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Thrilled to be back after a short holiday in the very scenic Republic of Ireland. It has been both a very invigorating and enriching experience. I am very happy to note that in the intervening period the number of followers of this blog has risen to 190.

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Necessity is the mother of taking chances. Mark Twain

It is human nature to be cautious and that perhaps explains why many of us prefer to follow the beaten path. It is equally true that our egos won’t permit us to fail and that adds to the pressure on us to stick to the tried and tested rather than risk trying out something new and not succeeding. What we fail to appreciate is that in our anxiety to keep our image in tact we actually miss out on numerous opportunities albeit fraught with possibilities of failure. Fortunately for us life opens us immense possibilities even though quite often these possibilities come dressed in the garb of necessity.

Most inventions and discoveries were because life forced us to seek out answers to apparently irresolvable problems be it finding cures for deadly diseases or finding alternative energy sources. It is at these critical junctions when the road we take could be fraught with danger, blind alleys and / or be a mine field of challenges. Yet the fact is that when standing at these cross roads we have to take a calculated risk and plod forward in hope and faith. In the cross roads of life, we are given multiple choices and forced into exercising our choice, leaving us with no option to back track.

What is interesting is that quite often when we are forced by circumstances to take chances, we suddenly dig deep into our inner reserves and discover that we often undervalued our abilities and our strengths. The discovery of these rich resources within us not emboldens us but also spurs us to see the numerous possibilities where we once were very skeptical and reluctant to consider such possibilities worthy of success. Calculated risks are then something that is both well thought out and meticulously planned, there by increasing the chances of success.

Subconsciously the risk profile that emerges triggers both confidence in ourselves and we begin to visualize success as a natural outcome of our endeavor to which we have committed. Faith and hope are the two legs on which people march forward into the future. While faith is a manifestation of self belief, hope is what provides us the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel and gravitates us into action. It is interesting to note that we can experiment and take chances with our daily chores finding better alternatives, solutions to problems and perhaps even come out with some new inventions and discoveries. In a fast paced world we rarely have the luxury of asking ourselves the 5W’s and 1H and using these are props to stimulate our thinking and let out creative juices flow freely. When life pushes us to a corner then it is the necessities that caresses, cajoles and confront us to take chances and it is only when we stop trying that we don’t succeed.

Remember: “He who risks and fails can be forgiven. He who never risks and never fails is a failure in his whole being. Paul Tillich

Try these:

  1. Take a daily newspaper and go to the page that has a ‘fun time’ column consisting og Crosswords, Sudoko, Word play etc. Perhaps you have never tried some of them. You have to attempt these for one week at least even if you find it hard, challenging or near impossible to do. Don’t hesitate to ask others to help you understand how to get going.
  2. Write down your passion (something which is more than merely watching TV or sleeping). Go around and try to connect with resources be it people, books, exhibitions etc that will enable you to elevate your passion to something of an even superlative degree. E.g. You love to paint. Find out about the techniques of the great masters, the varied styles, the emerging trends in art etc.

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