Month: June 2012

Lost and found…

Look back at some of the most embarrassing moments of your life and perhaps it will evoke painful memories of ridicule, taunting and shame. Remember the first time you failed an exam or the time you came last in a race or the time the teacher humiliated you in front of the whole class or the time you were foisted with a nasty nickname. If you were subject to such abject humiliation, the one overwhelming thought could possibly have been to just disappear from the face of the earth. Surprisingly, as you would have realized, life didn’t stop then although you must have wished it ended right then. Even more surprisingly, the past didn’t haunt you nor did it drastically affect your present. Dig a little deeper into the recess of your mind and you would recollect with fondness that your were shielded by a protective, caring, affectionate, understanding and loving people , be it parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors or understanding teachers.

In a similar way there are plenty of us who are often outwardly very extrovert but deep inside lonely, dispirited, confused, wanting acceptance, seeking companionship and /or wanting understanding. Perhaps some of us want to pursue our passion but parental pressures have pushed us to pursue a career that is just another job. There could be others who have failed to realize their full potential in their chosen field either because of ill luck or because there were others far superior in aptitude and skill. For others a minor mistake or lack of judgment or sheer silliness could have led them astray and they repent for it but find no takers for their remorse. A touch of love, an iota of understanding, a word of encouragement, unconditional forgiveness and or simple acceptance would be enough to rekindle the spark of life, achievement and success in their lives.

We don’t need to look far to find such individuals. Some of us could be in the same boat. There could be friends or siblings in a similar predicament. There could colleagues or acquaintances seeking a touch of humanness. You can be the catalyst who can find such lost souls to find themselves. Ponder over these questions and act with a clear conscious and you could be savior to many including yourself.

Can we just LISTEN ?  Can we stop being Judgmental? Can we accept them unconditionally? Can we attempt to understand them? Can we guide them to the right path? Can we help take the initiative to address their concerns? Can we be more patient?  Can we just be there for them?

Action Points:

  1. Outline 3 ways you can express your appreciation to others and make them feel nice.
  2. Can you recollect the most touching gesture / compliment / gift that you have ever received?
  3. What was the biggest failure you ever encountered personally and who helped you cope with it? How did that person help you regain your confidence?
  4. Write down 3 of your favorite quotes or proverbs. Reflect on why they appeal to you.

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When the going gets tough…

There are times when the spirit is low, the pathway seems steep and the goal looks very distant. Disappointment is evident, frustration is natural and giving up seems the best and easiest way out of the predicament. It is at these times that we consciously or unconsciously attempt to reach out for help, support and encouragement and the two mains stays of our life friends and a song to hum anchor us firmly to the bedrock of hope, positivity and inspiration.

Notice carefully that friends and that includes family, neighbors and colleagues are the external anchor that we can physically lean on. The importance of being social is never more clearly articulated when we face a crisis and seek support from those around. When the human race is unique qualified as a being ‘social animals’ it was well established that human beings need each other at all times and its efficacy and importance is best established when one experiences it when one needs it most; a death in the family is an extreme case and contrasting that are the joyous occasions like a wedding or a birth. In day to day life though we experience this social dimension practically every moment be it at the work place or at home. The times when we are

A song on the other hand is an internal anchor, developed through our upbringing, our attitude and our fortitude.  Most of us are bathroom singers, who open up and express our joy through our tuneless, carefree and occasionally senseless rhythmic meanderings secure in the knowledge that we are all by ourselves. That gives us a good clue as to how important a role a song plays in translating our emotions into an expression of hope, delight and fun. There are times when a song lifts us up when downcast and forlorn and other times we would rather merge our emotions with the pathos and subtlety of the poetry. The latter though does not last long and when we have indulged in reliving our sorrows through a mournful song, we realize the futility of regret and find a more meaningful peppy song to uplift and inspire us.

When amongst good friends, have you noticed the cares of the world seem to disappear, life seems like a breeze and while tomorrow may not change very drastically, it becomes a lot easier to embrace tomorrow?  Similarly when a lilting tune pops out of nowhere and we merrily hum it, especially when confronted with a problem, an issue or a challenge, the load becomes lighter, the burden more bearable and there is a ray of hope that seems perennial. Do you anything more to live life to the fullest?

Try this:

  1. Make a list of 5 of your good friends and outline the one quality of theirs that endears him/ her to you.
  2. Can you recollect the names of books or movies in which friends have been shown to bond despite all odds and differences? E.g. Remember the Famous 5 and Secret seven series of Enid Blyton
  3. Click on this link to hear the Theme song of the war movie The Bridge on the Rive Kwai
  4. Can you list out 3 songs that will always uplift you no matter what your mood?

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