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Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud

Be a rainbow in someone’s cloud

Look around and you will find lots of people looking for support, encouragement, help and empathy. It need not be strangers; it could be close family members, neighbors, colleagues, acquaintances; the common thread is each of them is suffering in various degrees. While some may merely need reassurance, there could be a few others who need a hand of comfort and others just need someone to lend them their ears. On the extreme end of the spectrum, there could be others on the edge of a nervous breakdown, contemplating hurting themselves or on the verge of committing suicide. There are a lot of people around us alone, afraid, lonely and seeking acknowledgement of their existence. Each of us can play a vital role in making the world around us a more lively, engaging and happier place by just being a rainbow in the life of those around us living under the shadow of a dark cloud threatening to rain and drown them.

Like the seven colors of the rainbow VIBGYOR here are seven ways you can be a rainbow for others.

Acknowledge – Begin by wishing your family members each morning. Similarly by wishing or saying a hello to neighbors, acquaintances, friends whenever we bump into them would be the very basic courtesy one can extend to another. As social animals, every individual needs the company of others to live a meaningful life. By simply wishing and acknowledging them we are offering them our warmth which is always reciprocated and warms us too. Incidentally, using basic etiquette’s like saying please, sorry, thank you, excuse me etc. also largely do the same thing; respecting their individuality while also being courteous.

Smile – No one wants to see a grumpy, grouchy, cry booby. A smile, laughter, joy  is always welcome. Nothing can be more invigorating than a smile. A smile not only evokes a pleasant response, it actually energizes the self too. (SMILE is nothing but an acronym for See My Instant Life Energizer – click to read more about it here – http://poweract.blogspot.com/2010/01/smile.html )

Talk – Communication is the thread that binds human beings. While non verbal communication is both powerful and perhaps more widely used, it is talk that is consciously acknowledged as the principal medium of communication. An acknowledgement by way of a nod or a smile are powerful non verbal tools of communication, talking with another helps strengthen relationships. It also opens doors to better understanding and is a quick way to connect more intensely with people.

Help – Action, they say speaks louder than words. So while talk as a means of communication is powerful, it is any action that is offered in terms of helping another is the icing on the cake of relationships.  Simple acts like picking up something that some has dropped or helping someone with a heavy luggage or just spending time with the elderly or sick,  is help that would be much valued. Helping someone in trouble, be it rescuing someone or taking someone to a hospital or babysitting, putting in word to someone influential to get a problem sorted, donating blood when required  etc. are opportunities that  are relatively much more valued than monetary help. At times monetary help too is required but that is subject to our own ability to help out.

Encourage – Encouragement takes many forms. The most obvious is when a person is down an out, giving them some motivational inputs and allying their worries and fears. Encouragement could also take the form of heartily congratulating success and nudging the person to up the bar. Encouragement could also be subtle hints with appealing logic on how to do even better, suggesting course corrections and in extreme cases discouraging individual from taking a path of failure or self destruction. Appreciation is a fantastic form of encouragement. Achievements, good deeds, extraordinary performance all need to be appreciated, for that encourages individuals aim for higher glory. Since man does not live on bread alone, he needs encouragement to nourish his/ her spirit too.

Surprise them – A phone call to a long lost friend or a letter to a former teacher, a visit to an elderly friend or relative can be varied forms of surprises. Similarly sending a surprise gift on a significant occasion that you are privy to would be warmly appreciated and make a big difference to people. Volunteering help, finding solutions to problems of people who least expect it from you would always be much valued.

Share their sorrows – Happiness shared is doubled and sorrows shared are halved so the saying goes. The brightest rainbows are those that appear after a heavy shower. Be that rainbow in the life of people who are going through tough times, serious difficulties and those battling personal tragedies.

Try these:           

Try volunteering your services using any of your abilities/ talents to orphanages, hospice, prisons, old age homes, homes for the differently abled / mentally challenged.

Think back and make a list of people and events in which you were the recipient of any or all of the above support that lit up your life when you were in gloom.

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Keep up the good work

40- keep up the good work

We are nearing the end of this calendar year. This is a time when there is a tendency to look back and wonder how well the year gone by has been.  For many people there is a tinge of regret that one has not made the best of the time we were bestowed. We lament the missed opportunities, the strained relationships and our own tardiness in not being self starters and movers and shakers. Yet if we take a pause and focus on just all that we did right, all the successes we have enjoyed and the appreciation we have received, perhaps we would discover that the year gone by has been exceptionally good. We need to focus on the right actions we took, the good we encountered and our blessings rather than on trying to rationalize the negatives in our life.

An important lesson we can learn from appreciating the year gone by is that many of our successes  may not have created waves, nor would they have impacted many people or possibly they looked too trifle. Yet we recollect these moments because they made a difference to us. The reasons we value these moments and cherish it are as under:

  • We did it because we knew it was the right thing to do. E.g. stop our vehicle and help a disabled person cross the street or spend time with a friend facing a crisis or visit a sick person who yearned for some company.
  • We did not aim to please others as much as we did it to align our moral compass to our values. E.g. refusing to succumb to the temptation to copy despite knowing that you could fail in the exam or actively participating in a cause you root for even if it meant retribution from people in authority.
  • We did our best under the circumstances, for we focused on our strengths not our limitations. E.g. Volunteering to help when there is a calamity or Doing the most mundane task assigned because no one else was willing to do it.
  • We would have regretted not doing it then even if the consequences were hard on us subsequently. E.g. Making that extra effort to attend a friend’s wedding and sacrificing your annual visit to your hometown or sacrificing your free time and patiently teaching the neighbor’s kids mathematics because they were weak in it or sacrificing your weekends to help a new colleague settle down in the city.

Carry the spirit of doing what is right into the New Year and you will realize how blessed you are; you don’t need an applause, you don’t require special motivation, you don’t have seek approval and most of all you don’t have to ever regret anything you do.

Try these                                                            

  • Surprise 3- 5 people with an unexpected gift each.
  • Surprise yourself by trying to do something different. Maybe you could trying singing along with a carol singing group or become a Santa at the local departmental store or just experiment with your baking skills.
  • Start writing down your New Year resolutions. Ensure there are at least 2 things that you have never attempted in the past but want to give a serious try in the coming year.

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Pursuit of Happiness

Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit. Hosea Ballou

If one were to ask people  to describe in one word what they crave for most, money would be the immediate reaction and a split second later they may modify that choice and say Happiness. If we look dispassionately we would soon realize that what ever we do in life the end goal is happiness. Money is but a means to that end. However more often than not, we confuse our wants and perhaps it is a human failing that we would prefer a tangible evidence of what we have, like money rather than the more intangible and relatively fleeting feeling of happiness.

If we appreciate the logic of tangible evidence being more creditable than the intangible one, we can easily understand why we often fall to the glitter and glitz of what money can buy. The irony is that while enjoying the pleasures of what ever money can buy we are also secretly worrying about losing our cherished possessions. Even worse is the feeling that someone else could be usurping us with even better trinkets and razzmatazz. Envy and jealousy are but two of the more common human failings and the tragedy is that these feelings won’t let you enjoy the happiness that is truly yours.

Look at our own contrasting lifestyle. While we pity the hungry and the malnourished, we find it hard to resist the calorie rich food and then pay for our workouts and special balanced food because that is style. While we debate the effects of global warming and the energy crisis we refuse to switch of our air-conditioners or give up our petrol guzzling cars because they give us happiness. While a walk in the country side could be more refreshing and healthy we would rather be pub hoping and gyrating in a smoke filled pub blasting high music because that gives us happiness.

Happiness is available in plenty, it is cheap and it can be enjoyed by one and all; if only each of us looked for it within us and not search for it by flaunting our wealth, envying others or trying to be one up on the rest of the world. Happiness is very personal but you can share it, it is hidden within you but you have to find it and remember happiness is eternal though occasionally it may be hidden behind the clouds of sadness, troubles and difficulties.

Remember: If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” -Albert Einstein

Try these:

  1. What is your favorite leisure activity? Are you fully engrossed in it whenever you spare time to peruse it? Do you ever worry that someone else may be enjoying your pursuit more? Do you crave to pursue another hobby because it is more the in thing though you are not comfortable about it? Eg. Playing golf though you think it is too slow for your tastes or going pub hoping because all your friends force you to though you prefer sitting at home and reading a book.
  2. Spend a day in an orphanage or an old age home. Actively interact with the inmates there. There will be times when you will feel sorry for them, wonder at their fate and feel agitated and upset at those who are responsible for their fate. However, when you go back and reflect on your time spent there, what is the feeling that you get? Also examine why you got those feelings and ask yourself why you don’t get similar feelings more often when at work or at home?

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Helping others

Make yourself necessary to somebody.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every single day we have ample opportunity to be helpful to someone.  Often we confuse helpfulness in terms of financial help or  physical help. In reality the real help people want is in the form of  patient listening, empathy, a little caring and concern, a word of appreciation, lots of encouragement and occasionally suggestions and advice.

Notice that most of this help costs us nothing other than some time. The difficulty tho is that we are always in a hurry, rarely pausing to see the desperate plea of those around us seeking understanding, a smile, a touch, a hug or a mere  acknowledgment of their existence. We don’t have to look far for the many who seek help – it could be your spouse , kids, the driver, the domestic help or the roadside hawker, the watchman in the building or the numerous people whom you pass by. The work place offers ample opportunities too right from the boss to the colleagues and even the pizza delivery boy or the courier person.

The beauty of helping others is that, we actually help ourselves – we get a satisfaction that cannot be measured nor described. Don’t forget that what goes around comes around – ask for help if you want it !

Remember : We can help others in the world more by making the most of yourself than in any other way.  Earl Nightingale

Try these

  • Every day compliment the first five people you meet in the morning. Slowly increase this number.
  • Try to make at least one new friend every week.  It must be a friend not just a casual acquaintance !
  • Ask yourself if you know the names of the non descript people working in and around your home and work place. Try your best to address every one by their names.

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