Month: October 2012

Look at your success…now don’t give up

Perhaps the only time in life one has to look backwards in order to proceed forward, is when one needs to appreciate the progress made and then resolve to better it. Nothing amplifies this better than our constant need to evaluate the progress made by regular exercise and diet, be it to reduce weight or to tone one’s body. Alas in our anxiety to get quick results we expect miracles and we fail to notice the small but significant changes that are milestones towards our goal. If the overwhelming majority of people give up their exercise routine it is not because of their inability to cope with the demands of the routine as much as it is because one fails to find the motivation to keep going.

Look closely at a toddler making its first steps. There is first a very tentative and unsteady attempt which could after a step or two end up in a fall. Yet, natures mysterious ways and the innate desire to replicate the initial success gravitates itself to spur the toddler to attempt his/ her walk again. Falling down is merely a unavoidable hazard but the freedom brought about by being able to walk is what drives the child to master it. The child also had one huge advantage; it has no concept of fear or failure or logic. These three stumbling blocks combine in varying proportion to scare, demotivate and silence adults from realizing their full potential.

The best antidote for fear, failure and illogical thoughts is rational goal setting, proactive response and reviewing progress. If we have no goals we are never sure of what we want nor do we know that we have received what we want. People who are bored, those who are listless and those who are constantly complaining are generally people who have no clue about their goals. Without goals they are like rudderless ships being tossed about in the ocean called life with no particular direction or port of destination.  Proactive response is possible only if once has something to work towards. Equally importantly one has to be motivated to get that momentum to respond.  Character and upbringing too have a huge bearing on how proactive a person is. Self belief and self worth would provide the fuel that enables one to zealously respond proactively and progress in life.

The ultimate driver of success though is the thrust got from a sense of achievement. To begin with this would have to be visualized; seeing one achieve the ultimate goal. When proactive response is initiated, then the vision is translated into the reality of the progress made. By reviewing the progress regularly, no matter how daunting the task, there is realization of having begun, progressed and nearing the goal. Perhaps it is this formula that has spurred legions of mountaineers to scale the Himalayas, the adventurers to attempt risky expeditions be it to the North Pole or South Pole or in the pursuit of discovering continents.

Ever wonder what motivates sailors to attempt solo round the world expeditions? The answer lies in the clarity of their goal, the proactive preparation towards achieving that goal and with every passing day they rejoice in the progress made and feel motivated that they are homing into steadily towards their ultimate goal. They are never daunted by what could happen, how much more is yet to be done nor do they ever question their own skill or ability to achieve what they set out to do.

Try this:

  1. Choose one social service activity that you are passionate about. Outline 3-5 goals you believe you must set out to achieve by your personal involvement. Get going and track your progress. Review your initial plans but keep going without abandoning the project no matter what the impediments.
  2. Jot down ways and means to achieve the following
  • Reduce your current monthly expenses by 10% or more
  • Increase your monthly income by 5% or more
  • Ensure you manage an annual savings of at least 20%  of your annual income.

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Developing a good picture of your life

On the face of it the quote seems misplaced in this world of digital cams for the digital cameras have made it  so easy and cheap to go click click click that one can shoot anything and then keep deleting what is not needed. Take a second look at the visual and you realize that even the accompanying visual when juxtaposed with the wordings seems so blatantly incongruent. Attempting to understand and interpret the quote seems a sheer waste of time. Yet, it is precisely the irony in the quote and visual that makes the quote so relevant and apt to each of us.

By nature we tend to lap in all the experiences that we encounter. We do also cherish the good times and fond memories. However far too often we let the unpleasant, the failures and the pain to guide our thoughts, actions and decisions leaving us circumspect and preferring to err on the side of caution rather than exposing our abilities and talents to grow wings and soar. This is also what we do with our random camera shots, always hoping to delete the bad shots, the irrelevant frames and the duplicate shots but never really executing it. As a result we end up cluttering our picture files, find it hard to retrieve the most relevant ones and often forget the excellent shots we have taken.

On the other hand, even the digital cam despite its ease of use design, does tend to throw up a lot of distorted images because the camera shook or there was very poor lighting. However the pictures that we find most useless are the ones which are excellently captured but very poorly composed because we didn’t pay attention to the background and setting. Look at each moment of our life as a digital picture taken 24by 7. We do have some days which hurt us, some that defeat us, a few that seems wasted and then there are those special moments filled with joy, happiness and exuberance. Rewind those memoires and perhaps one can find bitter experiences that have played a vital part in ensuring that we experience also many an exuberant moment. The strict parent or teacher who ensured that discipline was instilled. The first failure and the empathy of a caring sibling or parent or friend. Once we are able to frame the memories in the right way the emerging picture gets sharply composed in our mind.

To take a picture we have to ensure that there is a film roll properly loaded if the camera is the analogue type or if it is a digital camera we have to ensure that the battery is having sufficient charge. The equivalent of that roll or battery in our life is our ATTITUDE. By having the right attitude we can always ensure we capture the best no matter what the setting, the mood or the background. Failure would then seem to be an experience to learn from, a personal handicap just a special challenge and achievement would be our objective and not mere glory.  Faith and self belief would be our mantra that would spur us to dare, do and triumph.

Try this:

  1. From your personal collection of photographs choose 5 favorite pictures and for each picture you chose write 3 reasons why that picture finds a special place in your estimation.
  2.  Using a digital camera try to take 5 different shots of the following.
  • Animals
  • Nature
  • Human emotions
  • Quirky scenes

Was there a challenge that acted as an impetus to take those shots? Did you manage to click each of these pictures in just 1 shot? Did you give up because the challenge was overwhelming?

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