Dear Friends,

Today’s post is very different from the normal posts. I am taking this opportunity to share with some salient features of this blog and to update you about how it has shaped up over the last year and a half. For me, the very thought that I have managed to last so long in my quest to share with you some Inspirational and Motivational content is both  an exhilarating feeling and a humbling thought. Exhilarating because this blog has achieved a milestone of over 70,000 views and 500 followers in this realtively short span of time.  A BIG THANK YOU to EACH of you who visit the blog and especially for the 500 odd ardent followers of this blog. I am humbled by the realization that but for your encouragement, this blog would never have reached these milestones.  A special thank you to the many followers, who have given their comments, rated the blog and passed on the links to friends and contacts.

In January 2010 when this blog began, I kept an ambitious target of writing every single day. The first few days were heady for in the initial enthusiasm I was able to keep writing daily. Reality soon hit me hard, when within a few weeks, the effort became laborious, the ideas stopped flowing and the rather forlorn thought that no one was reading my blog became a big dampener. Fortunately for me a few colleagues, some friends and surprisingly a number of strangers soon signed on as followers and then overnight I felt responsible to ensure that they were given their daily fix of Inspirational and Motivational inputs. I am proud that in the first 365 days I managed to write for a good 340 days or so and some of the days I didn’t post was simply because I was overseas then.

This year 2011, I have cut down my posts drastically. The strain of writing everyday was a wee bit too much and once I had proved to myself that I could write every single day, the challenge was missing too. More importantly, there have been other commitments that have taken centre stage and so the blog has had to bear the brunt of it. I am not too disappointed though primarily because I also got some feedback that there was reader fatigue since the daily posts saturated their ability to imbibe the contents, attempt the Try This and experience the learning. I also noticed a steady drop in feedback and rating which to my mind also signaled an overdose of the blog. However there have been a few ardent fans who have kept inquiring why I have cut down on the blog posts and they have reinforced the belief that my work is not in vain. The sudden spurt in followers over the last couple of months has also been very encouraging. I shall definitely be writing the blogs, perhaps twice a week.

I would welcome FEEDBACK from each one of you about the blogs, my sharing today and would welcome both bouquets and brickbats if any. I would urge you to continue to patronize the blog, spread word about it to those who you feel will benefit from the contents and be assured that I shall continue to pontificate as before.

I take this opportunity to Thank Each One of YOU once again for your support, patronage and appreciation  of both and

Wishing each of you success in your endeavors and in having a fulfilling life filled with love, happiness and contentment.

Warm regards


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  1. I sincerely appreciate your efforts and congratulate on this milestone achievement. Your Motivational quotes have always been a part and parcel of my personal and professional life.
    Suresh Mahto

    1. Dear Suresh. Thank you for that immediate and appreciative feedback and the sincere congratulations extended to me. I am delighted that I have ardent followers like you who keep encouraging me and reinforce my belief that through my blogs I do make a difference in the lives of many. Do continue to keep sending in your feedback, rating the blogs and sharing the blogs with others who you feel will appreciate and benefit from this blog.

  2. There are no words to express my gratitude for the inspiring and beautiful art(icles) that you so freely give. And all this you do, unselfishly, despite your own personal challenges. Infact WE should thank you.You are truly amazing at it. Your posts are a gr8 source of inspiration to us.

    I so look forward to your precious gifts each day.

  3. Dear B.jacob,
    Thanks for your constant effort at this blog.
    I wish every success of this blog.

  4. Congratulations for completing one and half year of your site and for 70,000 views and 500 strong followers.
    Really your site is very useful for all the viewers its bringing lot of changes in us and updating our knowledge.
    wish you all the best in the coming years.

    1. Thanks Raghuveer for the feedback and apprecaition of the blog contents.I am gald that you find it useful and thank you also for your good wishes. Do continue to send in your comments on the posts as and when you feel strongly about the contents.

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