Life is a balancing act

Life is a balancing act

Every morning we battle with the challenge of waking up with a smile or turning over and enjoying our sleep, a little more. That is not just the only challenge that we battle each day. We have to decide on so many minor, major, critical and mundane matters that life becomes stressful. Dispassionately examined, we realize that life is balance between what we can control and what we cannot. Trouble is, far too often we surrender to temptations, thereby robbing ourselves of fulfilling our potential, realizing our dreams and being enslaved in the lair of mediocrity.

To avoid surrendering easily and instead making the extra effort, you need to do the following:

  • Re-examine your excuses for not doing something.
  • Visualize the potential benefit/ reward of doing what needs to be done.
  • Ask what is your long term goal you seek to attain in life?
  • Write down a road map to attain that goal.
  • Identify a motivator/s to help you focus on your goal when you tend to slack.
  • Challenge yourself to be better each day.
  • Find a mentor to guide and oversee your efforts; encouraging you and firmly nudging you forward.

Try these:           

  1. Do two or three activities that you have never attempted before. Move out of your comfort zone and attempt them.
  2. Identify the three most common criticism that you receive from family/ peers/ bosses/ friends. Work on overcoming it.
  3. What is the one big sacrifice you are willing to make so as to ensure you have time to complete more important and urgent works that you have kept pending.

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