Month: February 2012

Today is special

How am I going to live today in order to create the tomorrow I’m committed to? Tony Robbins

As I write this post I am aware that today is special in more than one way…today will never come again and the 29th of  Feb won’t come again for at least another 4 years. So for me writing this post today is important for I won’t write another one on a 29th of Feb till possibly 2016. This simple realization propelled me to quickly shake of my lethargy, shun the numerous excuses that swirled around in my mind and plonk in front of the computer to begin writing my blog. Choosing the quote to write on was relatively easy since the awareness that today is so special was uppermost in the mind.

It is interesting to note that one has to have a commitment to tomorrow in order to ensure that today is spent fruitfully and meaningfully. For many of us visualizing that commitment is a near impossible task partly because we are blissfully ignorant of the opportunities that abound but largely because it involves a painful realization of reality. Here are 3 springboards to jump off from in order to draw up your commitment to tomorrow. You will have to go in the same order in order to be successful in identifying your commitments.

Dream big.  All of us have grandiose ideas, dreams, hopes, aspirations and secret desires. List them all out. Don’t let anything stop you from being imaginative,  lavish, ostentatious or extravagant in your imagination taking wings. Own the most luxurious yachts or the dream villa or the idyllic island in the pacific. Soar high in your mind, feel the exhilaration of your day dreams and luxuriate in the vividness of your imagination.

Be pragmatic. Having tasted the finest albeit imaginatively, at least you have set your standards pretty high. There is no plausible reason for you not to enjoy all your dreams but one cannot sidestep reality. So get down to rolling up your sleeves and chalking out the route map to reach each of your wildly imaginative destinations. Harsh reality may trip you into believing that you are on a hopelessly lost mission in life but by chalking out every step will reinforce your belief that while the passage is rocky there is still a pathway that leads somewhere.

Write down your goals. Once the pathway is inked out, put markers in the form of goals along the way that you have just discovered. This will ensure that you go surely and certainly in the direction of your dreams. You will be setting your own pace and progress is certain. If you pause to rest, to relax and chill you will still enjoy the journey but you may not necessarily reach the destination. The journey though would never be in vain.

Now that the commitment to tomorrow is made here are 3 steps to making the most of today.

Begin Now. If I didn’t believe in this you wouldn’t be reading this. You don’t need further proof. Do you?

Continue with faith. Each day brings new challenges, new obstacles and more tricky excuses to weigh you down. While it may not be possible to immediately overcome these impediments,  the commitment to tomorrow should motivate, inspire, empower and spur you on for as they say ‘faith can move mountains’. Bet you won’t have to wait too long for the next post.

Enjoy the progress. It is the joy in what one does that ensures a job well done. No matter what the task or whatever the circumstances, when one has a song on the lips and a prayer in the heart the progress will be enjoyable, fun and more importantly today would always be the best day before tomorrow.

Remember: The future starts today, not tomorrow.  Pope John Paul II

Try this:

  • For the next one week consciously avoid using the hand that you regularly use to write with. This means if you are a right handed person you will for the next week use only the left hand for all activities that you have to do. Now with this self imposed limitation also attempt the following
  1. Play a couple of games of caroms / table tennis / badminton with another friend
  2. Write one foolscap page everyday
  3. How tough was the initial attempt? Did you notice any progress? Was the progress made worth it? Did you learn anything new in the process?
  • Following the 3 spring boards and the 3 paths enumerated above write down your commitment to tomorrow and chalk out your path for today assuming
  1. You are the prime minister of the country
  2. You are the head of your current organization
  3. You are completely involved in your pet social service project

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Efforts pay

“I’m not telling you it is going to be easy — I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it” ~ Art Williams

With the exam season around the corner both parents and students start getting worked up, become edgy and stressed and have self doubts slowly creeping in. For a few, the studies just seem terribly hard, for the vast majority they are a necessary evil and for the diligent, studies are a way to showcase excellence. The common difficulty for all of them though is that the whole business of studies seems so hard. In the same way life in general and daily living in particular seems so boring, tough and fruitless. However, if you just pause to think again, the routine can be made interesting, fruitful and fulfilling for no effort ever goes waste be it studies or living.

How does one turn a routine into something exciting, desirable and fun? Surely studies aren’t fun (except for the nerds) and certainly these nerds are boring personalities. Here are some pointers to get to enjoy the routine, the boring, the repetitive and the despicable

Make it fun:

Anything if visualized as a chore will always remain a painful experience. On the other hand anything that we enjoy we crave for it. In the context of studies, mathematics and science often prove to be the toughest for students to grapple with. Part of the problem stems from the subconscious fear ingrained by constant parental attention to the complexities of the subject. If on the other hand the subject is learnt as an outcome of joyous discovery both the teacher and s the student will revel in the unfolding of knowledge. The inevitable byhearting of multiplication tables or the mathematical / chemical formulae too must be an outcome of gentle coaxing rather than brute adherence to conventional learning.

 Have a visible target

For progress to be recognized it is essential that targets or benchmarks are established so that there is a goal, an objective and a milestone to be achieved. Targets motivate, challenge and establish definitive ends to a means. Exam marks are targets that spur us to study. We need to ensure that we do not fall prey to the irrational expectations of meeting our targets all the time. We must not be disheartened either if sometimes the targets seem beyond our reach.

Aim for the bulls eye:

The routine often gets boring so the best way to motivate one’s self is to focus on trying to achieve perfection each time. This is akin to shooters and archers practicing day in and day out to hit the bull’s eye. Of course many a shot misses the target but they continue undaunted because they know that it is the only way to make progress and achieve excellence. For students in particular this must be a seen as an excellent example of how one needs to motivate one’s self in order to work on subjects one is weak in or those subjects one dislikes.

Color up the routine:

To ensure that one has both the energy and the drive to continuously work it is essential that one interjects the routine with some fun, interesting breaks, pep up diversions and stress busters. Music is a commonly preferred stress busters aid to many a student. Similarly others find relief in watching TV or reading while some find even more innovative diversions like playing computer games or a round of Sudoku. Some indulge in their favorite hobbies like painting or humming a tune while others would go for a walk to clear their mind and stretch themselves. It is important to be aware that diversions must be short and sweet and should not end up distracting completely.

Relish the success:

Since every action that is purposeful has a reason and an objective it is essential that one learns to enjoy the success that one attains. It is true that occasionally there could be cause for some regrets and in rare instances despite our best effort we may have to confront failure but we need to quickly overcome our disappointment and launch ourselves with more determination. We can focus on the takeaways from our failures or disappointments and even learn to find some positives. From a student’s perspective the results are a good yardstick to judge one’s efforts and performance. However brooding over a few marks missed should not distract one from enjoying the miracles of a few marks scored elsewhere or from the jubilation of the success that one has attained.

In the final analysis the reality is that one cannot avoid the inevitable, one cannot escape the reality and so one has to simply do the best one can with hope, faith and sincerity.

Remember: “The most painful thing to experience is not defeat but regret” ~ Leo Bascaglia

Try this:

  1. For those who have long left school behind, look back and recollect those subjects that you disliked in school. Get hold of a class VII or VIII or IX or X text book of that subject and revisit the contents. With no fear of examination but perhaps with the dislike for the subject still not overcome see if you can cope with some of the lessons in the book and learn to appreciate them.
  2. Outline 3 things that you really dislike doing but which you are forced to do. Now find 2 positive things about each of these activities. Does it make your dislike a wee bit lesser now?
  3. List 3 regrets that burden you occasionally about
  • Your school days
  • Your childhood
  • The past 3 years
  • Your emotional side
  • Your financial status

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Our business in life

Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves — to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today. ~Stewart B. Johnson

Time and time again, many of us end up wishing we could do better in life. While having more wealth would perhaps be uppermost in our wish list, there are many other yearnings like being better looking, more articulate, more daring, more intelligent, more popular etc. What is common across this spectrum of wishes is the reality that our desires are often fueled by a streak of jealously or a craving for them because someone else has it in ample measure. A natural corollary of this sort of thinking is a subconscious breeding of negative emotions and a stifling of our own strengths, abilities, talents and potential.

Without exception, each of us is blessed with a uniqueness that is hard to explain, difficult to identify but something that is definitely possible to utilize. Nothing is as unique to each of us as our ability to think independently. So by tweaking our thinking inwards to our talents, our abilities and our immense potential we can focus on a structured, proactive and gratifying life by using all the gifts we posses to the fullest. We need not make great inventions nor are we required to take path breaking steps to leave our mark in this world; all we need to do is improve everyday and thereby influence the world around us personally, progressively and positively.

To improve and get ahead of ourselves we need to PLAN

Prepare– No one wins a battle even with himself/ herself without preparation. The primary requirement is to make an objective personal assessment of one’s own strengths and weakness, outline the contours of personal potential and perceived limitations and make a personal scorecard in the form of GOALS. Progress can then be measured, slippages be recorded and the effort required clearly identified once the preparation is comprehensively done.

Labor – From birth onwards we have to labor or work, right from the time we wailed loudly at birth and progressively thereafter as we learnt to speak and walk. Fortunately for us nature had prepared the blueprint for our development from babies to being children and then our parents and teachers prepared our blueprint to adolescence.  From adolescence when we began to have our own independent thinking the labor slowly became more personal and individual specific. If we have cultivated good habits, encompassed the right work ethics and have the right attitude we can utilize our preparation with the appropriate effort to achieve our goals. However labor is not embraced easily because it involves hard work, discipline and the rewards are occasionally not commensurate.

Assess – For the average person nothing is more painful than getting a report card. Assessing one’s progress and performance in real life is far more tougher for the failures are more painful, occasionally there are no second chances and success often seem very fleeting and momentarily. Yet when viewed with faith and hope as the predominant emotion, a pragmatic assessment offers us opportunities to progress, improve and excel. We can become aware of the corrections we need to do in order to realize our full potential and it also helps us luxuriate in the coziness of our success especially when we had planned and labored well.

Navigate – There are times when we can be numbed by our inability to progress, stunned by unexpected failures or stumped by quirks of fate that would challenge our resilience. For some of us it is equally probable that we can be drunk with success, fail to appreciate that we did get lucky breaks and go adrift in the vast ocean of life. It is these times that necessitate that we navigate carefully, purposefully and successfully through the minefield of self doubt, fear, arrogance and brazenness.

If we can plan our life as above, everyday would bring us the joy of personal progress, the thrill of looking forward to tomorrow and the bliss of a fulfilling life.

Remember: “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”  ― Mark Twain

Try this:

  1. Outline 5 childhood dreams that you have yet to fulfill. Now work out an action plan to attempt to achieve at least 2 of these dreams in a reasonable time frame.
  2. Make a list of 5 successful persons at least 2 of whom you have personally known. Enumerate at least 3 qualities that you believe made each of them successful.
  3. Assuming you had adequate financial resources write down
  • One personal dream you would try to realize
  • One personal quality that you would try to develop
  • One new skill set that you would go ahead and acquire
  • One social service cause you would commit yourself to

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