will come about and its impact on you, the society at large and the world?

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Be an example

A good example is the best sermon. Anon

Often we are carried away by the eloquence and oratory of an excellent public speaker. Primarily this is because he or she has the expertise, has prepared well and has the personality and ability to communicate well. We get inspired and charged up and it is possible that we also attempt to put in practice the take aways from the preaching. Unfortunately, many of us lack the will power to sustain and soon we are back in square one. Other times, we are disinterested in the talk and except for some odd remarks or pearls of wisdom most of the talk does not register. Yet those few words linger long and we might frequently reflect on them for it has touched a chord in us.

However what remains etched in our minds and our hearts are those acts of kindness and love that you experienced first hand or that you were privileged to witness. It could be the tenderness and patience of mother who has to take care of a mentally or physically challenged child. Perhaps you have a special affection for a neighbor or a teacher who believed in you and encouraged you. Sometimes it is the real life incidents which we read about that brings fresh perspectives and touches a raw nerve within us. The success of the Chicken Book Series is a case in point. Remember the story of an old couple who were force to live apart because the wife was stricken with Alzheimer’s and had to be institutionalized. Yet every single day the old man made a trip from his house and spent long hours with his wife who would barely recognize him. Finally  a well meaning nurse suggested to the old man that it was futile that he waste his time, money and energy coming daily to meet his wife who could not recognize him. The old mans reply will bring a lump to your throat ‘She may not recognize me but I know who she is and that is why I come to see her daily’

‘Seeing is believing’ is an old adage; however the true meaning of it is in the domain of examples set by those who we look upon as role models. Parents are the primary source from whom we learn be it the 3 R’s or values or temperament. This is closely followed by the observation of teachers, relatives and neighbors and all those whom we are in close contact with. It would be hypocrisy for a parent who smokes to tell his kids not to smoke or for a teacher to tell students not to copy in exams while they allow students leeway when they are supervising. It is normal for people to prefer the easy path, the pleasure filled road and imitate the behavior that is most prevalent.

Each of us must realize that we are being observed, our actions imitated consciously or unconsciously and our words and actions minutely analyzed for discrepancies by very many people whom we come in contact with. More importantly it is imperative that we recognize the fact that words are very easy to articulate; it is very very tough to Walk the Talk.

Remember: “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.”St. Francis of Assisi

Try this:

  1. Name a close relative (it could be either of your parents or grandparents or uncle or aunt) who you greatly admire. Now list out 5 qualities that endear that person to you. Also name one quality of that person which you feel needs to be changed/ worked on /is irritating.
  2. For the next one week, make an attempt at improving your behavior, working on changes that your loved ones always want you to incorporate. It could be spending more time at home or it could be increasing your study time or it could be keeping your room and cupboards neat and tidy etc.

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New adjustments and self esteem…

Every new adjustment is a crisis in self-esteem.  Eric Hoffer

Adjustment definitely indicates a shift from the status quo. For almost everyone this shift brings with it a number of questions relating to ‘what happens next’.  With the rare exception of very desperate people or extremely positive people, most normal people would be circumspect about the adjustment, primarily because we are concerned about how what the possible negative impact of the change would be. Desperate people will go with an attitude of it can’t get worse whilst the positive people will look at it as another opportunity around the corner.

The bigger problem of adjustment though, is its impact on our self esteem. Invariably the adjustment is because of changing circumstances most of it not initiated by our self. Worse still if the adjustment is forced up on us our ego will first question the authority and authenticity of the source of change. The human mind will then go on the defense and conjure up imaginary negative impact of the adjustment so as to take preventive action if and when the eventuality happens. Job transfers are a classic case of an event requiring a major adjustment. Beginning with accommodation and schooling of kids, it also raises worries about the new work environment, the quality of work, the type of superior one will have to deal with and the cultural and social adjustments one has to make.

Our upbringing and personal nature also play a major role in either minimizing the crisis of the self-esteem problems in adjustments or precipitating it.  There are times when we take a high moral ground and refuse to budge from your position even if you realize that your argument is weak. Eg. When we refuse to give alms to a beggar ostensibly because you are opposed to encouraging beggars but realistically because you do not have any small denomination currency. Other times we make the adjustments with poor grace and an even worse temperament.  Road rage is a vivid  example of such behavior. Our inability to cope with change particularly technological change is a major crisis in self adjustment.  While we would love to own the latest gadgets, finances permitting, we actually hesitate even when we can afford to acquire the gadgets simply because we fear w may not be able to operate the equipment. Eg.The latest mobile telephones are a rage with the youngsters but don’t cut much ice with the older generation who put on a façade of ‘not really requiring the features’ to justify themselves.

A good test of knowing your own ability to cope with adjustments is to check on how often you decline opportunities, ask yourself how weak is your argument for declining and what are the first thoughts that come to mind, when you see a change coming. Finally also ask yourself if you are ashamed to attempt and fail. If the answer is an overwhelming yes, then you have a major crisis of self esteem on hand.

Remember: “The golden opportunity you are seeking is in yourself. It is not in your environment, it is not in luck or chance, or the help of others; it is in yourself alone.” Orison Swett Marden

Try this:

  1. Assume that you are travelling in train with your family and you have reserved seats.  At a certain junction a very old lady enters the compartment and requests you to make a small adjustment and let her sit since she has no reservation and she has to go to another place which is 6 hours away. How will you realistically deal with the situation? Will your response be different if the lady entered at 9 am or 9 pm?
  2. Go and attend a concert or play or musical show or a magic show or a circus or any program preferably of a genre that you have never been to.  For best results go alone and avoid all temptation of taking a friend along. Examine your own feelings before, during and after the show. Irrespective of the quality of the show or your ability to appreciate it, did you enjoy the experience?

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Cool enthusiasm

The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool. William McFee

Though it sounds paradoxical, an enthusiast while being overtly exuding energy and confidence can succeed only when he can rein in his exuberance and calmly go about achieving his goals. As Dale Carnegie correctly identified, enthusiasms holds the key to success. Without enthusiasm we can achieve very little but we can definitely hope to achieve much with enthusiasms simply because your heart and mind is focused on the task on hand. Enthusiasm however has the tendency to let people get carried away. They get so focused and energetic that they may be oblivious to some pitfalls along the way or may ignore the strengths and strategy of the opponent with disastrous consequences.

Keeping cool is a pretty tough task for an energetic, charged up and high strung person. When the adeline is pumping, when the competitions is hotting up and smell of success overpowering it takes a lot to calm down and relax for the tension is at its peak and the keeping the momentum paramount. However, time and time again one will see that it is those who can keep their nerve by taking things calmly and approach a task systematically who often triumphs. Take the case of a pulsating T20 cricket match. No matter what score the team batting first scores, there is always the perceptible tension when the team batting second begins. No doubt the larger the score to chase, the greater the tempo and the tension. Most times, the results vindicate the approach of the team that has kept its nerves.

Many of us are guilty of enthusiastically staring a task and then feeling deflated at every obstacle and if we are losers, we simply give up. The challenge for the enthusiast is to pick up tasks that are within the ambit of his/ her capability and to approach the task systematically and methodically making due allowances for setbacks and hindrances. Sad to say, most of us lose steam midway not because we are not capable but because we don’t have the persistence and discipline to see the task to its logical end. Assume you have the stamina and technique to run a marathon and complete it with a decent timing. However, it would be futile and foolhardy to participate in a prestigious tournament without adequate preparation, practice and sufficient motivation.

Enthusiasm will ignite the spark that sets us on the path to glory; but we need to have enough resources within us, the right temperament to leverage the resources correctly and above all a cool head to ensure that we think and act in sync with one eye on our goal and the other on ourselves. That is when we can honestly say that we have kept our cool and grasped the world.

Remember: “Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Try these:

  1. Stop reading the post pick up a pen and paper and list 3 things you hate to do. If writing is one of the things you wrote, attempt to enthusiastically add another 5 pet hates. Choose the first 3 things you hate and for the next one week, attempt to enthusiastically attempt it. Eg. You might hate to do anything that involves maths or numbers. So your challenge is to enthusiastically do a Sudoku challenge daily or attempt a maths based puzzle daily.
  2. In your daily routine, it is possible that you have formed the habit of doing the unpleasant tasks last. During the coming week try to make a conscious and enthusiastic effort to do those tasks first before you go on to do other chores. Also make an effort to postpone or avoid those tasks that you look forward eg. Reading the newspaper first thing in the morning or drinking a hot cup of coffee. Can you inject some enthusiasm into the postponement?

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Change your thoughts and…

Change your thoughts and you change your world.  Norman Vincent Peale

We are all reconciled to the fact that change is the one permanent thing that we are going to face daily. So it is in our interest to make friends with change so that change becomes an allay and a motivator in our lives. The easiest way to do that is to begin changing our own rigid thoughts, becoming more liberal in interpreting events around us and accepting with grace the reality that we are faced with. Unfortunately, we are creatures of habits and worse still is our unquestioning dogmatic adherence to customs, traditions and rituals and that is capped by our obstinate refusal to see events unfold in the correct perspective. Perhaps some of us also have the additional handicap of myopic foresight and redundant ideas of progress.

Take the case of a middle class individual. He/ she is conditioned to believe that we must have modest aspirations, set ‘rational goals’ and be risk averse and safe guard ones income. When these are drilled by family, society and circumstances, making a mental change and thinking big becomes a near superhuman effort, for the mind will not let the heart follow its path. Logic will supersede emotions and safety will override risk taking. Fortunately there are ample examples of success stories of people who have dared to dream differently and who have achieved their dreams. So making that mental adjustment is much easier than it was in the past. However a mindset change is the sole prerogative of the individual concerned and he/ she alone can attempt it.

History is resplendent with examples of men and women who changed their thoughts and changed their world. Helen Keller stands out as a beacon both metaphorically and figuratively when one lists out the torch bearers of change. The exploits of Douglas Bader during world war are immortalized, while Arthur Ashe and George Washington Carver showed the world the lofty heights that the black man could scale. Closer home, the triumph of Mahatma Gandhi’s non violence policy, the staunch belief of the social reformers like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and  Maharishi Karve  and the social reformer Dr.B.R Ambedkar  are testimony to how self belief ignited a change that translated into footnotes in history. If the names of these towering personalities overwhelm you, perhaps it is time you changed and started believing that you can be as influential as them if you set your mind to the right cause and persist with tenacity.

If you really want to change yourself, your circumstances, your life style, your world begin by having a goal. Yes each of us can pinpoint our goals provided you believe in yourself and are prepared to realistically and rationally outline what you want in life. This cannot be done by merely reading so far, but by stopping to get a pen and paper and actually writing down in tangible terms all that you want in life.  I bet you have never done this before, and if you have started it and have written down at least one page of your wish list you have already begun to change your world.

Remember: “Life can either be accepted or changed. If it is not accepted, it must be changed. If it cannot be changed, then it must be accepted

Try this:

  1. If CHANGE is an acronym, how will you expand it meaningfully? Don’t give up; you can give it a try. If you don’t know how, visit and see how some of the other acronyms have been expanded and get inspired. Now attempt it once again before you go to the next activity.
  2. For the next one week, try to bring about at least one change in you physically. Eg. Don’t shave for a day, wear clothes that you would never attempt to wear in terms of style or color, change your hairstyle, change your behavior and or style of communication. Reflect on how you felt, the comments of others, the learning from the exercise.

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Bless us with patience…

God grant us patience!  William Shakespeare

Just visualize the scene where as a family we are sitting in a restaurant and debating what to order. We take our time about ordering the food, since most of us take an eternity to make up our minds. Finally when we give the order to the captain, we have this compulsive urge to instruct him to ensure that the food is served fast. While we dilly dally about our choice of food, we have no patience to wait for the food to be served. In a day and age where instant coffee and instant noodles are standard fare, where pizza delivery is timed in a clock work fashion and where ‘please hurry up’ is a standard appendage to any request, the virtue of patience is at a very high premium.

Contrast this with natures wonder called life cycle. It still takes 9 months from conception to delivery for a human being. If you plant a seed today, it might take years for someone to be able to enjoy the fruits of the tree. Look at the wild animals patiently stalking their prey or imagine the patience of the migratory birds for they have to fly very very long distances which take days on end. This phenomenon opens our eyes to a very critical weakness in most of us living in the fast paced world- lack of patience. You may disagree and say you are very patient and perhaps you are right too. If you are still reading this post, give yourself a clap for your patience; for the net speed may have been too slow and yet you persisted or the contents up to this point may have tested your patience but you optimistically go on.

On the other hand, examine your own investment strategy. Do you believe in quick money and indulge in daily trading in the stock markets or regularly buying the lottery or gambling? On the other hand are you a long term investor and / or do you prefer slow and steady returns as in bonds and debt markets? Examine your own tastes in music and sports. Do you prefer the classics to rap and metal music? Do you like to watch golf or F1 racing or prefer tennis to a football match? No doubt the choice is based on your personal interests and factors other than just your patience level, but it may give you a clue to your personal operating style which could have patience as dominating variable.

When we get impatient we also get irrational. We are then overpowered by irritation, annoyance and get easily provoked. That is when we attempt to speed up decisions leading to poor decision making, try to short circuit the system and end up messing things up and often lose our bearings and consequentially end up looking foolish and stupid. Worse still, impatience makes us lose time for in our hurry we botch up things and setting that right almost invariably takes double the original time frame. Patience is a virtue that will bring us peace of mind for then you will never be riled or ruffled.

Remember: “Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow – that is patience.”

Try these:

  1. Observe your own reaction when caught in the tail end of a line that does not seem to be moving or caught in slow moving traffic. How do you analyze the situation? Do you curse the people in front of you or do you simply work up a rage and abuse one and all or do you calmly use it as an opportunity to think and introspect or if in a car increase the volume of the music and make the best of a bad situation?
  2. Name 3 activities that you think really test your patience frequently.  What are the alternatives that will enable you to cope with that activity with least irritation and most profit?
  3. Ask yourself the following questions .Do you enjoy teaching children?  Do you think you can spend a couple of hours at the home for the aged or with mentally challenged people?  Can you work with slow learners or Alzheimer’s patients? If you answered yes to all of the above….GOD has BLESSED  you with the virtue of PATIENCE…please return the favor and go and volunteer in one of the above activities.

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The future is here…

I never think of the future.  It comes soon enough. Albert Einstein.

Many of us are so obsessed with planning for the future that we forget that we need to live now, today, in the present moment. The reality of life is that we need to keep the future in mind when enjoying the wonders of life today, but that does not imply that we have to be so wary that the future looks draconian, monstrous and terrifying. Getting the right mix of an enjoyable present, reminiscing the beautiful past and carefully nurturing the future is a challenge for every human being.

The present is where we are and the past will remain a memory but it is the future that will embrace us soon and so gives us opportunities to prepare for that meeting. In the present, we have to go ahead and do what is most opportune, appropriate and live up to our potential. Most times though we let our past overshadow our present and makes us so cautious that we lose our risk taking ability, our capacity to enjoy the present and we spend more time protecting ourselves from our imaginary eventualities. The future too beckons us with hope and so many possibilities, yet in the present moment we are fearful of losing that and so we plan to grab and grasp as much as we can now in the fond hope that we shall enjoy the fruits of our prudence in the future. Alas, when the future comes it becomes the present and we are still grabbing and grasping rather than letting go and enjoying the delights that come to our door step daily.

It is apt here to recollect the story of a man who was given a boon to keep for himself all the land that he could lay claim on by running around it and marking it in a 24 hour period. While he started with moderate aspirations, greed soon overcame him and he went further and further trying to mark out as much as he could. In the end he had tire himself so much that no sooner he arrived at the starting point he collapsed and died, and all he occupied when he was buried was the coffin space. If we pause at this moment and put ourselves in that mans shoes, we will soon realize that we too are almost following a similar path craving for more, physically and emotionally draining ourselves in the pursuit of more and suddenly it might strike you that you cannot outpace the future!

Yes it is a profound realization that the future will be here soon enough and then are we ready to say yes it is time I made the best of the present and let the future take care of itself? The key is to pace yourself in the pursuit of happiness, for that is what we all crave; decide when you are going to enjoy the fruit of your labor for as they say the present is gift from God that we need to unwrap and savor daily.

Remember: The best thing about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” Abraham Lincoln

Try these:

  1. Make a list of 5 things that you feel will give you the security for the future. Be specific about it. Don’t just say lots of money, good health, happy family etc. None of these are specific. Instead put a figure that is in your opinion reasonable savings for your standard of living. Outline how you propose to keep fit in terms of weigh, diet etc.
  2. If you got a windfall of  Rs.1,00,000 how will you utilize it? This will give you a clue as to  your mental make up about how secure you feel about your present and future. How much is the saving your plan to do. Are you going to indulge in the one passion that you were longing to do for a long time? How much will you spent to celebrate this windfall?

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As you sow…

As you sow, so shall you reap.- Bible

Look around and see the greenery. The sheer variety, colors and vibrancy that is on display makes us doff our hat to the creators largesse for us and the wonders of his bounty. Now pause for a moment and look closely at our own garden or potted plants. Yes there is greenery there, there might be shades of withering plants too and weeds a plenty. If we ask ourselves if our own efforts are planned, purposeful and persistent we might get a clue to why our garden pales in comparison to the makers bounty.

Greenery is just a metaphor for the larger issues of life. In real life it is the kind of relationships that we develop that determines our progress, our happiness and our success. If we can manage to share what we have be it happiness or sadness, we can multiply our joys and halve our sorrows. If we can trust others we can get the reciprocal trust from others. Carry another’s burden and soon your own burdens will be shared by others. A smile costs us nothing and yet it can brighten up so many lives; cn w not share more of it? Notice that as we give so too do we receive and often the fruits we get our multifold for a good harvest is promised to those who can nurture the saplings with care and love.

Look at our own habit of sharing. We share only from what is surplus with us and what can be spared. Real sharing is offering what ever one has, for in giving all we have we are giving of ourselves. It is easier said than done, for we are always worried about the future and so would like to insure our future before we can attempt to take care of another. Yet do we think twice about donating blood; are we scared of the needle prick or is it sheer callousness on our part that we shy away from donating blood? Can we freely give of our used clothes and household goods that we no longer need or do we prefer to hoard it? Can we spare at least a couple of hours for a social cause? Do we take out time to visit and meet people who have helped shape your life like old teachers, retired bosses or old neighbors? There are so many opportunities for us to sow the seeds of happiness in other people’s lives. Are we making full use of it?

Remember: A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. A good deed is never lost; he who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love  St. Basil quotes

Try these:

  1. Begin the practice of keeping a track of all the wedding /funerals that you have been to. Note the dates and on the first anniversary do make it a point to wish the couple who got married. Similarly do get in touch in with the family who have lost a loved one and tell them that you too remember that a year has passed by. The gesture will never go unappreciated.
  2. Plan a party and invite as many people with whom your have had close interaction or shared an excellent rapport some of whom you may have lost touch with. E.g.A cousin of mine, has recently taken the initiative to have a family get together of the descendents of his grandfathers 50th death anniversary. It has been met with great enthusiasm since more than three fourths of the family members are living abroad and find this a great opportunity to meet up with long lost relatives.

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New day…grateful heart

If God adds another day to our life, let us receive it gladly. Marcus Annaeus Seneca

As I write this post, I can see the news channels breaking news about the tragic air crash of the Dubai – Mangalore Flight with around 159 causalities. The irony is that they were just landing when tragedy struck. You can imagine how excited the passengers must have been on hearing the pilot announce that the seat belt be put on for landing and the ironic twist of fate that turned that moment of euphoria into a unimaginable tragedy. Life is full of twists and turns. Imagine the trauma and the strange fate of the 6 survivors, who may have escaped death but lost family and who would perhaps wonder how and why they were spared. Contrast this with the thought process of the gentleman who committed suicide which was mentioned in my post a couple of days back.

Yes life can be viewed by some as a game of Russian roulette or as a board game of snakes and ladders. Our view point makes the difference in how we accept life and its bounty or how we painfully look forward to deliverance even if it means taking our own life. When viewed as a game of Russian roulette, we tend to wake up everyday, with that terrible feeling that the trigger holds the key. Every day is a question mark and we seek to answer the question ‘Is life worth living?’ On one fateful day, the person decides that life is not worth living and then he /she pulls the trigger with a bullet loaded in the chamber, thereby ensuring that there won’t be any more personal quandary. Unfortunately this dastardly act leaves in its wake numerous questions for those left behind.

For those who view life as a board game of snakes and ladders, the fun is in waking up and seeing which way the dice has rolled. Some days we get lucky and move forward, other days we get even luckier and climb the ladder. Occasionally though, we get swallowed by the snake and come a few notches down. We may be a bit disheartened and disappointed then, but  by sunset we regroup our feelings and thoughts and get ready to enthusiastically see which way the dice rolls the next day. Since life itself gives us little warning of what it holds in store for us, it is best that we value each day and accept the good and the bad with equanimity and humility.

Remember: A bird sings because it has a song in its heart. Do you wake up everyday with a prayer on your lips and a song in your heart?

Try these:

  1. Make it a point to smile at 3 strangers everyday and if possible talk to them too. Be polite to everyone you interact with and see how you also enjoy the warmth of their reciprocal smile and interactions.
  2. As an experiment, just for one day decide to say No to all requests. Refuse to smile the whole day, sit with a stern face and attempt to be grumpy. Evaluate how you feel. Observe how others interact with you. Do they try to draw you out? Do they attempt to find out what is wrong or why your behavior is unlike you? Does this indicate people love you for your naturally pleasant and cheerful disposition? So do you have any complaints of life?

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