Cool enthusiasm

The world belongs to the enthusiast who keeps cool. William McFee

Though it sounds paradoxical, an enthusiast while being overtly exuding energy and confidence can succeed only when he can rein in his exuberance and calmly go about achieving his goals. As Dale Carnegie correctly identified, enthusiasms holds the key to success. Without enthusiasm we can achieve very little but we can definitely hope to achieve much with enthusiasms simply because your heart and mind is focused on the task on hand. Enthusiasm however has the tendency to let people get carried away. They get so focused and energetic that they may be oblivious to some pitfalls along the way or may ignore the strengths and strategy of the opponent with disastrous consequences.

Keeping cool is a pretty tough task for an energetic, charged up and high strung person. When the adeline is pumping, when the competitions is hotting up and smell of success overpowering it takes a lot to calm down and relax for the tension is at its peak and the keeping the momentum paramount. However, time and time again one will see that it is those who can keep their nerve by taking things calmly and approach a task systematically who often triumphs. Take the case of a pulsating T20 cricket match. No matter what score the team batting first scores, there is always the perceptible tension when the team batting second begins. No doubt the larger the score to chase, the greater the tempo and the tension. Most times, the results vindicate the approach of the team that has kept its nerves.

Many of us are guilty of enthusiastically staring a task and then feeling deflated at every obstacle and if we are losers, we simply give up. The challenge for the enthusiast is to pick up tasks that are within the ambit of his/ her capability and to approach the task systematically and methodically making due allowances for setbacks and hindrances. Sad to say, most of us lose steam midway not because we are not capable but because we don’t have the persistence and discipline to see the task to its logical end. Assume you have the stamina and technique to run a marathon and complete it with a decent timing. However, it would be futile and foolhardy to participate in a prestigious tournament without adequate preparation, practice and sufficient motivation.

Enthusiasm will ignite the spark that sets us on the path to glory; but we need to have enough resources within us, the right temperament to leverage the resources correctly and above all a cool head to ensure that we think and act in sync with one eye on our goal and the other on ourselves. That is when we can honestly say that we have kept our cool and grasped the world.

Remember: “Enthusiasm is the mother of effort, and without it nothing great was ever achieved.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Try these:

  1. Stop reading the post pick up a pen and paper and list 3 things you hate to do. If writing is one of the things you wrote, attempt to enthusiastically add another 5 pet hates. Choose the first 3 things you hate and for the next one week, attempt to enthusiastically attempt it. Eg. You might hate to do anything that involves maths or numbers. So your challenge is to enthusiastically do a Sudoku challenge daily or attempt a maths based puzzle daily.
  2. In your daily routine, it is possible that you have formed the habit of doing the unpleasant tasks last. During the coming week try to make a conscious and enthusiastic effort to do those tasks first before you go on to do other chores. Also make an effort to postpone or avoid those tasks that you look forward eg. Reading the newspaper first thing in the morning or drinking a hot cup of coffee. Can you inject some enthusiasm into the postponement?

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