God needs you to…

Let God love you through others and let God love others through you. D.M. Street

Yes God needs you! He has no selfish reasons nor does he have a hidden agenda when he seeks to use your help. All he hopes to do is share his love with the world and what better way to do it than to spread it through his own creation – Men and Women. When God created the human race, it was  in the hope that his masterpiece would be one that would manifest itself as a replica of God himself. To attain that perfection, he chose to give the gift of LOVE to the human race so that it would make man happy, united and generous.

We might be often tempted to feel too insignificant to be a messenger of God’s love. Yet every action of ours is spreading love into the furtherest coroners of the world. Imagine the kind of love that you ignited in your mother when you were conceived and the love that you evoked when you were born. Your first baby steps , your first words, your cheery gurgling and angelic smile all brought to the fore the deep love that was stored in the deepest reserves of the heart of all who you came in contact with. In school, your parents entrusted you to teachers and they showered you with their love. Your spouse and the family you have are an offshoot of the love that you have spread and that was Gods plan for you and for me.

In a reciprocal manner, we too benefited from the love of our parents, siblings, extended families, friends and colleagues. They have stood by us in our sorrows, passionately followed our success and took pride in our achievements. Occasionally when discipline was enforced even if it was with the threat or reality of punishment was an expression of love for you by those who really cared for you. When one suffers failures, setbacks, problems, confusion or frustrations it is to our loved ones that we go seeking sympathy and empathy. Surprisingly many of our woes and worries diminish dramatically when we share it with others who love us. They give us not just a patient hearing but good counsel and assure us of their support no matter what the cost.

As the poet H.W. Longfellow in his classic poem ‘The Psalm of Life” indicates, it is this giving and taking of love is what makes our lives sublime. ( You can read the interpretation of the poem in the sister blog to this one http://poweract.blogspot.com/2009/12/psalm-of-life-commentry.html )

Remember: The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.” Morrie Schwartz

Try these:

  1. Make a valiant attempt to find something nice about 3 people whom you detest immensely.
  2. Write down 3 innovative ways in which you will express your love to your best friend, Your sibling or cousin, your colleague at work and a beggar on the street. Eg. Giving alms to a beggar is not innovative but maybe cooking a meal for him / her would be the exception.

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