We are a training institution focusing on imparting High Impact Training and Effective Communication Solutions. We visualize ourselves as Change agents and are confident that we can bring about Meaningful Change in the trainees and through them in the Organisations they work for. With change as the focus, our offerings are branded as under  :
Our Corporate Training is referred to as           – Holistic Change
The Personality Development Workshop is         – Positive Change
Our Effective Communication Solutions are       – Impactful Change

On the Training front we offer programs for Corporates, academic institutions and individuals. In addition we also offer long term self development programs including a Personality Development Program, Life Skills Program, Self Management  and Time Management.  We also structure training programs and deliver motivational talks to meet your specific requirements. These Programs could be in the nature of assertiveness skills training, creativity and lateral thinking, or motivational talks on topics like You cannot spell success without U, Stop Existing Start Living etc.

Our Programs are designed to be  informative, interesting and above all very practical . We seek to be catalysts in enhancing the productivity and effectiveness of the trainees and the organizations they represent.
We also offer Effective Communication Solutions, a specialty services in demand by corporates and individuals who would like their communication to be of the highest order. We draft reports, speeches, articles, publicity material and web content for corporates. Additionally we can take care of your proof reading and editing requirements. We also offer ghostwriting service for those who would like to write their autobiographies and can help write biographies too.

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    Really it is terrific and excellent. The language and examples are perfect. I want to be a member of the blog. Hope you will guide me through my mail id.

    1. Hi

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      We hope you continue to benefit from our blog.



  2. Dear Mr.B
    That was a thought provoking article on the need for laughter in our lives. Your suggestions on sharing laughter are cool too

  3. Hi,
    Really it is terrific and excellent. The language and examples are perfect. I want to be a member of the blog. Hope you will guide me through my mail id.

  4. Hello,
    Really it is terrific and excellent. The language and examples are much more perfect. I want to be a member of the blog. Hope you will guide me through my mail id.

    1. Thank you for your comments and appreciation of the blog contents. It is easy to join in as a follower. Just key in your email ID in the space on the right of the blog screen and enter. Accept the link that comes in your inbox. Do keep sending in your comments and feedback. Regards Jacob

    1. Hi. Thank you for your warm appreciation of the contents of this blog. Do keep commenting as your feedback is both a motivator and a reality check for me. You can easily become a follower of this blog by subscribing to it and adding your email in the box on the right hand side of the blog.

  5. Hi,

    Just dropped on ur site from no where…. very exciting must say. You guys seems to be doing great work.

    Wanted to know where can I attend the trainings that you have mentioned above.. I would like to attend the Holistic Approach.

    Looking forward to you reply.


    1. Hi Sakshi…for some who chanced by this blog by accident I am delighted that you made a quick judgement and thank you for your warm appreciation of the blog.The Holistic Change Program is the brand name for the corporate training program offered by us. While we do take the corporate training program pan India, it is dependent on where the corporates organise the training program. However the Positive Change program is offered only in Pune and is the one that is focused on indivduals who seek to bring about a positive change in their lives. Do subscribe to the blog so that you can get the same in your inbox as and when we update it. We would also warmly welcome your comments on the same.



  6. Hi, Academy for Creative Training Team,

    Yesterday I was searching for the websites for the communication skills. And I got your blog by searching. And you can’t believe from last day evening I am continuous reading your article and it really change my way of approach to people as well as for Life also.

    I also put a mail to my colleagues and Friends to refer this blog.

    It’s really nice and we are eagerly waiting of your posts.

    Keep growing and Have A Great Time

    1. Hi Devang,

      Thank you for taking time out to comment on the blogs. I really appreciate your positive and encouraging feedback I am delighted you find my blogs are influencing your life in a very positive way. A special thank you for sharing the blog links with your colleagues and friends. I hope you have also had a chance to see my other blog http://www.poweract.blogspot.com

      I haven’t been writing as often as I would have loved to but I shall be trying to post at least once a week. Do keep sending me your feedback on the posts and any suggestions that you may have.



    1. Hi Raghvendra,
      Thank you for offering your comments and for appreciating the blog posts. I noticed that you are have already subscribed to the blog and shortly you will start receiving the fresh blogs posts in your inbox. Please do continue to share your feedback with us.

  7. Excellent writings for inspiration and self development. I am a Trainer by profession and find these articles of great help for my reference.Good job.


  8. Very good site. When ever I find free time my preference is to read your article. It imparts so much of positive thoughts to keep you energetic for rest of the day
    J Jacob

    1. Hi .. Thank you for taking time out to comment on the blog and for your appreciative feedback. It is always motivating and encouraging to get inputs from the readers. Do feel free to continue sending us your views and share your thoughts. Regards. B.Jacob

  9. I want to improve my English language, I hope this site will help me as much as possible, so i want to join this blog

  10. Hi, Thank you very much for such wonderful writing for holistic, positive and total personality changing fabulous write up. May GOD bless you keep writing.

  11. good morning ,
    A very good site — I take a privilige to congratulate your team for such good and motivational contents .

  12. Hello Mr Jacob.. just happened to know about you and your blog by chance when I logged onto citehr.. Found your comments on one of the posts quite interesting.. and thats what brought me here. Have registered to become a member of this blog..Looking forward to some interesting posts from your end! 🙂


    1. Hi Manju, Thank you for taking time out to comment and appreciate the blog content. I certainly hope that you find the future blog posts equally interesting and engaging. Would look forward to your feedback on future posts too. Jacob

  13. Dear Sir,
    while searching some good material/sites I saw this blog. I think my searching of a good site has been over, hope I will get good material and support in order to learn english as I am novice in english.

    1. Hi Anoop. Thank you for taking time out to appreciate the blog contents. I am sure if you go through the blogs and also make an effort to understand the meaning of new words, take the effort of finding synonyms for the words and also attempt to use some of the words in your daily communication your vocabulary would definitely improve. The key is to speak more. This can be done by making more English speaking friends. I am also sure that the blog contents would have a positive influence on you and inspire you to succeed in all your endeavors. Best Wishes Jacob

  14. How to select your thoughts…… love this one as well,, i use to read your words on daily basis … on every day i found some thing for my life & surroundings.. good job …..

  15. “Be energetic always” i found this one very attractive like your previous one, yes this is very much true … our energy infect positive energy is always very much worth full .. for us as well others … Great work, impact full … keep it up..

  16. Hello Sir, I am from 28th MSOP batch, Pune Chapter of ICSI

    Thank you sir for your session on Personality Development i.e. Positive Change

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