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Ideal life…

Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life. Mark Twain

For ordinary mortals who flirt with every conceivable sin be it sloth, gluttony, lust and the like, Mark Twain’s observation will come as a breath of fresh air. Partly in jest but full of wisdom, Twain’s outline of an ideal life can easily be identifiable by every human being for it has distilled in a few succinct words the reality that we would long for.

Paramount is the importance of having good friends. This reflects the social side of the human race for none can live all alone. We need to interact, communicate and lean on another’s shoulder if our life is to be more full, rich and rewarding. We as human beings have an urge and need to share our joys and sorrows, express our feelings and aspirations and in turn get support or suggestions, praise or reprimand but most of all empathy from our friends and well wishers. A good friend is like a compass, who will always faithfully point you in the right direction even if you disagree, disapprove or disparage the help and hints given.

Nothing gives one as much pleasure as a good book. It allows one to spend hours together all alone and yet never feeling lonely.  Irrespective of our moods or the weather a good book educates, entertains and engages us thus sparing us the bother of seeking the company of others. Books open the window of the mind and gives our imagination wings to soar on. It expands our horizons because it is a fountainhead of knowledge and entertainment. A good book is of course a matter of personal preference yet books universally provides mankind the mental stimulation and triggers the creative potential which is the basis of all human progress.

It is mans inherent propensity to gravity towards the forbidden that needs to be reined in despite the books and the friends. A sleepy conscience is the perfect antidote for this problem. Whilst we may not entirely agree with all that our conscience triggers  we can selectively interpret, choose and act on what appeals to us. Else we would be nervous wrecks who would be constantly provoked and harassed by guilt for the human mind does know to distinguish between good and bad but prefers to exercise the more convenient option. That is what makes us human.  E.g. We are aware the overeating and lack of exercise will makes us overweight and prone to illness but a sleepy conscience ensures that we still have a good night’s sleep and retain the good sense to realize the perils. That we still give in to our indulgences and conveniently ignore the perils is thanks to the gift of a sleepy conscience.

Ultimately each one has to live his/ her life on their own terms and good books, good friends and a sleepy conscience will ensure that we lead the most ideal life active, happy and guilt free.

Remember: “Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.” John N. Mitchel

Try this:

  1. Name the 3 books that you would love to read again and again. Expand your list. You are also encouraged to post your list of favorite books in the comments to this post so that others too can benefit by your comments.
  2. Do a net search on the 7 deadly sins and identify the two sins that you are most guilty of falling in. How will you attempt to overcome those sins?
  3. Reflect on your past and pin point the times when your conscience pricked you the most. Eg. The first time you gave in to peer pressure and smoked a cigarette.

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