Passion leads the way

A strong passion for any object will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means. William Hazlitt

Passion is all about surrendering to ones heart’s desire and relentlessly pursuing, being fanatically possessive and obsessively visualizing, success. Many of us have passions which unfortunately get watered down, wilt and wither under the pressure of being forced to confirm to the set norms of family, society and the world at large. In a hugely competitive world, there is a huge risk in straying off the beaten track for no one sides with a failure and success is unfortunately measured by the financial well being of an individual. Yet if we scan the surroundings we would be pleasantly surprised to note that there are so many people who are happily and successfully pursing their passions though not all maybe as financially well off as they would ideally love to be.

Success is all about making a mark in the world we live in. Passions provides us the impetus to make a success off whatever we set out to do. Many of us are clueless about what and where we want to go in life but our childhood interests, dreams and obsessions would provide us a good compass reading to map our future. Let us say a person is crazy about football. He is a decent player but is well aware that he is not cut out for competitive football or a professional league. Yet if he is really passionate about the game, he will find avenues to be professionally involved with the sport. He could be a coach, a physio, a fitness trainer, a referee, sports administrator etc. In a similar vein if one were to express a desire to follow ones hearts desire and become a naturalist or a social worker, a lot of eyebrows would be raised and well meaning friends and family would try their best to dissuade the person from a profession they view as non conformists and fraught with insecurity. Yet, there are so many people who have embraced their passions and are enjoying their profession and life.

Passion holds the key to overcoming all obstacles that threaten to derail ones carefully laid out plans. Finance is one of the biggest obstacles that frustrates and disheartens those who attempt to trust their passion. Support from those around is also hard to get when our passions are completely at variance with the standards of those around. Self belief takes a beating when people inject doses of doubts and make us swallow the bitter pill called fear of the unknown. However if one were to be really passionate, fate throws us various life lines and if we set our sails right we will definitely catch the right winds that will steer us to our shores.

When one is passionate one not only enjoys the activity but more than that one is prepared to take risks. It is this risk taking ability that ultimately proves to be the decider when evaluating the way forward. It is true that not all risk takers succeed, but it is certain that those who succeed definitely took risks. Passion ignites in us the desire to achieve, stimulates our creativity and drives us with a single minded purpose towards setting our heart mind and body to align and achieve our dreams.

Remember: “When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.”

Try this:

  1. Ask yourself what was your favorite subject in school. Are you doing anything remotely connected with that subject? Do you miss that subject? Do you think you can do something to rekindle your love for that subject? Perhaps you can write on that subject, maybe you can take tuitions or teach that subject.
  2. Do check out the links on Steve Irwin the Crocodile man in your tube to understand what it means to be passionate and take risks. Here is one link for you

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