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When I pray

Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays. Soren Kierkegaard

The important thing about prayer is that it is a dialogue. More often than not we view prayer like a pill we pop to relive our aches and pains. If the pill does not give us relief we change the medicines. When things get worse we change doctors. Substitute the word prayer for pills and God for doctors and presto we have a scenario so very much alike. Instead of seeing prayer as pills, if we saw prayer as an exercise routine for the mind and heart, we would immediately realize how it works and recognize its benefits.

When we pray with piety, devotion and faith we are offering ourselves to the will of the almighty. It is but human for us to seek favors through prayer, but that is like a child asking for goodies from a loving parent. It is always alright to ask for things but it is unreasonable to expect all your prayers to be answered. It would be equally futile to seek the unreasonable. Like a good parent, God will give what is essential and appropriate for us. We might not view it in the same light but then we need to look at the answers in the silence of our hearts. Refusals are not a message of rejections nor is it a punishment for your misdeeds; it must be seen as a sign of God love and a test of our love for God. Do we love our parent any less when they refuse to heed to our pleas? Thee is one difference though, Gods LOVE is unparalleled, God is Infinite and GOD was is and will remain the same for eternity.

When one prays regularly, with faith and belief our fears become less daunting, our acceptance of the harsh and the unpalatable become more bearable and our song of praise and thanks become more vibrant and melodious. God responds to our prayers; just listen and be glad; you will be the change that God wanted you to be when you were born !

Remember: Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” Saint Augustine

Try these:

  1. Have a fixed time of prayer; at least twice a day. Don’t limit yourself to these times; pray when ever you can. A Thank You God is also a prayer as much as saying I am angry Lord is a prayer for help.
  2. Do you experience calmness when you pray? Can you visualize God joking with you? Can you see God pardoning you when you are truly for your sins?

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