A cheerful friend is…

When good cheer is lacking, our friends will be packing. Anon

A strong friendship is forged not just based on common interests and like mindness but on our ability to enjoy  the company of those around. It is obvious that if one were to enjoy one another’s company good cheer is central to making the atmosphere light and pleasant. Good cheer is not about cracking vulgar jokes or making lewd comments and of late sharing obnoxious SMS, though there could be a few friendships that revolve around that. Good cheer is all about laughing, smiling, having a sense of humor and being able to take light hearted rib tickling when it is directed at you.

If we look back we will realize that over the years there were many friendships that have for no apparent reason just disappeared but there will be many new friendships that have been forged over time too. Strangely enough many friendships die off because people have moved away and or we have just not kept in touch. Yet if we make the effort and make an attempt to touch base with theses friends, we discover that time had just stopped briefly and we can reconnect with aplomb and intensity of the old days. Class reunions particularly silver jubilee reunions provide and ideal setting for such occasions. The coon thread is that we make the connect primarily because we have a commonality of enjoying each other’s company and good cheer when together is the cementing bond.

If we observe the more lonely and often withdrawn people we notice that they have very few friends and their nature would invariably be dour and negative.  No sooner one becomes sullen and temperamental, the first casualty invariably is friendship. Logically no one wants to be around a person who has a defeatist attitude, walks around with a poor me syndrome and oozes negativity. No doubt when we go through some rather sad and unfortunate circumstances in our life, it is our friends who will be there to support and uplift our spirits. However they expect us to overcome the temporary setbacks over time and that we regain our normal behavior that endear us to our friends.  It is when we slip into a defeatist mode that we soon discover that our attitude has deprived us of our friends for it is human nature to gravitate towards those who spread joy and happiness.

Technology has provided us astounding means of creating new friendships, re discovering old friends and maintain friendship across continents. Yet this very same technology if not used right will sour friendships and possibly ruin good relationships. The social networking sites, the chat sites, the emails and messengers are diverse means to the same end of keeping people connected. The mobile phone has further redefined the meaning of connectivity. Yet, the spam’s, the forwards and the boorish net behavior have resulted in us having to block people from connecting to us. A careful look at this emerging trend will again reveal the truth that it is only those who spread good cheer any which way is  blessed with enduring and endearing friendship.

Remember: “There are three types of friends: those like food, without which you can’t live; those like medicine, which you need occasionally; and those like an illness, which you never want.”

Try this:

  1. Try and track down at least 3 of your school friends whom you have been out of touch with for at least 5 years or more. How does the person react when you touch base after so long. What are your feelings when you communicate with that friend?
  2. Are there friends who you would like to keep your distance from? Can you identify the reasons for feeling like that. How will you react if a close friend tells you not to forward SMS messages or email forwards because he / she is inundated with such material? Will you be able to convey a similar feeling to a close friend?

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