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You will…

You will…

It is good to have great dreams, ambitions and aspirations. It means that you are thinking of the future, that you are focusing on certain achievements and that you seek to achieve something significant in your life. However, the more critical step is to overcome the doubts about your ability to realize your goals. In the beginning the dream looks enticing but as you begin to think more seriously and deeply about it, self doubts, fear of overcoming the obstacles and your own indecisiveness to commit to the goal become self limiting behavior.

You can do whatever you set your mind on but it requires effort. It is not just hard work but smart work that helps you reach your goals faster. Smart work is planning well for any task, identifying the best way to quickly and effectively manage a task and then putting it into practice. Hard work compliments smart work in that one has to diligently and consistently put in the personal efforts required. In some cases it could be merely doing a small part of the job yourself but would involve having systems and control over other tasks delegated or outsourced. The latter part is the outcome of smart work where you seek the help of experts or delegate routine jobs and you focus fully on the activities that you have to do yourself.

You should not let your concerns overshadow your dreams. The tendency to analyze indefinitely, the habit of vacillating between options and the wait for the right moment often derail well thought out plans. It is not to say that one must not be careful nor should one be impulsive. However one should be able to, within a reasonable time frame decide on the course of action to be taken so as to begin the journey towards achieving ones dreams/ goals/ passion.

You will when you start. Well begun is half done, provided, one begins. Waiting for all the pieces to fall in place before beginning would be an exercise in futility. The beauty of life is its unpredictability that is sometimes exhilarating and occasionally frustrating. Begin when you have the big picture and a reasonable amount of details in place. Be flexible in your progress so as to make adjustments to  chart your course right along the way. The key is to begin.

When you can set your mind to achieve something, then you should let your passion outweigh your concerns and you will succeed once you start.

Try these:           

  • Over the next one week get in touch with people who you know well but haven’t been in touch for over six months. Experience their surprise, more so when they realize your communication to them was just a friendly gesture.
  • Plan out a unique birthday gift for each of your family members. Execute it on the respective dates.
  • Tomorrow do something that you have never done before.

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Creating opportunities

39-create-opportunityWe have to create our own destinies and this can happen only when we grab every opportunity that comes our way. The trouble is that we eithernkeep waiting for the opportunities to come our way or we do not recognize the opportunities that come our way, unless it is too late. We wait in vain or miss out opportunities simply because most times opportunities present themselves in the guise of hard work. Almost everyone has the intent to get cracking on a task and is prepared to work hard to grab the opportunities that come their way. However, often it is only when we initiate the opportunity, that we are convinced that the hard work, the end result and the success allied to it, is worth it.  It simply means that one has to create the opportunities that one eagerly looks forward to, in order to alter one’s life dramatically. Creating opportunities is not too difficult but it follows a process listed below.

Prepare for it – Look at all the successful people and you will find one common trait that they share. They prepared to make the most of the opportunities that came their way. To begin with, they identified their strengths, worked hard on eliminating their weakness and prepared themselves to get an expertise in their chosen line of work. Even successful actors would have gone to acting school, as did the successful sportsmen who took their childhood grooming very seriously. Even successful businessmen took professional courses, apprenticed with experienced professionals and perhaps even started work on the shop floor. Yes get to understand the job from the basics and work yourself up. Remember ‘ chance favors the prepared man’.

Search for it – Opportunities abound all around. However it may never look so crystal clear to you unless you actually seek it out. So you like the glamour business and want to succeed in it. You may not have any glamour quotient you but there is a lot of background work opportunities that may fit your temperament and aptitude. Similarly, the studious would want to leverage their brilliance but they have to explore hidden opportunities that exist in that space right from teaching to becoming an entrepreneur or a consultant or a professional.

Identify it – This is tougher because all options look equally exciting. More importantly, you are never sure if you miss out on something more exciting once you commit to something. The reality is that you must chose what appeals most to you and then go on to make it the most exciting thing for you. Identifying an opportunity is all about aligning your interests, your competence to fulfill a gap that exists. Opportunities to excel exist in every sphere. Some could translate opportunities into business ventures, others could grow in their workplace and others could become leaders who make a difference in the environment they influence.

Execute it – Merely identifying opportunities won’t take anyone very far. Ultimately, just as the proof of the pudding is in the eating, an opportunity has to made use of.  It is essential to start acting on the idea, make things happen and give traction to the opportunity.  All business ventures are largely built around an opportunity identified. Similarly, even in the work place as an employee, by doing something extraordinarily well you differentiate yourself from the rest as someone dependable, a person who contributes qualitatively and is an asset in the corporate. Opportunities can vary in style and substance from cost savings, speeding up activities, discovering something new, to creating something unique. Think then act decisively must be the mantra to create the opportunity and make it work.

Persist This is very critical task that is often overlooked when seeking opportunities. Pursuing an opportunity could be very exciting in the beginning but when reality sets in, there could be surprises, shocks, difficulties, pain and suffering; all of which can be daunting and dissuading. Yet it is persistence that pays in the long run. Persistence means giving yourself enough time and keeping patience. Occasionally though it could also mean deviating if required, dropping the plan for another or simply giving up to pursue a new opportunity. Persistence also means continuing to explore new opportunities for age is no bar, nor is experience or gender.

Try these:

  1. Make a list of 5 things you definitely want to do before you die. Now create ample opportunities to make it happen. Update the list as and when you manage to achieve something from the list.
  2. What opportunities do you see in the following situations?
  • You lose your mobile phone and have no money to procure a new one immediately
  • You have hurt your foot and are house bound for a month
  • You have to travel everywhere either on foot or by public transport for the next two months.
  • You have to look after an elderly senior citizen who suffers from Alzheimer’s, for over a month.
  • You have taken a ‘maun vrat’ (volunteered to keep silence / not to speak ) for one month.

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Efforts bear fruits

God gives every bird its food, but he does not throw it into the nest. Josiah Holland

Every creature on this earth is blessed with the bare necessities required to survive. However not one of these creatures is as blessed as much as the human race for we have the special grace to be creative and therefore more resourceful than other creatures. Yet, it is the human race that is susceptible to depression, worry, phobias and irrational behavior, particularly when we are with our back to the wall. Rather than take the effort and use our abilities, we let the problem seep into us and the outcome in some cases is reflected in the irrational behavior as outlined above. There are others who resort to anti social behavior be it robbing, begging, swindling or other forms of undesirable behavior. If only the human race could temper their lethargy, their greed and their penchant to be dependent on others, the world would be a much better place.

Opportunities abound but we need to grasp it; this reality is sharply brought into focus by today’s quote. There are certain prerequisites to ensure that one can grasp the opportunities. The first is to scout for it. We cannot expect opportunities to walk by us and we simply pluck it as it passes by. In fact finding opportunities is the bigger challenge for it can be a lot of toil and sweat involved with no guarantee of results. When opportunities come, we must be able to discern what is right for us. What suits our temperament and style more than what gives greater rewards should be the criteria. Alas greed overtakes us and we end up taking the wrong opportunities leading to frustration. The third requirement is to utilize these chances that come our way and work hard to ensure we exploit the chance given fully. Some are lazy, others are disorganized, while there could be some who are tardy and incompetent and so we do not harness the full potential of the chance got.

It is also important to remember that we need to share the rewards that we get by utilizing the chances to also help our friends, colleagues and team members. This is a tough choice because we are selfish by nature and therefore do not think it necessary to share. When we share, there are bright chances that others will share too and the net result is larger share of the pie for all. Similarly it is incumbent on us to create opportunities for others too. We need to guide them, support them and encourage them when they are not able to cope up with the pressures. In extreme cases we may have to reprimand some, punish others and possibly be harsh on a few in order to ensure that the possibilities that exit are not squandered away.

Most of all we must always be grateful for the gifts we have, the opportunities we get, the success we attain, the support we get when we fail and above all be thankful for the courage and encouragement we are showered with to search for new opportunities when we feel discouraged and defeated.

Remember: “You must not for one instant give up the effort to build new lives for yourselves. Creativity means to push open the heavy, groaning doorway to life.” Daisaku Ikeda

Try this:

  1. There is a game called Free Cell available on the Windows platform. Learn the rules and attempt the game. There are around 30,000 odd games that can be played and technically each one can be won by the player. Go attempt it.
  2. Instead of giving a donation in cash or kind, give of your time, talents and yourself for the charity that you were planning to support. Visit them, help them and support them with your physical presence. Experience the joy that comes out of that effort.

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Get going

If we really want to live, we’d better start at once to try. W.H. Auden

Daydreaming is a luxury few can afford although most of us do lapse into the idyllic of it off and on. There is nothing wrong in day dreaming provided we can quickly get back to reality and then roll up our sleeves and put our nose to the grind in the hope of beginning to work towards those utopian indulgences. The problem though is that while we day dream, we get caught up in the tranquility and bliss of those thoughts that we almost believe that we are entitled to enjoy those moments for ever. Obviously when in such a trance it is very tough to get out of our stupor and face the harsh reality called life.

Real living is all about toil and sweat and the mantra holds true for both king and beggar. In fact the richer one gets the more the toil simply because one has to put that extra effort to stave off competition, increase wealth and maintain a healthy life – work balance. True a farmer or a mason may have to do much more strenuous physical labor but there is a criticality in the intellectual efforts required too. The message is as simple as it is complex; get going!

Get going is not simply slogging it out. Pure slogging is merely expending energy without any resultant benefit. On the contrary if one develops a long term perspective and can break that down into intermediary plans with clear goals to be achieved at every stage then the slogging becomes purposeful, progress measureable and soon life begins to get a new hue. We do risk the danger though of being caught up in our own progress and success that we spend more time admiring our handiwork than in completing the task on hand. If we can overcome such interjections, suddenly life becomes more bearable nay more pleasurable and work is not just a verb but a beautiful adjective.

Perhaps this explains why people seek life in adventurous arenas with real risk of danger too like joining the armed forces or the police department. They are passionate about their life for the adrenal starts flowing when they are in uniform and power is what they thrive on. They are well aware of the dangers of their job but perhaps that is what gives them a real high in life. Contrast that with the staid and rather boring work style of an accountant or a back office clerk. They prefer the predictability of the routine, the laid back life style and relative quite and unflappable nature of their job. Interestingly even these slow and routine works requires commitment, meticulousness and plain and simple hard work.

No one can ever afford to laze around unless there is something seriously wrong with his/ her mental health. Life is all about keeping active, enjoying the moments and looking forward to tomorrow. Make today count …Get Going!

Remember: “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” James Dean

Try this:

  1. Re examine your life style. Are you being purposeful and goal driven in what you do? Do you simply follow orders or do you also initiate and go beyond the obvious in executing your tasks?
  2. Jot down 25 priorities in your life and reorder them in order of importance to you. Star working on the first one immediately.

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Get Going

Inspirations never go in for long engagements; they demand immediate marriage to action. Brendan Francis

Man is not just a social animal, but a thinking species too; this gives us a unique advantage in that we are constantly ideating and never short of inspirational thoughts. Notice that at the moment of getting the inspired thought we are fully charged up, extremely passionate about our idea and can even feel the glorious dazzle of success. Alas, we are soon bogged down by trivials; our perceived lack of resources, our inability to take the risk, our inability to translate our inspirations into working project skeletons etc.  Soon our enthusiasm wanes, our self doubts creep in, we prepare to fail and work towards a self rationalizing reasons. The dazzle of success soon turns into a fizzle of leaving a trail of despondency.

Inspirations require quick responses in order to translate it into evaluative results and self propelling ventures. The key is to start (see the post on START in www.poweract.blogspot.com dt 1stFeb 2010). What a good start ensures is immediacy of action that enables one to make the commitment to make the inspiration workable. Equally important is the fact that once we start, we will be moving towards generating some results which can be evaluated for reconfirmation that our inspiration is workable or requires tweaking. The start also gives us the momentum to continue to pursue the project; the progress made helps us sustain our enthusiasm, reinforces our confidence and generates its own energy of positive reinforcement, optimistic outlook not to mention a taste of success.

An inspiration is like a bottle of soda, which once opened needs to be consumed immediately or it will loose its fizz. How we consume it, where we consume, in how much time we consume it etc. are matters that are automatically taken care of when we commit to opening  the soda bottle. Inspirations when they come leave us with even little choice for action, because we will succumb to the lure of the next idea or to the pleasures of leisure. A quick proactive response commits one to the idea, generates solutions to problems that may crop up and motivates us to chase our dream in right earnest. It may also help us reinforce our beliefs, stimulate more inspirations and possibly even kindle in you the spirit of adventure.

Remember: “Thinking is easy, acting is difficult, and to put one’s thoughts into action is the most difficult thing in the world.”

Try these

  1. Take a sheet of paper. How many times can you fold it before you reach a point when you can’t fold it anymore? Are you guessing? Did you hear about it / read about it and so know the answer? Have you confirmed that answer? If you have never confirmed the answer… Get Going- TRY it NOW!
  2. Did you like the contents of this post? Have you noticed that there is a provision to comment about the post on the bottom of each post? Have you ever tried to give your comment / views on the post? Get going – TRY it NOW!

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