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Being human…

13-5-We are human

The reality of life is something that most of us are prone to misconstrue as being unfair to us. The prime reason for this is our focus on what we crave and do not have and our envy of those who have what we crave. At times when things seem to be going our way or are in a happy frame of mind, we do appreciate the blessings we have but these periods of bliss are far few and in between. So how does one etch happiness into our psyche?

Happiness is a state of mind and the key then is to fine tune the mind to allow happiness to seep in and envelope us. This is best done as under:

Appreciate the reality:

We need to appreciate the fact that we are human. This means that we can think, we can emote and we can decide.

We need to realize that we are not perfect and as a result we have to learn to forgive ourselves, tolerate the mistakes of others and make efforts to correct the mistakes rather than give up in hopelessness.

We need to be ecstatic that we are alive for we now have limitless opportunities to leave our mark in this world and energize the environment around us.

 Focus then on thinking positively, being more forgiving and grasping opportunities.

 Realize the truth:

That as human beings we will make mistakes, we stumble, we fall and we may even get hurt. The truth is that these are like vaccination pricks that are temporarily painful but leave a long term positive effect in ensuring our well being. Seen in this light, it dawns on us that every fall makes us more humble, every mistake teaches us a new lesson and that hurt is a mechanism to alert us to impending dangers that can be avoided through caution and alertness.

Every setback, every tumble we take and every obstacle that comes our way is just a blip in the larger scheme of life; recognize this truth and you shall be free of worries.

 Clasp all possibilities  

Understand the innumerable possibilities that come with the knowledge that we can rise again, we can try again, we keep learning and we keep growing. Seen amputees participate in games and athletics or heard Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata a classic that one finds hard to believe has been composed by a deaf composer. If these seem extreme examples, look at the physically, financially or academically challenged in and around you who have succeeded despite all odds.

So do you see the innumerable opportunities around you just waiting for you to clasp them and turn them into successes?

Embrace life

Now be thankful for the priceless opportunity of life for as long as life exists we can find happiness in the little things and big things that surround us.

Don’t forget that LIFE is Love Inside Finding Expression – start with loving yourself.

Try this:

Write down the following immediately

  • The one new learning you would like to acquire E.g. Learning a new sport or language
  • The one physical good that you desperately want to posses, which is a realistic possibility for you sometime in the next 5 years. E.g. A high end music system (name the brand of your choice)
  • The one limitation / trait that you would want to eliminate at the earliest. E.g. Being more decisive or being more organized
  • The one change you would like to bring to your life E.g. Lose weight or spend more time with family etc.

Now work on ways to realize these desires before the end of 2013

  1. Click on this link and watch this inspirational and motivational talk by Nick Vujicic a truly physically challenged but most engaging speaker http://tinyurl.com/6oqnzk
  2. Click on this link and watch the Last Lecture by Prof. Randy Pausch to appreciate the need to embrace life  http://tinyurl.com/2z3wsx

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Dont let tomorrow mess up today

If you are afraid for your future, you don’t have a present. James Petersen

There are times, when each one of us has got this sudden unexplainable feeling of fear, panic and helplessness when thinking about the future. Such fear when it comes occasionally is useful for us to be aware of our own mortality, the reality of an unpredictable future, the need to plan and be prepared and it helps us actually realize the value of today and make the best use of our today. The trouble starts when we are so obsessed about the future that we end up constantly wailing and moaning about it, keep worrying about it, spend more time making plans to handle imaginary crisis and fail to enjoy today and the blessings that we are fortunate to have. The truth is we cannot completely hedge against the future nor can we let the future steamroll us and so we need to ensure that we have some insurance to manage the future. It is this insurance that begins with us first of all enjoying our daily living so that we have no regrets later. At the same time by being pragmatic and rational about the future we can intelligently and objectively attempt to protect our future and insure it financially, emotionally and dynamically.

Our worries about the future come in so many shades. We worry about our jobs, our finances, our relationships, our hopes and aspirations. We also worry through our jealousies, envy, expectations, irrational thoughts and far too often through thoughts about death be it our own or that of a loved one. What is pertinent to note is that we when we worry the first casualty is our happiness. No one who worries will ever be able to enjoy the present. No sooner we feel happy a fearful thought will suddenly creep in and prick the bubble of happiness. In extreme cases we even start worrying about being happy and fear that our happiness is short lived for a calamity is lurking around the corner.  See the people around who have dour expression, those who are always complaining, people who are extremely critical or frequently sarcastic, the people who cannot accept compliments and those who are always negative in their words, thoughts and behavior; they rarely exude happiness.

The second and logical casualty is our present; the moment that is for us to enjoy, the gift of today and the spirit of life.  Instead of appreciating the beauty of the day we start counting the hours to darkness; our laughter is always tinged with regret or sadness; we are morose and snappy most times; we see the shadows not the sunshine and we live in fear of being besieged by calamity. More than anything else we live in the belief that we are the unlucky ones, the cursed ones and the only ones who have this fate befallen on. The third and most unfortunate of all repercussion is our conscious and unconscious negative impact on those around us. Many a time because we are dour and negative, we hate it when those around are happy, cheerful and enjoy with gay abandon. We make efforts to spoil their mood by berating them, being loud and uncouth or simply denying them the pleasures that they depend on you to give e.g. refusing a birthday party or finding fault with a gift they give you. Other times our demeanor and behavior are enough to make others avoid us, move away from us or simply ignore us . The cycle of unhappiness is then complete; we are unhappy we make others unhappy and in turn we remain unhappy.

Remember: “Your past is important but it is not nearly as important to your present as the way you see your future”  Tony Campolo

Try this:

  1. Read the post on FUTURE (Foresee Unusual Trends Usually Rapidly Emerging) in our weekly blog http://poweract.blogspot.com/2010/11/future.html
  2. Read the post on Why Worry https://actspot.wordpress.com/2010/12/31/why-worry-2/
  3. To minimize your future worries make a list of your New Year Resolutions, if you haven’t done it already. Now  get working on it right away so that by this time next year a large number of items on that list is deleted and you enjoy each day this year because you have slowly inched closer to achieving the resolutions on that list.

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When do we really live?

Unless you give yourself to some great cause, you haven’t even begun to live. William P. Merrill

From the time we are born our primitive urge is self preservation and this means that we tend to compete/ fight to live for ourselves. Beginning with our need for food, we seek shelter and security for ourselves and our loved ones because it is the herd instinct. As we grow and become adults we become independent but then we tend to become more and more selfish and self centered. While the animal kingdom exhibits similar tendencies, they never have the human weakness of greed. Thus animals that kill and live of the carcass kill only when they are hungry and even the herbivorous animals too eat just for their survival. Man alone tends to hoard, to gorge and to deny a fellow human being.  It is against this background that one needs to understand the need for the human race to consciously make amends for this selfish tendency and the one way to really do it is to give ourselves completely to a cause where the beneficiary is anyone but us.

Since our natural tendency is to live for ourselves, it is only a conscious decision that will really enable us to identify a worthwhile cause and help us spare our time, resources and energies on promoting the cause. The joy and thrill of giving out without any expectations is the real moment that we enjoy our life and appreciate the blessings that life has showered on us. The cause one stands for need not be related only to the human race but should be for the good of mankind. This means that causes as diverse as animal welfare and environmental concerns would be on the same pedestal as working for the handicapped, the aged and the sick. Whatever be the cause, the key is selfless service, total commitment and active participation.

Self less service involves the ready and free desire to be involved in the cause. If the involvement is conditional or it is taken upon reluctantly because of social pressure then the soul of the activity is missing. It is when one seeks out a cause to give selflessly that the cause becomes an integral part of one’s life else it will remain just a duty , a chore and an obligation. Total commitment means the whole hearted and absolute devotion to the cause. No matter what it takes, be it financial resources, networking, seeking out activists to propound the cause no requirement is ignored or side stepped. This is possible when we are wedded to the cause and then we become absolutely committed. The essence of real living is experienced when we give ourselves to the cause by being active participants and be physically involved in all that is required to be done. This involves giving of our time the most precious of our resources, getting our hands dirtied, something that we may not be really used to in daily life and then we experience both he pain of the other and the joy they get from our intimacy and companionship and service.

Remember: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”  Mahatma Gandhi

Ty this:

  1. One of the toughest religious orders to join in is the Mother Theresa’s  Sister’s of Charity. Yet they have one of the largest numbers of volunteers and applications to join the congregation. What do you think is the reason for it. If there is a home for the children/ aged/ sick or orphans run by them in your city visit them and spend a day to understand how they work and what they do.
  2. Outline a plan of action to identify a cause, to commit yourself and to actively be involved in it. Don’t fall to the temptation of trying to be involved in all your interests. Chose one and give it your all. Ensure that you even slot a time of the day for the activity and to give of your time and personal efforts. Experience the joy that comes with the commitment.

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The message and messenger of the day


Every day is a messenger of God. Russian proverb

One of the most wonderful works of God is the subtle oncoming of each day, which heralds both the message that God exists and the transfiguration of the abstract day into a tangible evidence of Gods powerful messenger. What is most intriguing is the loud proclamation of GOD through the beautiful sunrise and the HIS vibrant presence during the whole day, be it in the chirping of the birds, the whistling of the winds or the bustling activity of human beings. Ironically, it is also felt in the fragilities of life be it in the form of death of person or persons, the fury of the vagaries of nature or in the poverty, pollution and pain that starkly contrasts with the peace, tranquility and love that is normally associated with God.

The chirping of the birds and the first rays of the sun brighten our morning and with each passing hour we are given the power to choose how to spend our time and enrich our life. The good news is the day is all ours. The bad news is that we have to exercise our choice in order to ensure that we have not wasted the day. What we need to focus on is what is our real task and then go about fulfilling that even if the task is not appealing, if it is challenging or it is extremely boring. If we don’t go about our task, end of day the same messenger will seek an account of how we utilized the day and our conscience will constantly prick us if we have squandered the opportunity presented to us. Even worse is that sinking feeling in our hearts that we have accomplished very little, piled on more work for ourselves and tensions and fear overwhelm us.

We also need to bear up with some rare days which herald only sad news, painful moments and hurtful memories. These days challenge our inner strength, draw our attention to the vagaries of life and very often divert our attention to the existence of GOD to whom we turn to in prayerful, weary and a pleaful manner. Everyone has to go through this cycle of pain and joy and the good news is that most times we are blessed with joy and we appreciate those times much more when we are undergoing pain. sadness and loneliness. The miracle of the day lies in its equality of distribution amongst all and its complete indifference to how one uses or abuses it. In its unhurried, impartiality it proclaims the message of GOD’s gift of each day to each one of us. The challenge for us is to appreciate it, accept it and use it profitably and purposefully for our own good and as a tribute to God’s gift of life to us. It is only if we are alive that the new day has meaning, and that the greatest gift that god SENDS US EACH DAY for each day becomes gods own messenger to awakens us and remind us of his LOVE for us.

Remember: “Don’t count the days- make the days count.”

Try this:

  1. Make an elaborate New Year resolution list. Add some personal improvement goals in it, some social work that you plan to do, some goals concerned with improving the environment and one goal dedicated to doing something that is connected with your personal passion.
  2. Outline 3 changes you will make in your life style to enhance your personal productivity. Also outline the method you will adopt to put your plan into action and to evaluate the results.

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How fortunate are we…

I wept because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet. Ancient Persian saying

Look around and you will find a hundred things to be grateful for but most times we are bitterly complaining, comparing and cursing our fate simply because we do not get what we want. As human beings we have the yoke of the seven deadly sins of Lust, Anger, Pride, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony and Greed. Each of these sins provokes the human mind to visualize images of having the second best or noting at all and therein lies the bane of the human race; our envy of others, our feeling of dissatisfaction and our propensity to rave and rant about the unfairness of life.

On the other hand if we consciously look out for people who are contented with life, you will find that almost all of them sport a smile, they are simply happy to be blessed with whatever they have and they have no materialistic desires or cravings. Study them from close quarters and we also realize that their happiness stems from their contentment and joy they experience by whole heartedly embracing the bounty they are blessed with. The issue that often worries us is that many of them seem to be in far worse of position than our own and yet they seem to be in a perpetual state of bliss. We cannot comprehend how those who have far lesser than us who are always cribbing can find so much of riches in their own life. Ironically their happiness and contentment make us more frustrated that they are happy and we are not.

Instead one must seek out how and why those less fortunate than us can live in peace happiness and contentment. The secret lies in their mindset and their attitude. Anyone who is happy has first of all decided to be happy. No matter what the circumstances they make it a point to see something to cheer about, something to warm their cockles and keep their spirits up. The next thing they consciously do is be grateful for whatever they have. Even if they have an illness they are grateful that it is nothing more serious. If they have lost something, they would be grateful that the loss is limited. The one thing they don’t do is compare what others have with they own possessions. This enables them to avoid feelings of envy, jealously, frustration etc. It also enables them to understand their own requirements better and aspire only for what they really need and therefore limit their wants and desires and quite often attaining it and thereby managing to live in a perennial state of happiness.

We too can change our mindset and adopt these practices. The first step is to realize that those who are happy are stress free for they have nothing really to worry about. Being stress free automatically improves our health, self belief and attitude. This must be followed up with the practices of appreciating the many blessings we get each day. It could be the pleasure of a bright lovely morning, the aroma of a hearty breakfast, the boisterous and carefree shouts of children at play or the success of a venture or a personal agenda. Obviously the toughest test to pass is a conscious decision not to be envious or frustrated at another’s wealth, possessions or successes. We must when such temptations lure us, remember that if we succumb then it is essential that we also compare the burdens, trials and tribulations of the other person too. After all no one ever lives on a bed of roses perennially.  The happiest person too carries his own cross and personal burden and his happiness is despite these woes that he has to shoulder. Are our problems, troubles or woes as bad as what many others go through?

Remember: “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Try this:

  1. Can you make a list of 5 things that you desperately craved for in your growing up years but were denied it. Can you think of reasons why you were denied it? On hindsight did those denials affect your life in any major way?
  2. You are in the hot seat in the game ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ / Kon Banega Crorepati. You have Rs,50 lakhs and have to attempt the question to get Rs. 1 crore with no lif lines left.  If you lose you go back with just Rs.3,20,000. However if you win, you get an additional life line for the Rs.5 crore prize which is a roll of the dice. Here for the Rs.5 crore prize, a dice with 4 numbers is rolled and the number appearing will be matched with the answer on the corresponding box. If it is the right answer you get the prize of Rs.5 crores straight away. However if it is wrong then that answer is eliminated and you have to choose from the reaming 3 answers only. Would you attempt the Rs.1 crore question with a great chance of winning the Rs.5 crore prize or take the Rs.50 lakh prize and quit the game ?

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Never take for granted

We never know the worth of water till the well is dry. English proverb

All of us tend to take too many things for granted. The fact that we are blessed with all basic needs and a lot of comforts make us believe that all of it is available in plenty and that it is our birthright.  If for example the internet line drops even as you are reading it, it is possible that you would be cursing the service provider, the state of technology and perhaps even the general administration for the minor inconvenience which suddenly seems like a major calamity. We generally value things only when we cannot have it or when the alternatives are too poor to replace the original.

Let us look at the three most important things that we take for granted – relationships, our own self and the environment.

The people we take most for granted our own immediate family parents, siblings, spouse and children. We do we in most cases share a strong bond with them, ironically it is this bond that widens our relationships. We assume that our parents will support us no matter what, and when they side with the truth when we are on the wrong, it comes as a rude shock. All the while we may perhaps have believed that our siblings will be united in matters of division of property and inheritance till we make the painful discovery that everyone  has a mind of his/ her own and that we made the mistake of taking our relationships for granted. Many of us are guilty of planning for our children’s future and urge them to follow what we feel is the right future. Alas our children display an independent streak and prefer their hearts call than the dictates of the parents; too late we realize that our relationships changed along the way.

We erroneously believe that we know perfectly what is best for us; be it in food, clothing or living and saving habits. We take our jobs for granted, consider our health to be ideal without any tangible proof by way of checkups and believe that we know best how to plan for the future. In the process we might be facing grave dangers be it that of sudden job loss or an unexpected lifestyle disease like heart attacks or stress or diabetes. Just because we have a large social circle we cannot assume we are popular. It is more plausible that people make you feel popular because they want to curry favor with your or would like to piggy back on your contacts and influence.

The environment includes that space that we are concerned with and is not limited to just the ozone layer depletion or carbon emission. The political space, the economic space, and the social fabric are also key elements that make up the environmental space. By not participating in the election or political process, we are taking for granted that the rest of the population will vote or raise concerns which will reflect our concerns or beliefs. Similarly our casual and limp reactions to issues like price rise, inflation and poor governance reiterates the fact that we take our democracy for granted. Our feeble or cursory reactions to social unrest, strikes, hartals, bandhs etc. as also to the hoarse cries of the environmental activists is further proffer that we take the environment around us for granted and do not see any major upheavals that  will threaten our smooth life.

Our passive involvement and poor rational for remaining passive are merely symptomatic of the large malaise; that of taking the system for granted.

Remember: “There is no longer a way out of our present situation except by forging a road toward our objective, violently and by force, over a sea of blood and under a horizon blazing with fire.” Gamal Abdel Nasser

Try this:

  1. Have you made a will? If yes have you updated it? If no is it because you take it for granted that you still have a long life?
  2. Do not take anything for granted and to this end let us attempt to do some of the following
  • Write letters/ emails/ send thank you cards, birthday cards, get well soon cards etc to those whom you really feel deserve it. It could be relatives, former teachers, mentors at work etc.
  • Have at least one environmental issue as a concern and do what you can to support the cause. Donations, taking membership of a concerned organization, spreading their message to people around etc. are highly recommended.
  • Make it a point to have a wide circle of friends from all sections of society. Do actively participate in their religious, social and cultural activities so as to enjoy inclusive living and appreciate the varied dimensions of life and its splendors.

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Are you appreciative?

For everything you have missed, you have gained something else. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Many of us keeping ruing missed opportunities and wallow in self pity. Instead if we managed to look at the situation dispassionately we would immediately be able to connect some benefit however small in the situation. There is a classic statement, that mirrors this attitude, which we often resort too when a person dies young, which reads as ‘Those whom the Gods love die young’. The statement accepts the reality of death of a young one and yet reasons that it happened for a more special reason.

In the relatively more mundane business of life, there are heart breaks galore and a few glimpses of ecstasy. Boredom, repetitiveness of the work done, indifference of people around, failures that occasional we face are all undesirable happenings that sap our energy and kill our spirit. Worse still are the unexpected shocks, the sudden calamities that befall us and / or the trauma one faces when one goes through a life changing experience. While most of us manage to weather these storms of life there are few fragile souls who succumb to the pain and end up losing their balance or committing suicide.  How one copes with the unexpected pain is critical to appreciate how one begins to value what pleasure one is blessed with.

The fundamental technique to confront our fears, worries and tensions is to step back and accept the reality without exaggeration. Once we accept the reality we need to somehow reconcile to it. As long as we cannot accept and reconcile to the reality we will never be able to see and appreciate the blessings left behind by the aftermath. Imagine losing all of one’s possession to a fire or a major earthquake.  Our initial reaction is a lament that we should have perished too. This lament is one of deep aguish and searing pain but when rationality takes over we curse fate and luck in order to rationalize the reality and reconcile to it. It is much later that one looks around and seeks to thank providence for the miracle of life and for a chance to build a new life all over again.

If one has to appreciate the fine things in life we would necessarily have to contrast it with the unpleasant realities for only then does the value gleam in our eyes. The Chinese have a theory of Yin and yang which roughly translated could mean negative and positive or dark and bright which when taken together make a whole. If one were to look at every event in our life minutely, we would soon realize that for every life there is death, heat is contrasted by cold and for every night there is a morning that follows. What we really need to focus on is how we appreciate the reality; do we see two long dark nights sandwiching a small day or two wonderful days squeezing a small dark night?

Remember:  The real voyage of discovery consists of not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust

Try this:

  1. Can you think of something good about these situations?
    • You lose you wallet
    • You miss your flight
    • You meet with an accident while driving
  2. Think of 3 very irritating people whom you know/ interact with, preferably one from your work place, one from amongst your family members and someone whom you know. Can you find 3 good qualities in each of them?

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Be grateful for what we have

Better a little fire to warm us than a great one to burn us. Thomas Fuller

A common fault that almost all of us are guilty of is succumbing to the temptation of comparisons.  Clothes, houses, cars, earnings, holidays taken and every imaginable comparative item are consciously or unconsciously subject to comparison. The tendency to compare different items with different people leads us to a conclusion that others have much more than what we have. Unfortunately, this is a skewed comparison because intangibles cannot be subject to easy comparison. Feelings, reactions, attitude are something’s that cannot be compared and as a result our conclusions are often erroneous.

On the other hand if one were to take an inventory of all our possessions and compare that with what we really deserve we would in all probability realize how rich we are. One would also notice that some of our heirlooms have love written all over it whereas most of the modern possessions have the price tag as the indicative value and scrap value as realistic value associated with it. The first watch gifted by a parent, the first bicycle on which we learned the basics of cycling, the hand me down sweater which great grandfather possibly acquired during his stint abroad all have a lot of memories and feelings that associated with it. Ironically the ipod we got a few months ago has already become outdated and there could be a drawer full of mobile phones and accessories all of which are near scrap.

It is said that a man with one watch is better off than the one with two watches simply because the latter is never sure of the time. Similarly if one were to acquire sudden riches one may never be really prepared to handle the resultant euphoria.  A look at the lives of the rich and famous, reveal the crisis that most of them undergo in their personal lives, despite their monetary riches.  Money and power are a potent mix that can give us heady feelings of infallibility and invincibility. A study of the great dictators and despots who have become part of historical folklore would prove the point too. Money gives one a false sense of power and unbridled power gives one a sense of invincibility. The true antidote for money and power is humility.

What we really need to do is value all what we have. This can begin with the reality that we are alive and that  we are blessed with reasonable health, wealth and intelligence. If we look around we would notice the millions who don’t even have these bare minimum advantages. If there are things we crave and envy in others  it would be prudent to step back and take an inventory of all what we really posses. A happy family, a stable business or job, lots of friends are some blessings we take for granted but which many a rich person actually craves for. See things in perspective; if we were gifted a Mercedes would be able to maintain it? If we won a Gold Plated iphone how often would we be worried about losing it? Do you really hoard your priceless possessions like a Waterman Pen or a Diamond Pendent for fear of losing it?  Be happy that whatever possessions you have are really enjoyed by you and not kept for the snob value which is just a temporary high but a realistic problem.

Remember: “There is nothing wrong with men possessing riches. The wrong comes when riches possess men.” Billy Graham

Try this:

  1. To understand how people can remain humble read up on the life and style of icons like Mr.Warren Buffet, Mr.Naryana Murthy & Mrs.Sudha Murthy, Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Here is a little ppt on Mr.Warren Buffet that makes for interesting insight. Warren_Buffet
  2. List out 3 things that you really crave for. Now outline 3 practical problems for each of the  items on your list, that you would have to face  if you really got your wish fulfilled.

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Happiness sneaks in

Happiness sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open. John Barrymore

As we go through life, the challenge one faces is to accept our little difficulties and to find happiness in the numerous blessings that we are given. It is human nature though to focus on ‘making a mountain out of a mole hill’ and feel aggrieved that life is unfair to us and has very little to offer us by way of blessing. If we are wee bit more objective and can appreciate events in proper perspective we will notice that most times we cannot enjoy happiness because we are too greedy or we are too problem focused that the million little happy moments pass at by whilst we are seeking the lucky break. The reality that we are healthy, reasonably financially secure, have the affection and love of a family, are all blessing we take for granted  simply because all the while  we are craving  to win the lottery or a windfall or something bigger that is more noticeable and envied by others.

On the other hand if we seek out the joys that exist even when we are going through a rough time or a difficult period we would realize how much happiness is actually there around us. The thoughtful gestures of friends and neighbors when we have to nurse someone in the family who is sick, the understanding of a task master boss when we seek his support for a very personal crisis, the unexpected performance of children in their exams or careers or the sheer joy of unexpectedly meeting up with a long lost friend are various ways in which happiness sneaks into our lives. Funerals are perhaps very poignant moments in the lives of the deceased persons family, yet a large turnout of mourners may not lessen the pain of losing a loved one but warms our hearts to know how much the deceased was loved and admired.

When we have misplaced things we are frantic. If the lost items are precious like valuables, money or a passport the panic and anxiety are terrible.  Imagine the joy of finding these lost things. In daily life we have many opportunities to spread happiness with others and in turn we enjoy the pleasure of happiness. A smile, a word of praise, a pat on the back for a job well done, helping someone carry a heavy burden or simply listening to a person make the recipient happy. Their happiness in turn is transmitted to us and we feel very nice and peaceful deep inside that we have utilized our talents to good effect. Many a time we are overjoyed when we get support from some expected source, like a bitter opponent or praise from a critic. The problem sometimes is that instead of appreciating their contribution our mind is focused on trying to find out if they have an ulterior motive. It is our attitude that determines us enjoying happiness.

If one really wants to observe how happiness sneaks into our lives every moment, make it a point to see something positive in every thing that happens in your life. This requires not just positive thinking but a very positive attitude too. Or perhaps you need to see happenings in the right perspective as the person who made this statement observed ‘ I complained because I had no shoes until I saw a person who had no feet’.

Remember:   “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Try this:

  1. Tonight before going to bed make a list of 5 events that disturbed you today. It could be the boss shouting at you or you being fined by a cop for a traffic violation. Now try to see the positives in the event and experience a whiff of happiness sneaking into your heart and mind.
  2. Plan out a surprise for someone least expecting it. E.g. Surprise an uncle  or aunt living all alone or one of your favorite teachers by taking time out to visit them and give them a gift and spend sometime with them. That is happiness sneaking into their lives and a lot of it rubs on to you too!

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Our part has to be played too..

God doesn’t make orange juice, God makes oranges. Jesse Jackson

One of our human failings is our penchant to pass on our responsibilities to others be it a sibling, a neighbor, a co-worker, a friend or as we do in most case pass on our work to God. Most times when in trouble we exclaim loudly Oh God! fervently praying and imploring God to intervene and set things right. Without exception almost all of us have indulged in this before, during and after our exams. Seeking divine interventions is perfectly acceptable but we doing our part and making all efforts is a prerequisite too.

Man of us have strong belief in the almighty but  we have an irrational belief that in a worst case scenario God will take care of our troubles if we earnestly implore him even if we have taken little or no efforts to mitigate the problem. It is important for us to realize that we are given the gift of life and with it so many talents and abilities which we are expected to utilize fully. Unfortunately what makes us human is our inherent abhorrence for hard work, our tendency to find short cuts and worst of all our tendency to cut corners and skate on thin ice just in order to make a farcical appearance of going through the motions.

Ironically it is man being blessed with intelligence that has made the human race more lazy, less patient and completely dependent on extraneous factors be it technology or human intervention to simplify his life. With every labor saving device we have made our life machine controlled, with the growing economic divide we have made a human class separation and with our unabashed  greed we have made life a rat race. Our life therefore is centered around results by fair or foul means, amassing wealth by legal or illegal means and subsisting with minimum effort and maximum relaxation. Obviously life then becomes challenging only for the have not’s and those who are fortunate to be educated, economically well off and street smart life is a breeze. Yet many a time money cannot solve all problems and that is when we are prepared to even bargain with the almighty and make promises of sharing our earthly wealth in return for divine blessings in earthly form be it winning a lottery or curing one from a debilitating disease.

For the human race it is important to realize that we are responsible for our actions and our inactions. We can only reasonably expect to relish the fruits of our efforts, toil and diligence. However we are also fortunate to be showered by the blessings of the almighty especially when he gives us an unexpected bounty, ignores our frequent ungratefulness and waywardness and never ever lets us down for even when we feel he hasn’t answered our prayers he has kept us in the palm of his hands and cupped us in protecting us from bigger pain and suffering.

Remember: If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is ‘thank you’, that would suffice. Meister Eckhart

Try this:

  1. Make a list of very special blessing you received even when you did not deserve it. Did you express your thanks to God for it?
  2. How do you respond when someone asks you for help? Assume that you see a stalled car and the driver is an elderly gentleman. Will you stop to help the old man? How will you help out?

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