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How to have a wonderful day

33-a-good-dayA perfect day would always be relative to the experiences of the past days yet each of us can strive to make each day a wonderful day. No matter what happens during the course of the day, if the day has not been wasted, it becomes a wonderful day. So the simple rule to follow is to have a plan for each day, strive your best to ensure you have worked well to achieve your plans and at end of day your heart is filled with happiness and satisfaction.

The trouble most of us have us with our time. For most of us, we just don’t have enough time to do all what we want. For others especially those who are retired, time weighs heavily and each day seems slow and unending. The reality is that if we plan each day, we will be busy; we would have something tangible to achieve and end of day we would have made significant progress and less dissatisfaction. A plan would give us something ready to work on, give us a milestone for accomplishment and ensure that we are kept fruitfully occupied.

A plan helps us have a roadmap but we have to walk the talk if we have to reach the destination. The problem for many begins here. While our plan and intent are positive, when it comes to walking the talk, we have a number of excuses, problems and explanations to rationalize our inefficiency and inability to give our best. The trick here is to find a passion and motivation to begin and sustain doing all what we have to do to make our plans become fruitful. In the process we would forget the time, lose ourselves completely in doing what has to be done. Success is never guaranteed but the satisfaction of done a good job, a great effort and a fruitful use of time is certainly guaranteed.

The one issue that spoils an otherwise wonderful day are the sudden unexpected failures, bad news and coping with negative energies and thoughts. Managing that is challenging but not impossible. The way to do that is to change perspective. View each such impediment as ‘ it could have been worse’ or ‘now I have learned that…’ .  It is important to be reasonable and rationale in our thought for it is our thoughts that spur emotions and actions. Once you can control or reorient your thoughts, every day will be a wonderful day, for you would have learned how to appreciate the wonders of each day.

The happiness that follows when we are satisfied that we have given our best shot, is something that is priceless. The happiness is reflected in the sparkle in our eyes, smile on our face and then everything else fades into oblivion. We may look overworked, we may be wearing crumbled clothes, our hair could be ruffled and unruly but there would be a spring in our step, our aura would exude success and excitement is palpable.

A wonderful day would be all these and more…try it and see the difference.

Try these:

  • Write down a plan for 2nd weekend of the next month. Follow the plan and find out for yourself if plans work.
  • What would you do with the money you win of Rs.1 lakh in a lottery?
  • What are the three priority areas in your life that you would want to improve upon? Do you have a plan for achieving it?

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Accept then Act

13- Accept then act

We find ourselves ineffective, fearful, tardy and complaining whenever we have to engage in an activity that we dislike, loathe or despise. Most times, the same feelings also preoccupy us when we have to do repetitive, boring and menial jobs. The reality is that every individual would have to necessarily put up with a variety of tasks, that fall into one or more of the above activities that are  disenchanting and boring. Take any job; repetition and boredom are inbuilt into it because that is the very nature of life. Even in the animal kingdom, preying, hunting, procreation, protecting the young ones and survival is the cycle that is ordained for every specie.  However the human race alone, sees their life cycle as a herculean task and a challenge. Ironically, this is because we are blessed with a very high degree of imagination, thinking powers and creativity which unfortunately we do not utilize well. Instead we prefer to distort the reality imaginatively enough to merely wallow in self pity. Life would be much more engaging, interesting and fun filled if we were to first accept the reality and then proactively engage with it.

To ensure that every day is a new day filled with opportunities and hope, look at life differently. Here is how one does it

Feel blessed to be alive to enjoy the day – Every living moment is a blessing. Once you make this realization you would value each moment. Your fears and frustrations will disappear once you realize that you are here for a purpose and that you are given the opportunity to contribute and succeed by being alive. So many die young never fulfilling their promise nor experiencing the joy of fulfillment.  Others die old, yet without having made a difference in their lives or in the life of others. Each day you are alive is a blessing; each moment an opportunity and every action you take can be made meaningful.

Be happy that you have something concrete to do – Even the jobless have a task of finding a suitable employment. Those having a job have something to look forward to every day. It is possible that the vast majority of us are often disillusioned with their jobs, they are striving to do something more meaningful and rewarding. Yet the fact that there is something to engage you, is itself a blessing denied to many. Once we this realization is made, the present situation looks a lot more promising, fulfilling and rewarding. Many of those looking for a job fail to land one largely because of their own limited vision, partly because of their inability to identify and discern alternative opportunities and partly because of their inability to accept their reality that they are often striving for something  they don’t deserve. If they accept their reality they would alter their thinking and redirect their efforts to more realistic alternatives.

Be aware that no task is menial; visualize yourself as an important cog – In most work places, the clerical staff are missed most when absent. They are also the most lowly paid, Does this not look abnormal. The reality is that the clerical staff may not be doing a job that significantly influences the business but they certainly are critical to the daily functioning at the work place. However, although their influence is significant, their presence is not recognized till they are absent. Their role is  vital for smooth functioning on a day to day basis even though they do not have any long term strategically critical influence. When we analyze our own role there are times when we too will feel insignificant. Does it in anyway reduce or marginalize our role? In any committee there would be limited number of people holding office bearers position but it is the rest of the committee that gives direction and legitimacy to the office bearers. In any team there can be just one captain but each member is equally important to ensure the team does well.

Focus on doing the job well enough to make you proud – One reason we see ourselves as insignificant and unimportant is because we do not visualize ourselves as playing any significant role in life. It is important that we realize that every role that we play be it as a child, a parent, an employee or a retired individual has its own importance in influencing the world around. You set an example, you show the way, you guide by using your experience, you motivate with encouragement and you certainly are a glue to family and social ties. Once you perceive the importance of the role you play, you will accept it with open arms and then act decisively to ensure you play your part well.

Aim to improve, grow and rise in whatever your calling – Time takes a toll on every individual; it slows down reflexes, there could be health issues or it could be merely confusion about what to do next. Yet time does not take away your ability to contribute in whatever manner one can. With every passing day, we are enriched by our interactions, our experiences, our failures and our successes. We also learn each day and we can also share each day the knowledge we posses, utilize the experience we have gained and actively participate in a calling of our choice. This gets momentum once we accept the reality that we may not be as effective as we once were but there is nothing to stop us gamely contributing.

Experience the joy of a task well done – The motivation that drives individuals to contribute despite the boredom, the humdrum of everyday monotony and the repetitive nature of the work is the elation we get that we have done a good job. It is essential that we experience this joy, soak in the pleasure of doing an excellent job and seek motivation in continuing to script success daily. So age will not be a bar, health would not be an impediment, the extent of your contribution would not be a dampener for you have accepted the reality and have chosen to act to the best of your abilities. You derive pleasure from participation, contribution and

Try these:

Make a list of at least 3-5 things you want to do because you are passionate about it. It is possible that some of the items on the list seem farfetched to achieve because of your current  physical, financial or academic limitations. Perhaps they seem farfetched because you have not really sat down to think and study it at length. Pick one activity out of that list and begin earnestly to get some tangible outcome. E.g. You want to be a magician. Find out about magic schools in your city teaching the art. Go to a library and find out books that teach you magic tricks. Ask friends and relatives about magicians who could teach you the art. Begin by mastering card tricks. Look up other resources on the net to get more inputs. Practice and master a few tricks and try it on your friends and family. Learn from the feedback.

Take inspiration from the following video’s of people who Accepted their reality and then acted to make the best use of their abilities. Click on the links to view.

http://tinyurl.com/hsueztl – Inspiration from Nick Vujicic

http://tinyurl.com/bpesfbf – Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Read the inspirational article by paraplegic M.P.Anil Kumar by clicking on the following link


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Efforts pay

“I’m not telling you it is going to be easy — I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it” ~ Art Williams

With the exam season around the corner both parents and students start getting worked up, become edgy and stressed and have self doubts slowly creeping in. For a few, the studies just seem terribly hard, for the vast majority they are a necessary evil and for the diligent, studies are a way to showcase excellence. The common difficulty for all of them though is that the whole business of studies seems so hard. In the same way life in general and daily living in particular seems so boring, tough and fruitless. However, if you just pause to think again, the routine can be made interesting, fruitful and fulfilling for no effort ever goes waste be it studies or living.

How does one turn a routine into something exciting, desirable and fun? Surely studies aren’t fun (except for the nerds) and certainly these nerds are boring personalities. Here are some pointers to get to enjoy the routine, the boring, the repetitive and the despicable

Make it fun:

Anything if visualized as a chore will always remain a painful experience. On the other hand anything that we enjoy we crave for it. In the context of studies, mathematics and science often prove to be the toughest for students to grapple with. Part of the problem stems from the subconscious fear ingrained by constant parental attention to the complexities of the subject. If on the other hand the subject is learnt as an outcome of joyous discovery both the teacher and s the student will revel in the unfolding of knowledge. The inevitable byhearting of multiplication tables or the mathematical / chemical formulae too must be an outcome of gentle coaxing rather than brute adherence to conventional learning.

 Have a visible target

For progress to be recognized it is essential that targets or benchmarks are established so that there is a goal, an objective and a milestone to be achieved. Targets motivate, challenge and establish definitive ends to a means. Exam marks are targets that spur us to study. We need to ensure that we do not fall prey to the irrational expectations of meeting our targets all the time. We must not be disheartened either if sometimes the targets seem beyond our reach.

Aim for the bulls eye:

The routine often gets boring so the best way to motivate one’s self is to focus on trying to achieve perfection each time. This is akin to shooters and archers practicing day in and day out to hit the bull’s eye. Of course many a shot misses the target but they continue undaunted because they know that it is the only way to make progress and achieve excellence. For students in particular this must be a seen as an excellent example of how one needs to motivate one’s self in order to work on subjects one is weak in or those subjects one dislikes.

Color up the routine:

To ensure that one has both the energy and the drive to continuously work it is essential that one interjects the routine with some fun, interesting breaks, pep up diversions and stress busters. Music is a commonly preferred stress busters aid to many a student. Similarly others find relief in watching TV or reading while some find even more innovative diversions like playing computer games or a round of Sudoku. Some indulge in their favorite hobbies like painting or humming a tune while others would go for a walk to clear their mind and stretch themselves. It is important to be aware that diversions must be short and sweet and should not end up distracting completely.

Relish the success:

Since every action that is purposeful has a reason and an objective it is essential that one learns to enjoy the success that one attains. It is true that occasionally there could be cause for some regrets and in rare instances despite our best effort we may have to confront failure but we need to quickly overcome our disappointment and launch ourselves with more determination. We can focus on the takeaways from our failures or disappointments and even learn to find some positives. From a student’s perspective the results are a good yardstick to judge one’s efforts and performance. However brooding over a few marks missed should not distract one from enjoying the miracles of a few marks scored elsewhere or from the jubilation of the success that one has attained.

In the final analysis the reality is that one cannot avoid the inevitable, one cannot escape the reality and so one has to simply do the best one can with hope, faith and sincerity.

Remember: “The most painful thing to experience is not defeat but regret” ~ Leo Bascaglia

Try this:

  1. For those who have long left school behind, look back and recollect those subjects that you disliked in school. Get hold of a class VII or VIII or IX or X text book of that subject and revisit the contents. With no fear of examination but perhaps with the dislike for the subject still not overcome see if you can cope with some of the lessons in the book and learn to appreciate them.
  2. Outline 3 things that you really dislike doing but which you are forced to do. Now find 2 positive things about each of these activities. Does it make your dislike a wee bit lesser now?
  3. List 3 regrets that burden you occasionally about
  • Your school days
  • Your childhood
  • The past 3 years
  • Your emotional side
  • Your financial status

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