Happiness sneaks in

Happiness sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open. John Barrymore

As we go through life, the challenge one faces is to accept our little difficulties and to find happiness in the numerous blessings that we are given. It is human nature though to focus on ‘making a mountain out of a mole hill’ and feel aggrieved that life is unfair to us and has very little to offer us by way of blessing. If we are wee bit more objective and can appreciate events in proper perspective we will notice that most times we cannot enjoy happiness because we are too greedy or we are too problem focused that the million little happy moments pass at by whilst we are seeking the lucky break. The reality that we are healthy, reasonably financially secure, have the affection and love of a family, are all blessing we take for granted  simply because all the while  we are craving  to win the lottery or a windfall or something bigger that is more noticeable and envied by others.

On the other hand if we seek out the joys that exist even when we are going through a rough time or a difficult period we would realize how much happiness is actually there around us. The thoughtful gestures of friends and neighbors when we have to nurse someone in the family who is sick, the understanding of a task master boss when we seek his support for a very personal crisis, the unexpected performance of children in their exams or careers or the sheer joy of unexpectedly meeting up with a long lost friend are various ways in which happiness sneaks into our lives. Funerals are perhaps very poignant moments in the lives of the deceased persons family, yet a large turnout of mourners may not lessen the pain of losing a loved one but warms our hearts to know how much the deceased was loved and admired.

When we have misplaced things we are frantic. If the lost items are precious like valuables, money or a passport the panic and anxiety are terrible.  Imagine the joy of finding these lost things. In daily life we have many opportunities to spread happiness with others and in turn we enjoy the pleasure of happiness. A smile, a word of praise, a pat on the back for a job well done, helping someone carry a heavy burden or simply listening to a person make the recipient happy. Their happiness in turn is transmitted to us and we feel very nice and peaceful deep inside that we have utilized our talents to good effect. Many a time we are overjoyed when we get support from some expected source, like a bitter opponent or praise from a critic. The problem sometimes is that instead of appreciating their contribution our mind is focused on trying to find out if they have an ulterior motive. It is our attitude that determines us enjoying happiness.

If one really wants to observe how happiness sneaks into our lives every moment, make it a point to see something positive in every thing that happens in your life. This requires not just positive thinking but a very positive attitude too. Or perhaps you need to see happenings in the right perspective as the person who made this statement observed ‘ I complained because I had no shoes until I saw a person who had no feet’.

Remember:   “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Try this:

  1. Tonight before going to bed make a list of 5 events that disturbed you today. It could be the boss shouting at you or you being fined by a cop for a traffic violation. Now try to see the positives in the event and experience a whiff of happiness sneaking into your heart and mind.
  2. Plan out a surprise for someone least expecting it. E.g. Surprise an uncle  or aunt living all alone or one of your favorite teachers by taking time out to visit them and give them a gift and spend sometime with them. That is happiness sneaking into their lives and a lot of it rubs on to you too!

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