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The light within you…

WP-14-6 The brightest light is within uMost of us alternate between some period of bliss and the rest of the time in disillusionment. Our disenchantment with life mainly stems from the following

Our inability to define a purpose to our existence

Our tendency to compare our life with that of those around

Our inability to appreciate the blessings in our life

Our fear of the future.

Now that we have managed to throw some light on the reasons for our frustrations, unhappiness and insecurities we can work on our problems and enjoy bliss for a large part of life. This is easier said than done because we still have to make the changes within us. This means we need to put the spotlight on us ; through introspection, reflection and acceptance. Fortunately each one of us has the gifts of rational thinking, the ability to be proactive and a conscience to guide us; all of which taken together provides the brightest spotlight within us to re-examine our life and our lifestyle. Look within you; focus on the problems that impede you from enjoying bliss and find the right medicine even if it be a bitter or painful pill / injection to be subjected to.

To define a purpose to our life – pay attention to your passions, your strengths and your gut feeling. Be aware of your personal limitations, your acute dislikes and fears. With this matrix outlined, visualize the options that fit snuggly into your vision of what you want to do in your life.

To overcome the tendency to compare – remember there is always a price to pay. So the neo rich may experience loneliness, the celebrities a dire need for privacy, the apparently successful may constantly worry about failure. At the same time ask yourself what price are you willing to pay for money, fame and success. The answers may surprise you and perhaps even shock you.

To better appreciate the blessings in our life – look around and focus on those thousands around who you loathe or pity. SO what is it that you pity them for or loathe them for? In comparison do you realize how much more blessed you are be it by way of good health, loving family, financial security, peace of mind etc.

You can overcome the fear of the future – by appreciating the present moment, your tremendous reserve of blessings, the security you have built up both tangible but more importantly intangible like your good will, relationships cultivated and the empowerment given to your loved ones.

When you see with the light within you, you will be honest, transparent, determined and decisive for otherwise you will miss out on the moles and warts in your life that blemish an otherwise perfect opportunity to lead and enjoy a blissful life.

Try this:

Write down 5 positive sentences each beginning with the words

I want to be….

I shall achieve…..

I will not compromise on…..

I will change my life by ……

I want to be remembered as…..

Choose your favorite proverb on the following themes



Goal setting



Go through the following blog post on LIGHT http://www.poweract.blogspot.in/2010/11/light.html 

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Happiness is an inside job

13-22-Happiness is an inside job

The secret to happiness is YOU. Sounds rather philosophical but when you reflect on what your definition of happiness is, you realize that only you can outline it and for sure only you can embrace that happiness wholeheartedly. Next time notice the dazzling smile of a baby or the gurgling sounds made by a babe in a cradle. The happiness they exude is pure magic and is proof that we were all born with the capacity to be happy at all times. Yet, as we grow, we are often tested by pain, rejection, inequality and ill health which robs us of our child like happiness which is then replaced by our own self defined concept of happiness. We now no longer allow happiness from within to overwhelm us but seek to find happiness in people, places, events and things, most of which elude us.

Here are 5 most common reasons why we are not as happy as we yearn to be.

  1. For almost all of us defining what brings us happiness is a near impossible task for there are too many equally mesmerizing alternatives.
  2. Similarly, it is equally true that all happiness is momentary for no sooner we experience it, we are craving for the next thing that would give us a similar high.
  3. Craving and envy are two vices that often act as dampeners to our happiness.
  4. Far too often what we perceive brings us happiness are forbidden and/ or sinful
  5. We seek happiness in the external world, in the materialistic things, in fame and adulation whilst being oblivious of the reality that our happiness lies within us, in our perspective, our attitude and our ability to enjoy each moment.

We have broadly identified the reasons why we do not experience happiness as often and for as long as we want. Our focus must now be on finding out how we can seek the source of the fount of happiness and drink from it for long and forever. Here are 5 ways to remain happy for the rest of our life.

Love yourself. This goes beyond the physical self and percolates deep into other aspects like self belief, confidence, aspirations, resilience and motivation. It is when we love what we are as we are that we begin to see all that we are blessed with and happiness is a natural corollary.

See the positives Since each day is both a blessing and a challenge, there are many times when we succumb to the pressure of the challenges and feel defeated and despondent. Pause for a moment and think back to one of the worst days of your life; isn’t it wonderful to note that despite the frustrations and fears of that day, you have left those bitter moments far behind and have much to enjoy now and look forward to in the future?

Realign your attitude A few missteps, a couple of hard knocks, an odd failure or two or moments of boredom or frustration are potential minefields that we must navigate with care. The best mine detector we have, to safely navigate these tough times is our attitude to the challenges that we come across. It can’t get worse or I can overcome or this is not too tough are emotional triggers that work wonders to realign your attitude and help you be balanced and happy.

Spread happiness This is sure shot way to be happy all the time. To begin with, smile. It is infectious and this is one infection that does a world of good for all.  Converse with people, interact, tell a joke, poke fun at your expense, offer encouragement, give a pat on the back, be a little goofy if required, appreciate others, help another, surprise people with gifts… there are a zillion little things one can do to spread happiness… and to remain happy.

When at your wits end- remember ‘this too shall pass No matter what you do, you cannot escape those moments of pain, failure, betrayal, anger, frustration and the numerous other negative emotions lurking in the background. Many of these can momentarily overwhelm us and at times completely break us down as would be the case when we lose a loved one to death. In these bleak moments, don’t forget that ‘this too shall pass’ and that there is a new dawn and a new day waiting to give us fresh opportunities and immense happiness.

Try this:

Identify 12 people, each of who has his/ her birthday in a different month from the others. Thus you have one person’s birthday coming up each month. Ensure that out of these people 3 are colleagues, 3 are distant relatives, 3 are complete strangers and the balance 3 are family/ friends. Your task is to arrange for gifts to be given to them on their birthdays without them knowing who has sent them the gift.

List out 3 of your strengths that are appreciated by others. Now outline 2 different ways in which you can try and use these strengths to spread happiness and experience it yourself.

Here is a PPT which gives another perspective to life in general, and some critical inputs that could help you find even more happiness.  guide_to_life_lo

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The END or is it???

Effort Never Dies & Next Opportunity
Effort Never Dies & Next Opportunity

As this year comes to an END each of us would have a number of thoughts; many pleasant and quite few pensive ones. When things have gone as per plan or we have been fortunate to be given some unexpected surprises in personal, professional and social life we look back with an elated feeling and perhaps a word of thanks for our lucky breaks. However it is the thoughts of pain, failure, death, surrender and regret that tend to linger longer and sadden us immensely. What hurts most is the realization that you have tried your best to mend a relationship or do a diligent job or for being provoked into saying or doing something that you regret later. You get that sinking feeling that all your efforts are in vain and that in the final analysis, the year has ended in failure. That is when you must see the END differently as Effort Never Dies.

Students in general and those studying for highly competitive examinations are particularly vulnerable to the ‘this is the END ‘ syndrome when despite their best efforts, they fail to fulfill their own expectations or fail to live up to their potential. Sometimes we are denied our desires by a quirk of fate which is perhaps nature’s way of saying a polite NO. This NO must be seen as Next Opportunity because then you are forced to explore alternatives that you could otherwise have never tried. Many of us would have found our true calling in the next best alternative.

If you look back at the New Year resolutions you made last December or early this year, it is possible that we have failed to stick to most of our resolutions. Does this mean that it is the END of those fine intents put down as resolutions? In fact what we invariably do is carry forward those resolutions give credence to the fact that the efforts of writing down the resolutions are not completely wasted. Similarly think of the number of times we were denied by our parents, friends, peers, colleagues, bosses or the system (rail bookings/ air bookings/ movie ticket bookings). Did all those NO’s derail your plans completely? You certainly didn’t let that happen. You took the Next Opportunity available to attain your objectives.

Life is actually a wonderful series of Next Opportunity grabbed  and Efforts Never Dying provided  we can interpret those NO’s and dead END’s correctly.

Try this:

  1. Pick up any old Readers Digest and attempt the Word Power section. It is possible that many words seem new and you could be tempted to give up. If you can with grit and determination regularly do the word power, your efforts will enable you learn a number of new words and enhance your vocabulary.
  2. Here is a little PPT presentation on basic mathematics. I can see most of you cringe on seeing the word mathematics. Now don’t say NO ! Go on try it… and don’t peek at the answers till you have actually attempted to solve it. Barring a couple almost all of them are relatively easy to solve. ..and what if you don’t solve them??? It is not the END of the world…and I promise you your efforts won’t be in vain.  Smarter than a 5th grader

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Self belief holds the key to success

Perhaps I am stronger than I think. Thomas Merton

Each of us is blessed with numerous qualities, skills and abilities which we often take for granted.  However we find it very hard to recognize our strengths and acknowledge them, partly because we see ourselves as ordinary people and partly because we are modest to a fault. In fact human nature is such that we seek out those qualities that we wish we had and then we end up feeling sorry for ourselves that we are not blessed. Other times we are aware that we have some key strengths but we find it hard to acknowledge it, least we convey an impression of being pompous or haughty. In rare instances some of us who are very talented mistakenly compare our talents with that of the maestros in the field and conclude that we are woefully inadequate. The net result is that we undermine our strengths and do not leverage it to our advantage.

To understand our strengths we need to analyze our personality on 4 broad dimensions; the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual dimensions. There could be specific strengths under each of these broad dimensions that we need to study and the we have to put our own personal competencies in perspective. Eg. To be very creative education is not a prerequisite but our creativity can be enhanced by education. So even if we are not class toppers our ideas maybe one in a million. If one has to get a good self analysis done, the key is to be open and receptive to feedback from others. There are times when this can be very painful particularly when we are criticized unfairly or the honest truth is a bitter pill to swallow. Conversely, when we are lavished with praise we suspect that people are being sarcastic or too liberal with their judgment and we discount their honest feedback.

To leverage our strengths the key is self belief. If we do not trust our own abilities and mental strength to face competition and overcome it, we can never realize our full potential. All successes and victories are first conceptualized in the mind before they are achieved on the ground. It is therefore essential that we begin to accept that we are no ordinary mortal but someone special who has some very special skill sets and talents. In the movie the Rain man the protagonist suffers from a mental disability that makes him in a deviant from the societal point of view. Yet he has the rare ability of calculation which he himself is unaware of but is identified by others. Many of us are like Rain man with one vital difference we are not considered social misfits and we don’t have extraordinary gifts but we are simply not able to utilize our special strengths. E.g. We are very perceptive when we analyze data but we prefer to do some paper pushing job because we lack the confidence to use our analytical powers to take on more responsible assignments.

Can we develop self belief? The answer is a resounding yes but the path is not so easy. The key to self belief lies in our ability to accept failure as a part of the learning process and more importantly to believe that failure is not the end of the road but the critical fork on the road where we need to perhaps retrace our steps and take the right fork. When we let perceived failure or failure itself to dominate our thought process, we have lost the strength to bounce back. Self belief is all about bouncing back for no one ever succeeded without failing at least once.

Remember: “For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible.”  Stuart Chase

Try this:

  1. Look back at the days gone by and list out the bravest things you did. Perhaps it was coming in as a tail ender and facing up to a terrifying pace balling in order to save your cricket team from losing a match or it could be not being pressurized into allowing someone to copy from your answer sheet in an exam or it could be severing a relationship that you were convinced was going nowhere and not giving into emotional blackmail. Did you realize then that these were examples of your real strength manifesting itself?
  2. List out 3 of your worst fears. Now choose one of them and make an attempt to overcome it. E.g. You are terrified of dogs. Now try to overcome this fear of dogs by going near a pet dog which the owner says is very docile. Perhaps if you gain in confidence you must attempt to pet it too.

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Be grateful

To be upset over what you don’t have is to waste what you do have. Ken Keyes, Jr.

It is natural to compare and feel jealous and that is what makes us really human. The real problem though is not one of mere jealousy or comparisons but a problem of wanting to covet an others possession and / or feel hurt and upset that life has not been fair to us. In fact we spend a lot of time in trying to rationalize why someone who in our opinion does not deserve, is so richly blessed. This in effect is like mentally stating ‘it is ok that I don’t have it but it is very unfair that some else who does not deserve it has it’. More often than not the focus of our attention is on the material possessions that others have and which are simply not within our grasp.

Where many of us lose focus, is in not appreciating that we are blessed with so many gifts, talents and happiness almost of which we take for granted. The fact that we have a roof on our heads, a steady job or good business, a reasonable bank balance, a good family life and good health are all assumed to be our right and fair due. However if have some setbacks be it some relationships issues, health worries, financial burdens or simply stress we immediately correlate it to mean that we are unfortunate as compared to our neighbors, friends and relatives. In effect the outcome is frustration, hurt, acute anxiety which is coupled with envy, jealousy and negativity.

On the other hand if we changed our outlook and counted out blessings, we would suddenly realize that we are so much better of then those whom we envied. Happiness lies in counting ones blessings for then every day brings new surprises and wonders. The real benefit is that we stop envying others, do not make odious comparisons nor have unrealistic expectations for ourselves. The greatest benefit is in loving our life for what it is. The small niggles and occasional problems are seen in the right perspective that they are nothing compared to the bounty that we are enjoying. Do you really think a person with enormous ill gotten wealth would really enjoy a good night’s sleep? He would be more worried that his nefarious activities would be found out, he would be terrified that his wealth would be taken away by the law and he could paranoid that his respect, clout and status would be trampled over if he is ever found guilty or jailed. If you enjoy a good night’s sleep you can consider yourself as one of the really blessed people in the world.

By focusing on what we have, we can really make use of our talents and abilities and improve ourselves academically, economically, socially, psychologically and professionally. We would be more pragmatic in our outlook and actually enjoy seeing another person grow and prosper.  When we reach that stage in life, we can look back with a sense of pride and happiness that we have actually made good use of all that we have been showered with. We would accept our problems with a smile for we know that they are nothing compared to what we posses. By focusing on what we have we make new discoveries about our hidden abilities, latent talent and deep resources like empathy, understanding and affection. We then begin to share all that we have and make the profound realization that life gives to us much more than what we give out.

Remember: “Reflect upon your present blessings of which every man has many – not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some” Charles Dickens

Try this:

  1. For one day attempt to do as many tasks as possible with the help of your weaker hand. Perhaps you will make a sudden discovery of how much you take your stronger hand for granted.
  2. Make a list of 5-7 special abilities/ gifts/ blessings that you feel you have got. Ask if you are really using those talents. Make an action plan to use the talents that you have not used or not using effectively. Eg. You believe you are a good organizer. However you have never been involved in any major work that requires good organization. Work out where you will volunteer to offer your services.

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