Make the most of today

Make the most of today.  Translate your good intentions to actual deeds. Grenville Kleiser

Every one is born good and so for the vast part of our early life at least, each one of us gets up with a feeling that the day will be wonderful and that there is a lot of joy for us to partake off. However when we begin to face some blips in our lives, begin to fear things, experience the pain of sorrow, failure, rejection and loneliness that is when we slowly adjust to the real world and become more circumspect and wary of each new day. Over time, depending on our circumstances and our experiences, we are either more positive or less enthusiastic when we get up each day. Yet what we do not realize is that we have the rare blessing of being able to experience HAPPINESS every single day if we can begin our day with good intentions and get going on translating those wonderful intentions into concrete actions.

The simplest thing that we all can do is SMILE…it costs nothing and as they say a SMILE is a curve that can set a lot of things straight. Look around and identify how many people you know who are around you right now who frown more than they smile. Ask yourself if you are guilty of the same and walking around as if all the cares of the world are on your shoulders? No matter what our problems are, there is nothing that stops us from smiling and spreading a little joy in our every waking hour. When we learn to smile, no matter what, we would have developed the fine art of nurturing Positive Thinking and displaying a Positive Attitude. With positivity within us we can take on the most mundane or the most challenging tasks and do a great job of executing it. No day is ever wasted then for we actively seek out opportunities to participate in.

To ensure that we can translate good intention into action, the most important thing is to have a whole list of good intentions. This means that one has to actually think up and list out varied tasks that you can take up and contribute too meaningfully. It could be personal tasks, social tasks, voluntary work, It is equally important that we put deadlines to the tasks or we would succumb to the common malady of procrastination. It is also vital that we realize that we need to take on those tasks that we are capable of and not bite of more than what we can chew. Our ego is often a stumbling block that will hide this reality from us. Equally essential to be aware of is our tendency to simply do tasks that are easy, oft repeated, non challenging and tasks that can be easily delegated. Learn to delegate or we would do a lot of tasks and not get any satisfaction because we have not grown in the process.

Perhaps a large number of us can now identify with the reality as to why at end of day many of us are not really enthusiastic or happy about the day gone by. The answer lies in the realization that the enormous potential of the day that was available to us to execute our good thoughts and deeds were not utilized by us. In most cases because of lack of planning, lethargy, inept handling or sheer casualness we have botched up the opportunities. In extreme cases, let alone utilize the opportunities we may have actually gone on an ego trip and fouled up things in sheer spite, desperation or anger. When we have wasted our day instead of just regretting it, ask if you flashed enough smiles around to charge yourself up. If not, focus on that first and soon you will be energized enough to proactively get involved in the opportunities that come your way.

Remember: The three hardest tasks in the world are neither physical feats nor intellectual achievements, but moral acts: to return love for hate, to include the excluded, and to say, “I was wrong”.”Sydney J. Harris

Try this:

  1. With Christmas around the corner, list out the gifts you need to buy and the greetings you need to send, With the new year around the coroner there is no better time than now to making your new year resolution list. By this time next year, check out how effectively you implemented your New Year Resolutions
  2. Form the habit of jotting down your to do list and update the work done regularly. Practice taking on challenging tasks, delegating mundane tasks and learn the art of clubbing tasks so that you can be even more productive and make the best use of each day by translating your good intentions into fruitful action.

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