The Awakening

When a man begins to understand himself, he begins to live. Norvin G. McGranahan

Unlike animals who are disturbed only when their primal instincts are aroused, man is that odd creature who is more often than not disturbed, distracted and downcast. While food, survival, shelter and procreation are the stress areas of the rest of the animal kingdom, man adds to these worries by seeking recognition, craving for material wealth, ego massaging and fearing the future. Instead of working with his/ her strengths, man is more determined to stave off the competition even if it means focusing on bringing down the others rather than pushing themselves up.

When one begins to introspect, that is when there is a glimmer of awakening. With some effort one can begin to understand himself/ herself. This understanding could mean appreciating that competition is good for benchmarking, fear is a survival tool and not a motivator, change is permanent and needs to be befriended and that life is journey not a destination. When wisdom dawns it also exposes us to the layers of prejudices, perceptional anomalies that have made us myopic and the ill effects of short term vision that have blinded us from seeing the wider canvas that life has to offer.

It is only when man begins to understand himself that he sees the big picture and suddenly like sunlight that dispels the darkness, there is a new awakening within. We then no longer see ourselves as a small cog in a big wheel but rather as vital components in critical machinery. Our size/ role may look small, but like the fragile filament in a light bulb, we hold the power to light up or disrupt the scene. While we suddenly realize our own individual power, we also realize that it is only when we cooperate with similar likeminded individuals and collectively and unitedly act that we can make a substantial difference to our own fate our environment and the community at large.

The realization that he/ she wields much more power than what was originally visualized, is an inflection point that triggers a proactive revolution. We now seek to master our fate, overcome our self imposed limitations and attempt to be influential change agents.

Remember: “The awakening of potentialities of human beings is the most important thing in life”

Try these:

  1. Visualize yourself as the President of your country. Outline the 5 major change you will focus upon. Don’t just write clichés like Poverty Eradication or Free Education instead focus on one local level problem, one regional problem, one state level problem and one national problem that you are deeply concerned about.
  2. It is imperative we appreciative our strengths. Our biggest strength is the blessing of having our senses intact. To realize its value do the following. Blindfold yourself and potter around for an hour in your house. Do not sleep during this period but be constantly on the move. Next tie both your hands together with a piece of string and attempt to do your normal tasks for a day. This must be ideally tried in the morning when you get up so that right from brushing your teeth to making breakfast becomes a challenge. Do you have a better appreciation of your strengths? How will you use it better.

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