Trust yourself

As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.  Johann von Goethe

While we are aware that we have some special gifts and talents that others do not posses, we tend to underplay it or distrust our own abilities. In fact our one major weakness is to look up to our heroes or idols and fondly wish that we can emulate them.  It is good to have a role model to look up to but it is better if we start utilizing the gifts we are blessed with instead of taking a ‘ grass is greener on the other side’ approach. One of the reasons we do not clearly recognize our own strengths is the fact that we are not given the encouragement by those who matter most. Many a time we are also actively discouraged by others with good intent but poor acumen about your real abilities. Even you reading this post and I writing this post is guilty of such crimes; we look down on people who would want to purse the fine arts because we feel that it cannot be made a career or we discourage someone who would like to be naturalist because no one in the family ever had such an inclination and we are clueless about the future in it.

On the other hand we envy those who have the courage of conviction to pursue their dreams even in completely off beat areas and succeeded despite lack of support. We see only the final success they achieve but rarely are privy to their personal dilemmas, struggles and frustrations. A common thread that binds all these people who dared to be different is the sheer self belief and trust in their abilities. In addition, you will notice that each one of them enjoys their pursuits and life is a breeze for them. Once you can get to trust yourself, the path ahead is clear and so with single minded devotion you can traverse that path at a pace that you are free to set for yourself. Critics, skeptics and backbiters will find it difficult to discourage you and failure on the way is never an obstacle but a challenge to be overcome. In fact you enjoy each day and look forward to the challenge because you are driven by your implicit faith in your abilities and by the sheer joy of surmounting the challenges and scaling new peaks in the process.

Someone rightly observed that Life is a journey not a destination. To ensure that the journey is endless and enjoyable, we must first believe that we are capable of defining the route that gives us immense joy, happiness and success. This is possible only if we dare to believe in our abilities, trust our instincts, dare to be different and are self motivated. Suddenly LIFE takes on a whole new meaning; it is the journey that enlightens, invigorates and translates dreams into realities.

Remember: “The outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to reflect their inner beliefs” James Allen

Try these:

  1. Can you write down the numbers from 1 to 9 in numerals so that the angles formed while writing the number equals the number written. E.g. 0 has no angles and if 1 is written without the horizontal line it will have just one angle. Attempt it on a paper with a pen or pencil . Start now ! The solution will be posted on 1st June 10.
  2. Name your 3 best friends. Now list out 2 strengths that you have which your 1st friend does not have. Repeat the same for friend 2 and 3. Also list out 3 strengths for each of your friends. Now you have to go and tell each friend that you appreciate those strengths in them and would like them to utilize it better.

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