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Pick yourself up and carry on

12- 31July 14 Pick yourself upWallowing in self pity is a common ailment suffered by many. We rue the missed opportunities, regret the poor decisions we took, find fault with others who we feel have betrayed or let us down and / or simply curse our fate. While some or most of our reasons for our inability to realise our full potential may have some merit, the bitter truth is that we have to accept the reality that we haven’t optimized our potential and focus on finding ways to move ahead in life. This is best done by letting bygones be bygones and appreciating the riches we still posses and using that more productively.

To do this we need to systematically work on the following 4 aspects

Leave the past behind – Longfellow, the poet, said it beautifully in his poem ‘ The Psalm of Life’ ‘ Let the dead past bury its dead’ While we do tend to lapse into brooding about the days gone by, it is essential that we do not live in the past world. The past cannot be changed nor rewritten. However we can learn from the past experiences, mistakes and follies that we committed. However it is essential that we use the past as only a reference point to be alert and avoid the mistakes we made. It should never be used as crutch to lean on to justify the missed opportunities or rue the chances we did not take or lament about our lack of daring when we could have crossed the chasm in one giant leap.

Utilize the present – Making a clean break with the past is tough but tougher still is utilizing the fresh opportunities that come our way everyday. Many opportunities come disguised as hard work, some come in the form of risks to be taken while most come in the guise of boring, repetitive and mundane work. The challenge then is to be conscientious, bold, efficient and proactive. It is not enough to do a task but one must do it with a smile, bring verve and panache to it and most of all ensure that we can add some more value to our efforts. The difference you create in the task you do will be the difference that will be noticed and rewarded.

Experiment with change – We are conditioned to be logical, methodical and go by the book in most things we do. What distinguishes the winner from the loser is the winners ability to confront problems, failures, disappointments, discouragement and bouts of self doubt with innovative techniques, experimentation and leaving one’s unique imprint behind. None of this is fail safe for there is very real risk of things getting botched up, but the rewards of success far outweigh the risks of failure. Every new idea that succeeds is a tribute to the grit, determination and confidence of those who dared to think differently, dream big and create something unique.

Redesign your future – Behind every success there will invariably be an undercurrent of mistakes, failures and disappointments. However, those who succeed planned to succeed by outlining their future goals, visualizing the path to those goals and as Robert Frost put in verse traveling ‘ miles to go before I sleep’. Designing the future is not limited to entrepreneurs but is the prerogative of every human being. The trick in redesigning the future lies in making a realistic assessment of one’s own self, figuring out one’s strengths, being aware of one’s weakness and using this paradigm as a base telescope the mind to figure out areas of our passion/ interest and exploring the innumerable opportunities that exist in this canvas before us.

So have you finished lamenting? There is no time like the present moment to change your attitude, your beliefs, your goals and yourself.

Try this:

Do something outlandish – here are some suggestions to choose from but you can come up with your own dares for yourself

  • Spend a day at a prison interacting with prisoners
  • Attend a religious service of a different faith
  • Make a kite and get a neighboring kid to help you too
  • Watch a regional language movie (of a language you don’t understand and which has no subtitles)

If you had to give a donation of a substantial sum to a cause what cause would you donate it to? Instead of donating money to the cause can you spend 1 hour a week for 6 months working on that cause?

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Never despair

11- 27th July 14 - Never DespairOne of the concerns of every human being is his/ her anxiety about the future. This is largely the result of 3 factors; our wistful hope that we can be enveloped by happiness at all times, our innate desire to live up to the expectations of others and our reluctance to accept disappointments or failures. The fact that there are unexpected twists and turns that crop up each day, further complicates our life, adds to our anxieties and makes tomorrow seem a formidable reality, for nothing is sure.

If one pauses and thinks hard, each today is nothing but a collection of yesterdays which we have combated successfully. This means no matter what the challenge, whatever the uncertainty and irrespective of overwhelming odds, we can triumph. This gives us a clue as to how to cope with the certainty of uncertainty that we are destined to live with but well equipped to cope with. The answer lies in the innumerable possibilities that open up simply because when nothing is sure, everything is possible.

Identifying and grabbing possibilities that can be profitably harnessed by us is possible, if one is able to view it from a prism that filters the future through the following lens.

Be optimistic – Since we live in a dynamic world, we will always be beset with changes of varying nature. There are moments when we are thrilled and then there are moments of frustration; there are moments of ecstasy and there will be moments of agony; there will be times when we despair and times when we feel invincible. The challenge for us is to come to terms with the reality and to visualise the residue of good that still exists long after the pain of the problem has gone. Scoring poorly in exams is a very painful process but it is not the end of the world. Sometimes we discover our true strength in those subjects in which we score better or think up alternatives for our future that we never explored before. Train yourself to visualise and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Be pragmatic – Every passing moment is dynamic and throws up a clutch of possibilities. At this precise point you have the choice to read further or to delve into another task. You will read further if you see it as adding value, perceive the contents as useful and imagine that reading further will give you additional positive inputs. On the other hand if you have an exam coming up, reading this further should not be a priority over studying for the exams. Notice that the choice exists, the possibilities are real; you have to decide what the most pragmatic thing to do is.

Seek positives – Look at a problem as a riddle to be solved. View it as a challenge that tests out imagination, helps us conjure ingenious solutions and fires up our spirit of resilience. Problems could also be nature’s way of slowing us down when we are possibly hurtling down a path of self destruction. A failure in exams or a pink slip at work might actually be just the right medicine that enables us to recover stronger. A wrong turn on a journey might just give you a breathtaking view just as a missed flight may have saved your life. The key to finding positives is to acceptance of the reality and then focusing on what good has come from the situation you are in.

Create opportunities – The human race has survived because our ancestors never gave up when faced with problems. They tried to find out ways and means to overcome or circumvent the problem they faced. Later they anticipated problems and worked on possible ways to effectively deal with the problem thus creating opportunities for themselves. Opportunities are also created by having a vision that is transcribed into a goal and then translated into a solution. In fact you will shape your future by the opportunities that you create rather than the problems that you overcome/ solve.

So when nothing is sure, there is an opportunity to create and attain what you want.

Try this:

Make a list of 3-5 things you have never done in your life but would definitely love to do sometime in your life. Outline a plan to create an opportunity to make it happen.

List out three disappointments in your life. Can you make a list of at least 2 positives for each of these disappointments?

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Transform your life

TransformationThe overwhelming majority of people around the world are never happy or satisfied. They seem to have more questions than answers; more confusion than clarity and certainly more expectations than satisfaction. Dissatisfaction is not because they lack something as much as it is because they are constantly searching for something elusive and unfortunately they do not what it is. We are therefore constantly searching for answers but are not clear about what the question is. As a result we latch on to answers and frame questions to suit the answers. This results in us swamped with information but not enough direction as to how one should organise, channelize and utilise it. In today’s post we shall attempt to identify a few questions for which we are constantly searching for answers so that the resultant answers can help us transform ourselves to be more productive individuals.

Meaning / purpose of life – This is perhaps a question that every single individual has found impossible to avoid and equally difficult to answer. We attempt to find its meaning in religious texts, moral and theological interpretations or in the logic and rationale that we are blessed with it. While often our pursuits lead us to the cusp of the answer, the clear answer seems elusive. Despite not finding the exact goal of our life, each of us has lived a reasonably fulfilling life, have avoided the opinion of giving up on life and we carry on doing our duties as a child/ an adult/ a parent. Be aware of how seamlessly you have transformed as you grow physically, mentally and philosophically by focusing on ‘doing’.

Happiness in life – One of the common misconceptions many of us have is that having enough money / wealth will make us happy. There is no doubt that wealth / money has a very significant role to play in ensuring that we have happiness that comes from economic freedom. However, what we overlook are the innumerable other factors that can make us very unhappy, dissatisfied and perhaps even lonely, forlorn and depressed. Happiness is the by product of our attitude to our life. As long as a person accepts his/ her limitations, appreciates the blessings showered on him/ her and is ready to move out of his/ her comfort zone, one would always be happy with whatever life has to offer. Transform your attitude and embrace happiness.

Redemption from pain – If we could, none of us would ever want a semblance of pain be it tooth ache, a heart ache or the pain of losing a loved one. We believe that without pain we would be happy and that is a blissful state to be in. Yet, we forget that but for pain we would not realise the value of happiness, realise the blessings we have been showered with nor the value of what we have be it wonderful parents and siblings or the good health we take for granted or the financial strength that makes us far richer than so many around us. We can never erase pain from our life. However you can transform that pain to gain by embracing the principle that ‘pain is inevitable suffering is optional’.

Bliss in heaven – Death is an uncomfortable thought and yet an unavoidable one. Ideally we would love to live long, die peacefully and expect to have eternal bliss thereafter. The reality though is that we never know when death beckons us nor do we have any evidence about blissful afterlife. Ideally therefore we must focus on creating our own blissful heaven on earth. This is possible if we allow ourselves to be empathetic individuals who have concern and care for all that we can influence. First focus on the self; values, attitude and commitment. Once you align these, move on to be in sync with family, friends, colleagues, neighbors and society at large. We need to accept our differences, participate proactively in dealings with those around and integrate ourselves with those around us. Finally get associated with societal, environmental and political issues. See yourself transform not just yourself but the environment around you and before you realize it you will find bliss in the heaven you have created.

Try this:

  • In one sentence can you enumerate the purpose of your life? ( you can also interpret this to mean what do you want to be remembered for )
  • What is the one change you would want in your life that would give you tremendous happiness ?
  • If you had an option to choose your age of death what age would you want to live till?
  • List out one demand you would petition your government to implement. Similarly list out one environmental and social concern that you would like to be actively involved in.
  • If there is one cause for which you would readily contribute what will that cause be? Now take out your purse/ wallet and pull out exactly 50% of the money in it and donate it to the cause you have identified. (Transformation is intent translated into action)

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Faith is like Wi-Fi

It is not so much our lack of knowledge, our inexperience or our personal limitations that stunt our growth as much as our lack of self confidence, our inability to be daring and our fear of failure. The cure to this malaise fortunately is with us; having faith in ourselves. Faith helps us believe in ourselves, gives us the courage to dream and dare and most of all provides us the inner strength to keep striving even when the seas are rough, the environment cloudy and the horizon invisible. In all probability you are right now reading this on your computer and what you read is possible because of the wi-fi connectivity that you have which you can’t see but can experience. Your faith must be of the same quality as your wi-fi signal, unseen but powerful.

Faith helps you discover & channelize your latent strengths. Key among them are the following :

Goal setting – For the vast majority of us our goals for life are opaque and hazy. It largely centers around a few buzz words like happy, successful, wealth and recognition. Faith will enable you to identify goals which are more tangible, help you define the life path to choose and provide you the impetus to march with confidence on your chosen path. Pinpoint a successful person and study him or her and you would notice that all their actions and choices were planned, executed and embraced with full faith in their ability to achieve the goals they set for themselves. Steve Jobs is a classic example of someone who believed in himself so completely that he could rewrite the history of technology and evolve it to become a new paradigm. Faith will be like that a TV antenna that helps us tune into exactly the right channels that we want to play out in our life.

Motivation – Being self motivated is the only way to remain competitive, alert and enthusiastic. Motivation is nurtured by faith which acts like water that nourishes the plant life. Without faith, your motivation would dry up and wither away. Just like a plant cannot survive without water even if we provide it ample fertilizers, sunshine and oxygen, without faith you cannot remain motivated. Even if we add tons of encouragement, provide you ample resources and provide you a conducive environment to succeed, without faith you will not be motivated to sustain your quest. Faith sustains your motivation by quietly whispering into your mind time and time again that you have it in you to attain what you set out to achieve. Faith is then like the wi-fi signals that sometimes weaken and slow our browsing but yet we keep refreshing the browser knowing that sooner or later we would get connected at the speed we desire.

Resourcefulness – No matter how much we prepare and plan, there would always be surprises and occasional twists and turns that challenge us to be resourceful enough to overcome. While the minor hiccups would only slow down our pace, the major challenges could be daunting. With faith in ourselves, we can delve into our untapped resources of imagination, creativity and problem solving ability. Faith will then be our personal google interface that pops up an array of possibilities to choose from.

Resilience – Along life’s way, we are bound to hit many speed bumps, perhaps an occasional diversion sign and at times we may even meet with an accident. We would then question our wisdom about continuing with our quest. We may even perhaps give in to the temptation of abandoning the trip altogether or even advertently changing our original destination without realizing how close we were to reaching it. With faith providing us the fuel for the journey we would never run out of patience, perhaps even enjoy the diversions and forced breaks and resolutely carry on till we reach our destination. Faith is then like the drones that use the wi-fi technology to reach the intended target.

FAITH then is WI-FI, because it simply means With In – Find Inspiration.

Try this

Identify 3 of your strengths. Now outline an action plan to utilize these strengths to enhance your personal performance at the work place, enhance your contribution on the home front and be actively engaged in your social circle. 

Is there an activity / passion/ dream that you have not yet attempted or realized? Now is the time for you to commit yourself to attain it. Begin right now by jotting down that dream. Over the course of this week read up on it, talk about it with others, visualize how you will go about fulfilling that desire of yours. You will be nurturing your faith  in that dream and taking the first steps to fulfilling it. 

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