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An exercise in humility

When the knees are not often bent, the feet soon slide. Anon

Humility is a great virtue and even the most egoist person would have to bend his knees to offer his / her prayers to the almighty.  Often there are times when we have to bow down to other forms of authority and as many a business man has realized ‘customer is king’ and ‘customer relations’ the mantra that brings even the biggest business man to his knees. The finicky movie business demonstrates it best when we see the lead actors and actresses forced to make public appearances to promote their latest movie simply because there is no guarantee of success and connecting with the audience is mandatory.

Being humble is a sure shot way to connect with reality. The fact is no one can achieve anything all on his/ her own. You have family and friends to thank for their implicit faith and trust in you, colleagues and associates for their part in supporting your endeavors, your competitors and critics for keeping you on your toes and making you competitive and there is the world at large who is the reason you become someone. Failures are inevitable but they reinforce the reality that you are vulnerable and that is a sobering thought that keeps you grounded. Your mistakes force you to apologize and that is a humbling experience and an ego buster.

Humility is an excellent ego monitor. While ego propels people into venturing into unchartered waters, success pumps the ego and one can tend to be over bloated with pride and arrogance. Humility comes as an antidote to such crass and crude mentality. Dynasties and kingdoms have met their Waterloo not because of social revolution as much as because of the lack of humility that blinded the power hungry to the reality of a changing world order.  The days of monopoly business are over partly because of the technological revolution but in large measure due to a brash management cozy in their ivory towers blissfully ignorant of their own inadequacies and bashfully brushing aside the any suggestion that competition is heating up.

Networking and connections are best established if one is humble. The lowest to the highest person in society can connect with a person who is perceived as humble. Humility empowers a person to be open, free and frank, virtues that immediately attract others to ones aid. The remarkable achievements of social activists, local level leaders, visionary citizens and the like can be traced to the fact that almost all of them is humble enough to go to the people with their pleas and get the necessary resources from the very people whom they want to serve.  Rich or poor if a person requires to ensure the availability of fresh blood for a surgery to be undergone, it is the network and connections that will come in handy more than money and power. Humility will be the one virtue that ensures people connect with your need and go out of their way to help.

Remember: “To be humble to superiors is duty, to equals courtesy, to inferiors nobleness.”Benjamin Franklin

Try this:

  1. Reflect on the 3 individuals for whom you have a very high regard. Ask yourself if their Humility is one of the virtues that influenced your appreciation of them?
  2. On Good Friday, the Pope washes the feet of 12 people who represent the disciples. It is one of the most public display of humility. Do you recollect any such similar incidents or events that you have come across?

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Be grateful for what we have

Better a little fire to warm us than a great one to burn us. Thomas Fuller

A common fault that almost all of us are guilty of is succumbing to the temptation of comparisons.  Clothes, houses, cars, earnings, holidays taken and every imaginable comparative item are consciously or unconsciously subject to comparison. The tendency to compare different items with different people leads us to a conclusion that others have much more than what we have. Unfortunately, this is a skewed comparison because intangibles cannot be subject to easy comparison. Feelings, reactions, attitude are something’s that cannot be compared and as a result our conclusions are often erroneous.

On the other hand if one were to take an inventory of all our possessions and compare that with what we really deserve we would in all probability realize how rich we are. One would also notice that some of our heirlooms have love written all over it whereas most of the modern possessions have the price tag as the indicative value and scrap value as realistic value associated with it. The first watch gifted by a parent, the first bicycle on which we learned the basics of cycling, the hand me down sweater which great grandfather possibly acquired during his stint abroad all have a lot of memories and feelings that associated with it. Ironically the ipod we got a few months ago has already become outdated and there could be a drawer full of mobile phones and accessories all of which are near scrap.

It is said that a man with one watch is better off than the one with two watches simply because the latter is never sure of the time. Similarly if one were to acquire sudden riches one may never be really prepared to handle the resultant euphoria.  A look at the lives of the rich and famous, reveal the crisis that most of them undergo in their personal lives, despite their monetary riches.  Money and power are a potent mix that can give us heady feelings of infallibility and invincibility. A study of the great dictators and despots who have become part of historical folklore would prove the point too. Money gives one a false sense of power and unbridled power gives one a sense of invincibility. The true antidote for money and power is humility.

What we really need to do is value all what we have. This can begin with the reality that we are alive and that  we are blessed with reasonable health, wealth and intelligence. If we look around we would notice the millions who don’t even have these bare minimum advantages. If there are things we crave and envy in others  it would be prudent to step back and take an inventory of all what we really posses. A happy family, a stable business or job, lots of friends are some blessings we take for granted but which many a rich person actually craves for. See things in perspective; if we were gifted a Mercedes would be able to maintain it? If we won a Gold Plated iphone how often would we be worried about losing it? Do you really hoard your priceless possessions like a Waterman Pen or a Diamond Pendent for fear of losing it?  Be happy that whatever possessions you have are really enjoyed by you and not kept for the snob value which is just a temporary high but a realistic problem.

Remember: “There is nothing wrong with men possessing riches. The wrong comes when riches possess men.” Billy Graham

Try this:

  1. To understand how people can remain humble read up on the life and style of icons like Mr.Warren Buffet, Mr.Naryana Murthy & Mrs.Sudha Murthy, Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam. Here is a little ppt on Mr.Warren Buffet that makes for interesting insight. Warren_Buffet
  2. List out 3 things that you really crave for. Now outline 3 practical problems for each of the  items on your list, that you would have to face  if you really got your wish fulfilled.

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