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The first step…

The distance doesn’t matter; only the first step is difficult. Madame Marquise du Deffand

Even as I write this post I am acutely aware of how relevant the above quote is, for when I started this blog on 1st Jan 2010 I had plenty of misgivings about my ability to sustain writing regularly. Yet today while writing my 173rd post at the rate of one post a day, I feel a sense of exhilaration, that I began despite my misgivings and that I have a decent readership and realized my own potential. The toughest part of a long journey is the first step for despite our best preparation we are assailed by self doubt and always left wondering if we are really well prepared to begin. Fear of failing is perhaps the biggest single reason for us not even attempting a task let alone beginning a challenging task.

There is always the unknown factor that will be spoilt sport to the best laid plans, but that should never be a deterrent to us aiming high and realizing our dreams. The trick to beginning lies in us being clear about our goals and our ability to break down the goal bound process into smaller manageable intermediary goals. A good example is how a marathon runner plans out his / her strategy. Unless one has a world class timing winning the marathon may not be the real goal but finishing the marathon will be the primary goal. Thereafter the entire marathon is divided into distances to be reached within the preplanned time frames. Depending on the ability and style of the runner the strategy is planned for each stage of the race and a suitable training schedule, diet plan and fitness schedule is designed. The toughest part is to motivate oneself to run daily without missing the training schedule.  The goal  of completing the  marathon is a great motivator and the prior planning provides the right dose of impetus as well as focus for each day’s practice schedule.

Many of us have grandiose ideas and noble intentions which rarely see the light of day. Part of the reason is that we never commit our ides and visions by writing it down. Even if one were to write it down what really sounds the death knell of all good intentions is lack of self discipline. Look at our school days when we all had to follow a time table. Our parents ensured that we left for school on time and out teachers managed the classes and disciplined us well. We did have a similar time table when in college but with little or no supervision we took liberties with the classes and perhaps did not fully realize our potential. To be self disciplined we must be passionate about our goal for then we can visualize us nearing it every day provided we stick to the regime scheduled. It also helps to find innovative self motivational techniques and reward one’s self on attaining the intermediary goals. Eg. For every 2 hours of study plan a break of half an hour of TV viewing or listening to music.

Finally it is important to realize that it is never too late to start. Neither your age nor your background matters if you are passionate about what you really want to achieve. Every great novel began with someone typing out the first word; the greatest chefs must have definitely begun by tasting their own inedible preparations and there must not be a doctor who began life without toying around with a corpse. Different shades of life but one which has a loud message for each of us: START NOW !

Remember: “The secret to a rich life is to have more beginnings than endings.”  David Weinbaum

Try this:

  1. Make a START by clicking the following link http://poweract.blogspot.com/2010/02/start.html
  2. Jot down some of your passions that you haven’t even attempted or indulged in. Now choose two of them and work out an action plan to ensure that you get going with attempting it before the year is out.

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Get going

If we really want to live, we’d better start at once to try. W.H. Auden

Daydreaming is a luxury few can afford although most of us do lapse into the idyllic of it off and on. There is nothing wrong in day dreaming provided we can quickly get back to reality and then roll up our sleeves and put our nose to the grind in the hope of beginning to work towards those utopian indulgences. The problem though is that while we day dream, we get caught up in the tranquility and bliss of those thoughts that we almost believe that we are entitled to enjoy those moments for ever. Obviously when in such a trance it is very tough to get out of our stupor and face the harsh reality called life.

Real living is all about toil and sweat and the mantra holds true for both king and beggar. In fact the richer one gets the more the toil simply because one has to put that extra effort to stave off competition, increase wealth and maintain a healthy life – work balance. True a farmer or a mason may have to do much more strenuous physical labor but there is a criticality in the intellectual efforts required too. The message is as simple as it is complex; get going!

Get going is not simply slogging it out. Pure slogging is merely expending energy without any resultant benefit. On the contrary if one develops a long term perspective and can break that down into intermediary plans with clear goals to be achieved at every stage then the slogging becomes purposeful, progress measureable and soon life begins to get a new hue. We do risk the danger though of being caught up in our own progress and success that we spend more time admiring our handiwork than in completing the task on hand. If we can overcome such interjections, suddenly life becomes more bearable nay more pleasurable and work is not just a verb but a beautiful adjective.

Perhaps this explains why people seek life in adventurous arenas with real risk of danger too like joining the armed forces or the police department. They are passionate about their life for the adrenal starts flowing when they are in uniform and power is what they thrive on. They are well aware of the dangers of their job but perhaps that is what gives them a real high in life. Contrast that with the staid and rather boring work style of an accountant or a back office clerk. They prefer the predictability of the routine, the laid back life style and relative quite and unflappable nature of their job. Interestingly even these slow and routine works requires commitment, meticulousness and plain and simple hard work.

No one can ever afford to laze around unless there is something seriously wrong with his/ her mental health. Life is all about keeping active, enjoying the moments and looking forward to tomorrow. Make today count …Get Going!

Remember: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” James Dean

Try this:

  1. Re examine your life style. Are you being purposeful and goal driven in what you do? Do you simply follow orders or do you also initiate and go beyond the obvious in executing your tasks?
  2. Jot down 25 priorities in your life and reorder them in order of importance to you. Star working on the first one immediately.

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Unless you try…

No one knows what he can do until he tries. Publilius Syrus

Most people when confronted with a new situation or a new task immediately react with a response that they cannot measure up to it. While it is a normal human response to shy away from what is perceived as tough call, a little rational thinking and logic if applied will make us realize that everything is possible unless we try and fail. To put it differently, unless we try how will we know if we are capable of it? Look at our own life and the numerous new tasks that we have tried at first, failed and yet perceived and become experts at it. Remember the early kindergarten days when evening memorizing the alphabets was a challenge and writing it a very daunting prospect. As we grew learning to swim posed a huge problem of fear of drowning and inability to float and yet today we jump into a pool shrieking with delight. Remember the bruised knees when learning to cycle and confusing clutch and brake while learning to drive. When we persisted we mastered!

One reason we fail to try is simply fear of failure. The embarrassment of failure has been the biggest stumbling block to people daring to attempt. Most of us don’t even realize our full potential because we are not prepared to take risks, explore different avenues and are secure in the comfort of the routine. In real, almost all of us fail in our first attempt at anything new and yet with singularity of purpose, a steely resolve and a unquenchable thirst we can repeatedly attempt till we achieve what we set out to do. Look at a small baby’s first attempt at standing up and walking all by itself. The child will fall repeatedly, perhaps even hurting itself in the process but it strives and finally achieves its first baby steps.  One reason for it is its natural instincts but equally important is its carving to walk and lack of fear of falling.

Another major reason for us failing to try is because we are tempted to visualize something new in a grossly distorted manner. Right from seeing the task as much tougher than what it really is, we go on to imagine that it requires superhuman efforts to achieve it and as a lastly  simply rationalize that we are ignorant of how to go about it. True that anything new poses a challenge and sometimes by sheer fluke we may get it right first time but that simply boosts our confidence thought it may also trigger grossly exaggerated expectations from onlookers. Imagine trying to play pool for the first time and in your first attempt you manage to pocket the correct ball. You are acutely aware that there needs to be a right stance and proper style to use the cue and yet the thrill of pocketing the ball remains imprinted in your mind.

Most people don’t try anything new simply because they are happy with the status quo and wonder why they want anything more in life if it involves trying something new. At best we may experiment with new restaurants, new malls and new movies and the like. The common thread being it is near risk free and does not make us get involved too much. Youngsters will attempt to imitate others so as to be up to date on style but in reality they are going with the trend and not really creating something new. It takes a lot of courage to buck the trend be it style, beliefs, goals etc. How many of us are prepared to follow ones heart desire when choosing a future? Do we really have to courage to be trail blazers and change agents? Can we let go the security of our normal life and furrow a different path that may be full of surprises, shocks, difficulties but nevertheless promise tremendous adventure and excitement?  When we can cut the umbilical cord that ties us to our past only then can we say, we tried something new and when we did not succeed we tried again until we succeeded!

Remember: “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.” Beverly Sills

Try this:

  1. Attempt a new type of exercise routine. Eg. If you do yoga try aerobics or vice versa. Notice how inhibited you are initially but how you soon gain expertise in the new style.
  2. If you have a secret desire it is time you made a beginning towards attaining it. Whatever your desire put on paper the steps required to achieve it. Then before the week is out start working on step one that you have listed. Eg. You want to learn music. Identify the type of music, the time slot available to you and locate the possible teachers. Begin by at least reading up on the type of music you are interested in.

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We will not know unless we begin. Howard Zinn

Any new beginning makes a person circumspect, apprehensive and wary for the way things will pan out is never known. This rather limited and inward looking perspective does not encourage people to embrace new tasks with enthusiasm, vigor and vitality; in fact more often than not we approach things tentatively. It is not unusual for people to procrastinate and delay beginning the task as they might be paralyzed with the fear of inadequacy and possibility of not measuring up.  The real answer to all these apprehensions lies in shedding our inhibitions and starting the task.

When starting any task we are beset with numerous questions about the task, the challenges that could emerge whilst doing the task, our ability to competently manage the task etc. If we stop to get answers for these questions, we will be only shadow boxing and not really entering the ring. After a brief initial overview of how to approach the task it is imperative that we hit the ground running thereafter. Once we start, the momentum will easily propel us into the new orbit and we would be able to intelligently allocate appropriate resources to ensure that the task is progressing on track in terms of time and quality. It is then that we really get to know the scope and the intricate nature of the job.

By beginning a task the inertia is neutralized, the focus shifts to the tasks rather than the ghosts that we imagine about the task and we gain a measure of self-worth for we now see ourselves as an integral part of the whole system. Progress, however slight it may be motivates us, the challenges that emerge ignite our creativity and success suddenly looks imminent. This recharges us, rejuvenates us and refreshes us both in mind and body. We cannot visualize the amplified effect of simply getting going unless we get going !

Remember: “The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” Mark Twain

Try These:

  1. Pick up three tasks that you have planned but never got going. It could be simple tasks like a hobby to be pursued, organizing your paperwork, sorting out your mail inbox or it could be more complex tasks like scouting around for a new accommodation, buying a new car, switching jobs etc. Now write down the various steps to achieve these tasks and start on the first step immediately. Track progress.
  2. Also read the post on Simply Trigger Actionable Results Today http://poweract.blogspot.com/2010/02/start.html

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