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Harnessing adversity

A problem is a chance for you to do your best. Duke Ellington

There is an apocryphal story told about a couple of frogs that fell into a bucket of milk. After initially trying to leap out, one of the frogs simply gave up saying it is no use and then drowned. The other frog kept paddling and slowly there was a lump of cream that formed. He managed to churn out more cream till there was enough for him to stand on and leap out to freedom. The story neatly sums up the quote for today.

Problems come in all types; big, small, difficult easy, short term, long term, imaginary, real etc. No one is spared problems either which may be a consolation to some. The trouble is when problems come we need to handle it and we can react in a multitude of ways from out rightly rejecting the problem, to ignoring it hoping it will get solved on its own, to trying a quick fix that may look like a solution but just prolongs the agony or tackling it thoughtfully and completely. Scientists, researchers, inventors and creative people see problems positively and look at it as their bread and butter. We need to learn a trick or two from them in order to ingrain the right spirit and attitude when confronted with a problem.

A problem is an opportunity to use our intelligence, creativity and our managerial talent to the fullest in order to overcome the problem. All development in every sphere is the result of someone taking the initiative to solve a problem. Right from the time man invented the wheel to the present day  computing and commuting solutions problem solving has been the key to progress. Innovation, invention and improvisation are the three I’s that form the magic formula to problem solving.  We are constantly using the 3 i formula every single day. Unfortunately the law breakers are equally adept if not experts in using this formula. Look at the phishing scams, the lottery scams, the white collared crimes in the banking system etc. all of them have their roots in using the 3i formula alas for unlawful activities.

If you have a personal problem be it your inability to enjoy success, your concern about long term economic security or your urge to attain fame and fortune the recognition of the problem itself is half the battle one. Once the problem is identified you can focus attention on the solution just as a good doctor would try to look beyond the apparent symptoms in order to diagnose the illness correctly. If things are quite and smooth sailing there is every possibility that there is an undiagnosed problem around the corner for it is the law of life that problems must flow or else how will you get the wonderful opportunities to use your intelligence and grow?

Remember: “Don’t be pushed by your problems. Be led by your dreams.”

Try these:

  1. Here are a few words which you need to expand so that the Acronyms and the expansion have some co-relation. E.g. SMILE = See My Instant Life Energizer or ACT = Action Conquers Terror .                                      The words for you to expand are GREET, RUSH, PAIN, STYLE, CLAP (please use your own imagination rather than going to the net and doing a search. The objective of the exercise is not just to get the answers as much as it is to for you to discover your hidden strengths and using it to solve problems)
  2. Almost all of us have the constant complaint that we need to increase our income. Starting now for the whole week spend half an hour each day just jotting down various ways to increase your income. The following week work on how to increase your savings without too much of compromise on your current life style.

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Strong people are made by opposition, like kites that go up against the wind. Frank Harris

It is said that if you want to know the character of a person, see his/ her behavior when they face adversity. Just like iron can be molded when put into fire, we individuals are molded by the fire of adversity that tempers us. How is it that adversity actually proves beneficial to us? The answer lies in the fact that when we are put to the test, with no back up or escape route, that is when we actually use all our strengths, particularly our inner strength to face the difficulties that confront us. It is also the time when those with a weak heart might fail the test and throw in the towel, either by meek surrender or they take the extreme step of suicide.

The most common adversary is competition. Competition is a dreaded word for it means we have to fight for a share of the pie; be it market share, job opportunities or the basic amenities of life. Competition is dreaded because it is nothing but another adversary that one has to fight. Yet, it must be noted that competition is the reason we have variety, improved quality and alternates in the market place. We can be inspired by the new ideas and possibilities that are introduced by the adversary and we can then adopt and adapt them to make our space in the market place. Look at the technological revolution. It has changed the rules of the game.

Adversity also provides us the standards to benchmark ourselves. A strong adversary would force us to pull up our socks be it terms of learning, quality improvement, better customer relations or new product offerings. The same yardstick applied in our personal lives when faced with adversity, would reflect in better interpersonal relations, inspired creative thinking and better work ethics. Adversity provides us the added impetus to push our limits. It is this healthy competition that helps top notch athletes create new world records. In our lives, we may not be recognized by the world for the improvements we make but there is the great thrill of achievement that you can experience yourself, when you see the improvements, changes and achievements that you attain.

It is not just iron that uses the heat of the fire to be molded, but on the other extreme even GOLD is purified in fire and intricate designs, patterns and shapes that adorn and enhance our beauty.

Think Adversity – Think Iron – Think Gold – Be Tough- Grow Strong – Get Rich

Remember: Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.” Arthur Golden

Try these:

  1. Recollect the low points in your life. How did you meet the challenges posed by these low and depressing times? Were most of the fears and challenges that you visualized at that point, hyped by your wild imagination?
  2. Visit a palliative care center / an old age home/ a mental asylum or a hospital. Spend a day trying to cheer up the inmates. Perhaps you will come back with a feeling that you are actually blessed. Now look at your personal worries and put them in the right perspective.

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