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Being joyful always

30-Joys we experience

Many a time I have been posed the question as to what is the secret of happiness. While I have grappled with sharing a pragmatic answer, I have now realized that the secret lies in just finding joy in the moment. I can see the skeptics sharpening their knives and rebutting me saying you have never experienced what we have gone through so it is easy for you to liberally dish out such ‘pearls of wisdom’. Pause for a moment and focus on the ills and tribulations of someone else whom you know intimately and ask yourself if you would like to trade places with them. Chances are you are more comfortable with your own challenges rather than taking on another ills. Do you notice a sigh of relief that relatively speaking, you seem to be better off.

Finding joy in the moment is not as complicated as you think it is. You need to merely tweak you attitude, realign your thinking and focus on the positives and before long you will be spreading joy around.

Tweak your attitude – remove cynicism; avoid sarcasm; have faith; believe in yourself; like what you have to do; don’t be an escapist.

Realign your thinking – seek out opportunities; create chances; find solutions; concentrate on what you want; remove the knots that tie you up – the cannot, will not, do not etc.

Focus on positives – laugh at yourself; find something good in everything- people, situations, life; empower your being – your looks, your emotions, your thoughts and your deeds.

If you still find it hard to experience joy whilst reading this, let me give you a hint as to why you must be joyful this very moment. Be joyful that you are reading this because it that means you are alive, you are literate, you have access to a computer, you can see, you found this website, your thinking has been stimulated, you have an opportunity to learn, you have made a new realization, you have something new to share and the list goes on and on…

Try this:

  1. If you are given just 10 minutes to write 5 sentences to just loved one whom will you write it to and take a paper and write it NOW.
  2. You have 2 opportunities to win a handsome sum of money. The first is to do a parachute jump and you can get 1 million USD OR you have to give 1,000 USD and buy a lottery ticket which has a 20% chance of winning you 25,000 USD. Which opportunity will you grab?

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A pill for all ills

The therapeutic value of laughter is perhaps the most undervalued commodity in the world. This is because laughter has no price and yet it is ‘priceless’. In fact we do not value this invaluable resource for we take it for granted just like the wonders that are given free by nature; sunshine, air and water. What is unique about a good laugh is that it is very personal, positively contagious (except when one is laughing mockingly) and it is the ‘all in one’ antidote for physical, mental, personal and professional problems.

Despite these obvious merits, the world at large seems to be more inclined to ignore the myriad effects of a good laugh. They prefer to wallow in a self deceptive cauldron of negative stew made up of negative emotions like anger, hurt, frustration, revenge and the like. This is because it is easier to lapse into a negative mind set and feel like a martyr by saying ‘poor me’ than to scan the horizon and find a reason to laugh when troubles seem to engulf us. Notice that the former behaviour is succumbing to the situation where as the latter involves grappling with an uncomfortable situation.

How and where does find a positive mindset and the ability to laugh no matter what the circumstance?

Look within – change your attitude. Inculcate a positive mindset. Be an optimist.

Scan around – seek out the hidden gems within a problem; be sure there are alternatives just waiting for be discovered.  Share a problem. Ask for help.

Focus away – take a break from the problem. Do something you enjoy; be it a TV serial, a movie, read a book, paint, sing or dance. Ensure that the activity is pleasurable.

Break free – from your self-imposed inhibitions. Stop being superstitious. Don’t be a conformist. Tread a new path. Believe in yourself.

Now you have created an environment and mindset that nurtures happiness. A good laugh is what blooms and the fragrance is enjoyed by not just the person who laughs but by all who laugh along.

Try this:

  1. Read the post on SMILE  – See My Instant Life Energizer by clicking on the link. http://www.poweract.blogspot.in/2010/01/smile.html
  2. Create a scrap book containing some of your favorite jokes, limericks, cartoons, list of humorous books, movies, serials etc. Also jot down some silly things that you did, the bloopers that embarrassed you, incidents that trigger a lusty laugh when you recount them.

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Dear Friends,

Today’s post is very different from the normal posts. I am taking this opportunity to share with some salient features of this blog and to update you about how it has shaped up over the last year and a half. For me, the very thought that I have managed to last so long in my quest to share with you some Inspirational and Motivational content is both  an exhilarating feeling and a humbling thought. Exhilarating because this blog has achieved a milestone of over 70,000 views and 500 followers in this realtively short span of time.  A BIG THANK YOU to EACH of you who visit the blog and especially for the 500 odd ardent followers of this blog. I am humbled by the realization that but for your encouragement, this blog would never have reached these milestones.  A special thank you to the many followers, who have given their comments, rated the blog and passed on the links to friends and contacts.

In January 2010 when this blog began, I kept an ambitious target of writing every single day. The first few days were heady for in the initial enthusiasm I was able to keep writing daily. Reality soon hit me hard, when within a few weeks, the effort became laborious, the ideas stopped flowing and the rather forlorn thought that no one was reading my blog became a big dampener. Fortunately for me a few colleagues, some friends and surprisingly a number of strangers soon signed on as followers and then overnight I felt responsible to ensure that they were given their daily fix of Inspirational and Motivational inputs. I am proud that in the first 365 days I managed to write for a good 340 days or so and some of the days I didn’t post was simply because I was overseas then.

This year 2011, I have cut down my posts drastically. The strain of writing everyday was a wee bit too much and once I had proved to myself that I could write every single day, the challenge was missing too. More importantly, there have been other commitments that have taken centre stage and so the blog has had to bear the brunt of it. I am not too disappointed though primarily because I also got some feedback that there was reader fatigue since the daily posts saturated their ability to imbibe the contents, attempt the Try This and experience the learning. I also noticed a steady drop in feedback and rating which to my mind also signaled an overdose of the blog. However there have been a few ardent fans who have kept inquiring why I have cut down on the blog posts and they have reinforced the belief that my work is not in vain. The sudden spurt in followers over the last couple of months has also been very encouraging. I shall definitely be writing the blogs, perhaps twice a week.

I would welcome FEEDBACK from each one of you about the blogs, my sharing today and would welcome both bouquets and brickbats if any. I would urge you to continue to patronize the blog, spread word about it to those who you feel will benefit from the contents and be assured that I shall continue to pontificate as before.

I take this opportunity to Thank Each One of YOU once again for your support, patronage and appreciation  of both www.actspot.wordpress.com and www.poweract.blogspot.com

Wishing each of you success in your endeavors and in having a fulfilling life filled with love, happiness and contentment.

Warm regards


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Oh to be happy

Real happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for its counterfeit. Hosea Ballou

Look around and you will find lots of laughter, plenty of smiles and chuckles and ample hilarity and mirth around. You make the pleasant discovery that there is an abundance of Happiness around and it is there everywhere. You might also make the painful realization though that you just don’t seem to get enough of it and this is also both hurtful and worrisome realization.  Perhaps we might also make an insightful observation that it is just a matter of finding it if we seek it earnestly . The problem though is in where we seek happiness.

The first problem is that we pine for happiness that seems to be unfairly nestling in other people’s lives in plenty while eluding us unfairly.  We selectively choose what seems to be the elixir of happiness for others be it material possessions, wealth, power and fame.  The fact is that wealth, fame, popularity, power and possessions are mere indicators of a certain measure of success but do not necessarily bring happiness.  Happiness in fact is the feeling one enjoys when one knows how to deal with whatever success one has got. E.g. For a below average student passing the exams is a major achievement and he/she should be taught to enjoy that moment rather than be unfairly pressurized to improve performance to meet the grades of the person who stood first.

The second problem is that we are blinded to the happiness that is available to us for we do not seek it within us but probe and prod all around us. The secret to happiness lies in relishing and savoring every moment of our life for all the riches in the world cannot recreate it, bestow it or extend it. Good health, strong family ties and bonds, a well groomed upbringing and the capacity for hard work and enterprise are the riches that we really need to value and appreciate if one has to be truly happy. E.g. If one can cycle to work it is perfect proof of excellent health and more importantly provides one the opportunity to remain fit, helps us contribute to a clean environment and saves us the stress of daily driving and rush hour traffic, parking woes etc.

The third problem in identifying happiness is our inability to be positive. If one is positive one becomes optimistic and happiness often masquerades as opportunities which someone with a negative mindset views as problems.  To accept the reality as it exists and to then seek the positives in it leads us to the path of happiness. E.g. If a personal financial resource crunch did not give you the opportunity to pursue the studies you passionately wanted to pursue rather than brood on it focus on making your mark in the current course or work.  The success you attain will soon make you even more happy and sooner than later, excellence will be noticed and will never go unrewarded too.

The other effective ways to remain happy is to be in the company of those who radiate happiness, to channelize your energies on those ethical activities that give you maximum pleasure,  to enjoy the pleasures of jokes, comedy movies and humorous stories and books.  Of course spending time with children, the aged, the challenged and the sick would be the real icing on the cake of happiness.

Remember: “It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about.” Dale Carnegie

Try this:

  1. Consciously make an effort to praise all those whom you come across in your daily life. If possible also share a joke, spread some good news and / or share some chocolates/ toffees/ biscuits etc. with those around.
  2. Jot down the name of  one person known to you and qualifying as under
  • A close family member
  • An office colleague
  • An old school mate
  • A person whom you envy
  • A well know personality you know a lot about

Now against each person write down 3 qualities they posses/ display that you really envy. Also jot down 3 points that you perceive to be their limitation/ weakness/ problem areas. Now jot down 3 of your good qualities/ strengths that they do not posses. Finally jot down3 points that give you real happiness.

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Being happy

A happy life is one, which is in accordance with its own nature. Marcus Annaeus Seneca

The essence of happiness lies in trying to keep in harmony with the world around us. The trouble unfortunately is that most times the world seems to be at cross-purposes with our feelings, wants, expectations and hopes. Obviously, when things are far from what we ideally want it to be we get disturbed, annoyed, irritated, upset and very unhappy. Let me share an example to illustrate the point. This morning I was traveling along with my family to Bangalore by the 7.40 am flight from Pune and had a connecting flight at 11 am to Cochin. After checking in at Pune, we were informed that the flight was delayed because of fog both at Delhi the originating destination of the flight and also at Pune and the departure was rescheduled for 8.30 am. Thereafter it was further delayed and ultimately we departed only at 10.30 am. Obviously, there would be no connecting flight and we had to compromise and take the next evenings flight a very tough decision to take since we were to miss some family functions for which the whole visit was planned.

How does one reconcile with this paradox of excitement turning to disillusionment and possibly frustration and anger?  The answer lies in accepting the reality with equanimity, assessing the alternatives calmly and trying to find positives in the unavoidable. As I write this post I am staying with my brother in Bangalore a completely unplanned and unexpected bonus. Now when I look back at the day I can see that my initial annoyance actually turned out to be a extraordinary experience. To begin with my son and ardent Manchester United fan felt privileged to visit the newly opened Manchester United Restaurant at Bangalore (this will be the highlight of his life and the one talking point for the New Year); my mother was thrilled to meet the grandchildren in Bangalore (which was never planned) and for me the experience fitted in with my post today.

If one thinks positive, seeks happiness and accepts the bitter and sweet experiences as flavors of life then nature gives us the gift of happiness daily. John Powell has correctly titled his book Happiness is an inside job and this is a message that we must tattoo in our minds and hearts. We alone determine our happiness and no amount of material wealth or possessions or relationships can give us happiness unless we seek it out within us. All of us are also guilty of succumbing to negative emotions like jealousy, pride, greed, envy etc. as a result of which we cannot filter out happiness and enjoy it for the negative emotions block the pathway to happiness seeping inside us. Instead, if we replaced these emotions with just one single feeling of LOVE we would find happiness everywhere and that to all the time.

Seeking happiness is not the same as chasing happiness. The majority of us are disillusioned because we confuse these two terms. When seeking happiness we are making an effort to find the positives, the goodness and reasons to enjoy the moment and the situation. When we are chasing happiness we are trying to force situations to meet the demands of what we perceive is our happiness. The former approach succeeds because inherently there is happiness in plenty and we are merely searching for the right tap to pour out to our hearts content. The later approach fails because we are trying to dig bore wells in parched lands in the fond hope of striking water. If after reading this post you did not find the key to happiness that you were so desperately seeking you have been following the wrong approach. Ask others who believe that they found the keys to happiness in this post and they will tell you that they can do it because they found out that they were trying to open the wrong locks and are now focusing on those locks that open with the keys hidden in this post.

Remember: “We tend to forget that happiness doesn’t come as a result of getting something we don’t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.” Frederick Keonig

Try this:

  1. Can you recollect the 5 happiest moments of your childhood? Now try and recollect the 5 happiest moments of the past 5 years. Now ask if you are creating situations conducive to your younger siblings/ children/ friends enjoying the same type of happiness that you have just jotted down.
  2. Now list out who/ what makes you unhappy in the following cases and reasons for the same
  • Name the people who irritate you – e.g. your subordinate who does not take any responsibility and your powerless to reprimand or punish him/her.
  • Situations that irritate you e.g. The traffic jams
  • The songs /movies that you hate e.g. pure classical because you do not understand it
  • Social/ technological/ infrastructural/ scientific changes that annoy you e.g. The toll collection outlets on highways because it slows down the vehicle and negates the purpose of the high ways.

Now try to find out the good things about the above and see if it reduces your negativity. Reducing unhappiness is equivalent to improving your happiness quotient.

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Give and receive

It is more blessed to give than to receive. Acts 20:35

One of the problems that we humans constantly battle is our urge to want more and more. We crave to have more wealth, more power, more freedom and more happiness. More often than not, it is a losing battle because we are unable to overcome our cravings but then we work out a compromise to subdue our conscience that pricks us; we give charity, we donate and we even make an attempt to participate in some activity of those working for the poor, the destitute, the old and aged, the orphans, the mentally challenged etc. However our efforts are miniscule as compared to the riches we amass, hoard and fritter away when we need to make a show of pomp or piety. Often we gather ill gotten wealth and we then double our efforts to part with a sizeable chunk of it for an apparently worthy cause. The true intentions are to lighten the burden on our conscience and hopefully get some divine intercessions too in the long run.

On the other hand if we seek out the riches of those who are genuinely happy and contented we make the interesting discovery that they are far from materialistically rich but surprisingly seem to be abundantly blessed in many other ways.  To begin with they are joyful, they also seem to be contented and most of all they seem to take pleasure in giving freely and abundantly to all those who need. We are unable to comprehend how those who are apparently just about making two ends meet by our standards, can be so generous. The answer to that lies in the mental makeup of those who give in abundance. They do not worry too much about their long term own requirements, they have deep faith in being taken care of by some divine or supernatural means and most of all they feel they have a duty a mission and an obligation to those who less privileged, weaker and needier.

It is said that what goes around comes around. This is very true and we would have personally experienced that we have got some help form the most unexpected quarters at a time when we had almost lost all hope. This brings us to another point that we do not consider when we talking about giving and that is to give off our time, our efforts and our talents.  If we have the wealth and money we are generous with giving a small part of it. We may also often give away what is not useful for us or what we do not require like old clothes, toys, books etc. What is really in short supply is the human touch that our brethren seek. Human beings need human company, they require the warmth of human touch, the love spread through our voice and actions and they crave for attention and love. No amount of money can buy any of these. We need to appreciate that real giving is in giving what we value most; our time and our self.

Remember: “You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.” Kahlil Gibran

Try this:

  1. Outline a plan of action to ensure that you give at least 3 -5 hours of your time in a month with either the poor, the aged, the infirm, the orphans or the challenged.
  2. Can you initiate action to coordinate and motivate people to contribute a small mite for some charity? Ideal you should be able to also motivate the contributors to play a more active role in ensuring that their contributions are well utilized by not just donating but also participating in at least one activity of the charity.

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We are blessed

If you count all your assets, you always show a profit.  Robert Quillen

The average human being, and the overwhelming population would fall in that category, is forever striving, aspiring and perspiring in the forlorn hope of increasing our wealth and assets. That by itself is a noble way of living life but scratch the surface and then we notice that we are in fact craving to amass, partly to keep ahead of the pack but mainly to romp around in glee that we have kept the wolves at bay. Almost all of us live in mortal fear that sooner or later our liabilities will outpace our assets and so we franticly pace ourselves to acquiring more and more. Ironically in this process what we fail to account for are the real wealth that we all posses; our health, our family, our relationships, our intellect, our creativity and above all our spirit and resilience to bounce back.

When we have to list out our wealth the real difficulty is to asses our intangible wealth. More often than not we take our personal gifts bestowed by nature for granted and do not really appreciate the value of our relationships, our friends and personal strengths seriously. In this day and age having a very strong family support is a very special blessing that we is priceless. To know that there are people (family, relatives and friends)to support you no matter what, people to stand by you when you are at grievous fault, people to motivate and cheer you on when the going gets tough and people who will frankly and honestly give you the right feedback even if it is a wee bit hurtful is a big asset in one’s life. Similarly to know that we possess the attributes like vision, intellect, discipline, insight, acumen and resilience to bounce back are gifts of our genes and fate and we need to value that immensely.

What really adds to woes is our propensity to exaggerate our woes. This is made worse by our habit of making odious comparisons with our neighbors, our peers and worst of all with those who are in completely different league than ourselves.  Obviously comparisons especially selective comparisons would always make us look a shade worse than the other but we would see it as being a terrible catastrophe. What we do further is more criminal; we compare apples with oranges as in seeing only the material wealth of others when it suits us and then seeing the domestic bliss of another when it suits us again. We rarely see the comparability factor in terms of age, economic, educational and social background etc. of the other party.

Do a reality check and we will make the realization that we are amply blessed. To begin with the reality is you are alive. This is a sobering thought when we realize that there are so many who die young. Most of us have a stable job or business, a loving and caring family, are educated and are healthy enough to be independent and plenty of friends. Finally when we evaluate our riches we just need to ask the question that is the tile of Robin Sharma’s book ‘ Who will cry when we die?’ The answer will be an eye opener.

Remember: “Riches do not exhilarate us so much with their possession as they torment us with their loss.” Epicurus

Try this:

  1. Read the short story ‘How much land does a man need? ‘ by  Leo Tolstoy http://www.online-literature.com/tolstoy/2738/ .You can also read a synopsis of the story here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_Much_Land_Does_a_Man_Need%3F
  2. Attempt to write down the following
  • The least amount of money which we think will make us feel rich enough to retire.
  • The one thing you will splurge on and the amount you will splurge on if you had enough wealth for it.
  • The one charitable cause you will support and your contribution to that cause if you have enough wealth.

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Forgiving ones own self

How unhappy is he who cannot forgive himself. Publilius Syrus

Many of us live with regrets and those regrets never let us enjoy our life to the fullest. There is always that lingering feeling of uneasiness that mars our bliss, spoils our fun and restrains our exuberance. What compounds our misery is that our regrets are of our making, they are often not life threatening but would certainly qualify to be life altering and they can be overcome with patience and resilience, provided we are prepared to let go the hurt, erases the pain from our heart and mind and accept the reality that the past cant be changed. Most regrets are relationship related and we could either be the culprit or the victim and it takes tremendous fortitude to overcome the past and forgive ourselves.

We do not forgive our selves particularly when we have hurt people very close to us or when we realize that we have let down those close to us because of our own folly. Many a time children regret their rather brash and rude behavior with their parents much later in life and by then there is a perceived divide that the child in us cant forget but which the parent has forgiven and possibly forgotten. Anger is a key trigger that ignites uncouth behavior and threatens relationships. When in anger we resort to plain speak often bordering on the uncouth, make wild and hurtful accusations, twist facts to hurt and humiliate others at whom we are angry and even lapse into making wild assumptions that translate into pitiful laments and harsh accusations. Then when we are more clear headed, we often become remorseful and regret our actions and continue to wallow in self pity.

Our plight is made miserable by the reality that the past can’t be undone and much as we wish we cannot erase those memories from our life. The challenge for us is to get to terms with this reality and realize that just as we have the power and the need to forgive others, we have to exercise this power to forgive ourselves too. To do this, we first need to accept the reality that the past can’t be changed nor can the painful memories be erased. Then possibly we can attempt to minimize the guilt by apologizing to the aggrieved party/ parties if possible. This is very very tough because it is an admission of our own errors and to admit that means hurting our own ego. Thereafter it is then essential that one genuinely feels sorry for the indiscretions (Catholics have the sacrament of Confession which is wonderful heart cleanser if practiced with earnestness). In cleaning our heart and mind by using the twin detergents of apology and remorse, we will have forgiven ourselves. 

No sooner we manage to forgive ourselves a big burden is lifted off our backs and we begin to breathe easy, feel rejuvenated and begin to view our surroundings in new light. There is a spring in our step, a glow o our face and a warmth in our hearts that will automatically be transmitted to all those whom we come in contact with. There is no more regret, no more guilt and no more unhappiness. 

Remember: Forgiveness is a funny thing.  It warms the heart and cools the sting.  ~William Arthur Ward 

Try this:

  1. Recollect at least 3 situations when in your anger you have either hurt/ humiliated/ insulted /ignored /answered back / accused unfairly / shouted at someone. Ask yourself if you now regret that behavior. Do you still carry the burden of that indiscretion. If yes work out a way to forgive yourself of that guilt. 
  2. If someone who hurt you and insulted you terribly sought your forgiveness would you be able to forgive easily and freely. If not ask your self if your digging a grave of regret for yourself. If you can forgive freely, examine your own feelings thereafter and feel yourself unburdened and relaxed.

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Forgive and…

I firmly believe a great many prayers are not answered because we are not willing to forgive someone. Dwight L. Moody

When we hold a grouse against another, we not only carry a deep resentment but there is a lot of ill will that we wish upon that person.  We work up a frenzy within us, seek retribution in return for our agony that we endure and take delight in our foes distress and pain. We even convince ourselves that forgiveness is a crime and so we cling on to our morbid pleasure of hating that person and slyly look out for some ill happening in that person’s life. Notice that in this whole process there are three things that are actually backfiring on us. We are not able to focus on anything constructive, we do not generate or emit positive energy and we are obsessed with our foe and end up neglecting our own self. It is precisely these reasons that impede us from praying in faith and reaping its bounty. Let us understand each of these impediments a little more in depth.

Have you ever tried to concentrate on some task soon after going through an ordeal? You would notice that you are distracted, a sinking feeling constantly overpowers your emotions and the task on hand seems overwhelming. Your thoughts constantly seem to go back to the source of our discomfort and hence you are uneasy and disturbed.  Under the circumstances even a pleasurable task like watching TV or reading a good book seems like a burden. Something similar happens when we carry a grudge and are unable to forgive another. Then our joys are muted, our prayers sound hollow and we lack the conviction to seek in hope and receive in faith. Obviously then it is no wonder that most times our prayers remain unanswered when our hearts are fully of revenge and there is no space for peace and tranquility.

With angst in our heart, revenge in our mind and ill will overpowering our emotions, all the positive energy is sapped out of us.  When we transmit negative energy around, it is near impossible to expect positive outcomes.  Just as a rotting corpse will attract the vultures and the wild animals, negative energy will attract only cold vibes, churn up the existing tranquility and saddled us with undesirable outcomes. When the environment is vitiated the tempo slows down, our actions are leaden and our prayers are half hearted, cold and sprayed with the foam of hate, wickedness and malice which has filled out heart and refuses to subside.

Finally, when we cannot forgive, our mind, thoughts and heart have only the destruction and ill will for our foe uppermost in our mind. With our concentration on our foe so overpowering there is little time for us to pray for our own needs and even if we did mange it, most times it would be so negative in its desires (possibly seeking bad tidings for our foe) that the prayers cannot be answered. Yet we continue to pray partly mechanically, partly in fond hope and mainly to unburden our consciousness. With the spirit missing out of prayer, it is no wonder that our prayers remain unanswered. The best way out is then to forgive our enemies, cleanse our heart and mind and then pray fervently and lo and behold even if our prayers are answered with a NO we will accept that answer with gratefulness.

Remember: “Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” Paul Boese

Try this:

  1. It is not easy to forgive someone who has wronged you a lot. Yet if you want to, it is better to take help from a matured common friend who can facilitate the forgiving process.  Sometimes the person you haven’t forgiven is long gone from your life and yet the resentment stays.
  2. Read some stories  from the Chicken Soup series on forgiveness and empathize wit those who have shared their stories of forgiveness.

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Happiness is our choice

Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln

Happiness is a choice that each of us has to exercise. Look around and you will see laughter emitting from the shanties around the cities suburbs and similar hearty guff’s and peals of laughter emitting from the homes of the rich and the famous. There will be smiles and laughter in old age homes, the hospitals and the prisons too. The able bodied and the challenged; the young and the old; those on opposing sides of the political spectrum too will enjoy themselves and let their hair down and enjoy the pleasures that they can appreciate. Happiness is there all around, we just need to find it, create it and disperse it so as to enjoy it.

How can one find happiness is the question many people ask and they immediately list out their huge lists of woes. To find happiness one needs to put the list of owes in the hip pocket and fetch our list of blessings from the front pocket where it is snuggly kept close to our heart.  Yes we have plenty to be happy about. The fact that we are alive is the greatest reason to be happy. You can enjoy the bliss in this world only if you are alive not just in body but in spirit too. If you win the third prize in the lottery it is pointless and self defeating to moan that you missed the first prize because the vast majority lost the cost of the ticket itself. Almost all of us cannot enjoy happiness simply because we are jealous of the riches of others, their possessions and their show and pomp. Rather than eating and enjoying  the fruits in our basket we let them rot and instead we are salivating over those fruits that we have no hope of smelling let alone tasting.

Many of us are under the mistaken impression that creating happiness is a tough job for we are dealing with a sad, lonely and forlorn world. Using some skewed logic we thing creating happiness is the job of clowns and jokers and stand up comedians. Reality is that these professionals only force laugher but true happiness must radiate from within. Ever noticed the contended gurgle of a baby who has a full feed; that is happiness and bliss. Ever noticed the coy smile of a young lady who has been showered with lavish praise for her demur and beauty; that is happiness. Creating happiness is simply a function of being positively honest and genuinely reaching out. When we can truthfully appreciate, honestly praise, reach out with love and tenderly touch another we are creating happiness that will pervade the people and the environment around.

Dispersing happiness is very simple; just see everything positively. Never react in anger, be patient, have a good word to share, let love overcome resentment, put others at ease, be good kind and considerate and always SMILE.  No one can ever overlook a smile. They might turn away but their hearts will have felt the smile, they might still shed tears but their hearts feel warmer and they might act indifferent but their grouse would have started melting. Happiness is all about easing pain, feeling nice and ultimately feeling RIGHT in the HEART.

Remember: “Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.”

Try this:

  1. List out 5 problems that are troubling you. Now find out at least 2 positives each problem. Eg. I am weak in maths. Positive could be my job does not involve too much of maths or maths has not obstructed my progress in life. Ask yourself if the positives make you feel happier that your problems are not as terrible as you thought it to be.
  2. Spread happiness by being lavish with praise for others, smiling more, sharing a clean joke, dressing well, surprising someone with a gift, helping someone in need, seeking out a lonely person and spending time with him / her etc. After all what goes around comes around and soon you will be enjoying the bliss that comes from being happy.

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