Everyday cheer up someone

When you rise in the morning, form a resolution to make the day a happy one for a fellow creature. Sydney Smith

It is but natural for each of us to want to have a lovely day full of happiness and joy. We yearn for some good news, some happy happenings and if possible some lucky breaks all of which we hope will brighten up our day and our life. Unfortunately almost all these wishes are uncontrollable and unpredictable thus making each day filled with suspense and curiosity. It is also possible that most days we end up feeling disappointed, sad and depressed because our yearnings were never remotely met or because there were troubles, turmoil and tensions that overwhelmed us.  At such desperate times we fervently seek a  magic wand to make our woes disappear and instead make our dreams come true.  What we are not aware is that we actually have a magic wand to simply ensure happiness each day.

There is nothing very magical about the magic wand we have.  In fact we use it unconsciously very often and consciously too in quite a number of instances but we do not really appreciate the power of this magic wand. The magic lies in the power we have to help another fellow being in any which way we are capable of. Whenever we help another, we are bound to get a sense of satisfaction that invigorates us, boosts our morale and elevates our spirit. Our act need not be something grandiose or spectacular. In fact it is the simple acts of listening, empathy and appreciation, extended to another human being, that never fails to make us so happy to have been of some service to another. We are often sorely tempted to limit our help to doling out some financial aid  be it as a donation, be it a charitable contribution or sponsorships. The act of financial support while being very welcome will not be as effective for the giver for it has a tinge of impersonality to it. The giver gives because he can afford to and not because he really cares for the cause.

To ensure that we are happy everyday we must begin first by aligning our attitude, our behavior and our actions to be positive. If we are constantly worried and yet spare some alms to get rid of a beggar, we end up making ourselves more miserable for we feel that our alms were wasted, lie hasn’t changed and the worry just keeps increasing. On the other hand if we begin a day with a smile, some pleasant thoughts, some affirmative action and concrete plans to help everyone whom we meet, our mind is already at peace and we simply enhance that peace through extending a hand to a fellow human being.  Simply being friendly and polite to all is a wonderful way to ensure that we experience joy in our heart.  With time and imagination, we will seek out new opportunities to contribute more meaningfully to all those around us and we will then never have to worry about finding peace and solace in our lives.

Remember: “Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.”  Storm Jameson

Try this:

  1. One excellent way to contribute is to become a blood donor. Donate it twice a year at least once on your birthday and then six months later. Alternatively do social service in an institution on fixed days and taking on jobs that others are reluctant to do.
  2. Communicate with people warmly; listen to them with great interest; give out a warm smile; use the magic words please and thank you. These simple actions if sincerely out in practice will reduce your stress, bring tranquility to your life and keep you happy every single day.

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