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Live daily

We die daily.  Happy those who daily come to life as well.  George MacDonald

Each day brings fresh challenges and with each challenge we tend to worry, get anxious and occasionally panic too; sure shot ways to reduce our life span and die a bit daily. Often we end up being diagnosed as suffering from life style diseases like blood pressure, heart problems and stress related disorders. Life style diseases are nothing but a sophisticated way of saying that we are sick and dying from disorders brought along by the sheer stress of daily living. No doubt that with each passing day we shortening our lives by a day but what we don’t realize is that with added stress and poor personal habits we are future shortening our longevity.

On the other hand, if we observe the elderly around us more carefully we would notice that their longevity secret lies in their ability to cope with daily living with alacrity and discipline. By didn’t of perseverance and courage of conviction, they have chalked out a schedule that ensures that they live life on their terms. Most of them follow an early to bed early to rise policy which coupled with a ‘eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar’ policy ensure that their life style is regimented and orderly. Like most human beings they too are subject to stress but unlike those caught up in the rat race they have chosen to take the slow lane, content with what their achievements and successes. More than anything they value their independence and freedom.

If we take up the gauntlet thrown by our elders we would have learned an important secret of longevity; grateful acceptance of all that we receive. When we are grateful we attain contentment and then every day turns out to be a blessing. Every day lived becomes a life enriching experience and we live without any fear. Our happiness comes from the fact that we have so much to live for family, friends, personal goals, our social commitments, the pleasure of doing a great job etc. On the other hand if every day is drudgery and monotonous, full of anxieties and worry and  /or if our life is driven by compulsions of living and earning then every day a little bit of us dies when we go to sleep. What dies is our self respect, our ego, our initiative, our hopes and aspirations.

To come to life daily smile more, worry less;  laugh more, cry less; feel enthusiastic, banish negativity ; eat moderately, think big; work hard, sleep tight. Learn to live not just breathe; to love not hate; to swim with the tide and not challenge the waves; to smell flowers not just plant trees; to live within our means and not covet what is not ours!

Remember: “No one ever finds life worth living – one has to make it worth living”

Try this:

  1. Take a pot and plant a seed and watch the plant grow. Do you get a sense of happiness when you see the first leaves sprouting and experience tremendous joy when you see the flowers blooming? Imagine your life to be that plant; how will you nurture it to sprout joy and ensure you can spread a fragrance with your mere presence?
  2. Outline the three activities that give you the greatest pleasure. What are the three worries that constantly trouble you? What alternatives do you have  to overcome your worries? Eg. You worry about your job.  The possible alternatives are : Change job, change job profile, change boss, find something interesting in your job, find a good mentor etc.

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The joy of living

The mere sense of living is joy enough.  Emily Dickinson

Life is full of ups and downs and that is what makes every emotion full of intensity and passion. Unfortunately the normal human mind seeks to remain in a state of bliss and happiness and hence any negative emotion is viewed suspiciously and with scorn and disdain. While most times life is full of laughter, joy and ecstasy it is those moments of pain, fear and terror that puncture the tranquility and shatter the peace of mind of the average person. It is when these negative moments persist as it will when we are suffering from a debilitating disease or painful experience of losing a young loved one in a tragedy that we question the rationale of our very existence.

What one really needs to focus on is the privileges and graces that one is blessed with despite the presence of setbacks and problems that confront us. Life is a gift that we are blessed with and since that is the exclusive domain of a higher power, we need to be grateful for being chosen to be a symbol of that power.  Regrettably many of us take life for granted and instead keep complaining that life has been unfair to us, that life is littered with issues big and small and that in any case in the long run we are all dead. It is this defeatist attitude, sense of hopelessness and surrender to negativity that pitchforks our life into a cauldron of self pity and sadness.

Imagine the frustration of a person who has a specific allergy let us say to eggs in any form. He/ she cannot eat egg for sure but is denied the simple pleasure of eating anything that remotely contains egg as an ingredient and this could include cakes of most types, puddings etc. It might be a minor allergy but its ramifications to the affected are very serious and so it can make that person very bitter. Can such a person go around wailing and cursing his fate? If the idea is too farfetched you are right. So let us scale up troubles and take the case of a very healthy and athletic person suddenly suffering a stroke and being paralyzed in the prime of his/ her youth. Maybe they have more claim to living a life of misery and despondency. Yet very rarely do you come across people who suffer such problems giving up on life and attempting suicide. They have learnt to love life intensely.

Then what explains the suicide attempts of so many people who apparently led good and successful lives before they succumbed to the pressures of life? When one is used to a life of always getting ones way the unexpected setbacks and failure trigger a panic reaction and the mind conjures diabolical scenarios that eventually lead to people taking the extreme step. The problem is therefore one of focusing on the self and the accompanying invincibility that we falsely assume about ourselves when the going is good. On the other hand if just learnt to appreciate the wonders that life has offered us be it in terms of a loving and sheltered family life, the privileges of a good upbringing, economic and financial security and the simple joy of waking up every morning we would look forward to each day with greater enthusiasm and hope.

Remember: “Joy is not in things; it is in us” Richard Wagn

Try this:

  1. Make a list of things that make you happy. The list must have at least 10 items and can be as long as you want it. Examine how often you are privileged to enjoy what is on your list.
  2. Every day find a way to make a stranger happy. Just doling out alms to a beggar is not considered one of the ways. Taking time out and actually spending time with the specific objective of sharing joy among people is to be considered a special bonus in your life.

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Life must be fun

It is in his pleasure that a man really lives. Agnes Repplier

No matter what your background or circumstances, it is your attitude that determines your altitude. In any case we only live once, so it best that we make the most of the wonderful life we have been blessed with. To do that one has to step back and appreciate the gifts that you have been blessed with; possibly a good and loving family and/ or emotional and financial well being and /or extraordinary talent and/ or the ability to get along well with everyone and / or being blessed with lots of friends etc. The point is that each of us abundantly blessed but at the same time we all have our crosses to bear. Despite the crosses we have to bear, the crux of making your life count is to live life to the fullest or as they say Live Life Kingsize !

The most wonderful people you can recollect will invariably be people who have a warm heart and a cheery countenance. They are jolly people, full of life and seek pleasure even in the most trivial things. They have very little inhibitions, give of themselves completely and ensure that there is laughter and joy spread all over. We too unconsciously get lulled into their cheery spirit and even before we realize it are not just enjoying their company but actually feeling that we have known them all our lives. When we enjoy the simple pleasures of life like the company we are in, the rustic food that we may be offered, partaking in rituals and customs that maybe alien to us but thoroughly enjoyable in their company ;that is when we can say ahh life is a breeze.

We are often wonderstruck by the optimism and vivaciousness of terminally ill people. While we are prone to feel sorry for them knowing that they are running out of time, they seem to be keen on making every moment count. Let alone our help, they would firmly spurn our sympathy and instead offer us their spirit of self belief, equanimity and calmness in accepting their fate and show us how to live life to the fullest. Notice that when we hear a requiem for the deceased, it is invariably the fullness of their life that is harped upon and perhaps a passing reference is made to their hardships and troubles borne. Invariably each of us would like to remember a person’s laughter, warmth and expressiveness and it therefore makes enormous sense that we too should live spreading joy, hope and laughter if we want to make our life count.

When we enjoy the pleasures of the moment, we forget everything negative, our hearts are full with happiness and our Life shines brightly. We radiate our true self and like a candle dispelling the darkness we light up the moment, the people and the canvas of our inner self.

Remember: “One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching.”

Try these:

  1. Keep a stock of good jokes and share it when you have company. Ensure that the jokes are not crass or sexist and more importantly convey a meaning or a message or is apt for the occasion. You can be sure you will trigger others into telling jokes and sharing humor and there will loud laughter and cheer.
  2. Give surprise gifts to people and see the happiness you spread. One way is to keep track of the 1st Wedding anniversary of those whose weddings you attend and send them a gift on their anniversary. Throw an impromptu party to celebrate some personally significant success/ achievement/ occasion.

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Experiencing Peace

If you do not find peace in yourself, you will never find it anywhere else. Paula A. Bendry

Amidst the chaos and challenges of daily living there are opportunities galore for every individual to find a silent space within himself/ herself. The difficulty tho is that often this space is crammed with worries, fears, anxieties and confusion and squeezing in space for peace is exceptionally tough. When the stress and the struggles become overwhelming the craving for peace keeps growing and we are tempted to search for it in the pleasures of the world.  It could be in the form of  dance, music, movies, parties or it could be in the arms of the vices of the world like smoking, drinking, philandering  or in sadistic pleasures like ragging, terrorizing or brutalizing people. Ironically the peace we seek continues to elude us like the butterfly that can’t be caught if we keep chasing it.

Strange as it may sound, peace is calmness within you and no amount of loud music, pulsating sporting victories or extraordinary success can embrace you in its bosom as peace will. To experience peace one needs to give up; give up craving, give up passions, give up power and give up anxiety. In the real world we live in we are constantly being pushed by competition, egged on to aim for the number one spot and expected to be outstanding every single time you in the spotlight. The pressure of expectations, the comparison with peers and the lure of material success are a potent mix that intoxicates even the most rational being to believe that life is a rat race. Every waking hour is then spent chasing success and every moment of sleep generates a new dream of wealth, recognition and achievement. There is  no time to find that little space for peace.

If we look around we can see the beautiful smile on the faces of the little children, the innocence that transfigures their happiness into tranquility for us who watch them and the blissful peace on their face when they are asleep and we wonder if we will ever enjoy such harmony and ecstasy. If we ponder over the matter it will dawn on us that the children are sans any worries, tensions or pressure to succeed. They have nothing to ponder over nor anything to crave for. Peace is what we are born with and till logic and reason takes over and pushes that innocence into the background life will always be peaceful. The challenge then is to regain that peace by looking inside us for it has been only suppressed by the worldly demands and self centered interests. What is hidden within us can never be found anywhere else but inside us.

Notice how hard it is for us to suppress our thoughts and focus on nothingness. Experience the tranquility that accompanies us when we are in a meditative state. Peace is shedding our inhibitions and anxieties, embracing life with equanimity and being ecstatic for the joys of LIFE. All these you find within you and if you can’t then you can be sure you will be searching for it in vain.

Remember: “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it”

Try these:

  1. Go for a week long course on meditation. The practice it as often as you can. Alternatively read up on meditation and attempt it on your own. The key is to reduce distraction in any form and to focus on nothingness. You experience peace when there is no conflict within you in mind body and spirit.
  2. When you can, give of yourself. This means that you have to spare your time and personally participate in any form of social activity preferably for the poor, the underprivileged, the disadvantaged etc. Initially you will experience feelings of sympathy, guilt, anger at the injustice and then you will realize that there is joy in sharing when you give of yourself. Give freely and in return take home peace in abundance.

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Joy and Gratitude

Joy is the simplest form of gratitude. Karl Barth

Small children express their unconditional joy with their cute smile and gurgles; they have no biases, no preferences nor any ill will. Their innocence and simplicity are models of pure unadulterated souls which was perhaps what GOD planned when the human race was created. Are we as uninhibited and carefree when we express our happiness and gratitude? On occasions yes, but most times we tended to filter even our simple human responses through the filters of a subconscious social order.

We (the human race) have, with our acquired knowledge, our yardstick of social hierarchy and using financial status as a barometer made mental segregation amongst ourselves; a social order which is often repressive, inward looking and regressive. Our emotions, our interactions and relationships are funneled through the prism of social order and ironically our funneled responses instead of being pure and undiluted end up stilted, turbid and artificial. Take the simple example of a gift being received or becoming a beneficiary of a favor from another. While our joy and happiness at that point will be at its peak, our gratitude and thanks would possibly never match the same peak of joy and happiness because we would instinctively compare it with the status of the giver and our own standing in the social order.

If social order poses a problem it is nothing compared to our own personal weakness of greed, avaricious and jealousy. This tinged with our inherent tendency to compare, contrast and differentiate between people, things and beliefs is a potent mix that explodes into either a muted  response of  reserved expressions  or a virulent outpouring of sarcasm, if we perceive ourselves as being scorned or sidelined. Gratitude therefore takes on a different hue, where the receiver judges the giver and the gift and selectively expresses his/ her gratitude.

Karl Barth has the simple solution for our human weakness; be grateful to everyone for their tangible and intangible gifts. Be it a broad smile, an expressive  handshake, a warm hug or a simple verbal thanks expressed from the heart and conveyed with JOY bonds  both to the giver and the receiver in equal measure; for gratitude has no compare and is felt in the heart.

Remember: Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. William Arthur Ward

Try these:

  1. Have you ever donated blood? If you haven’t today is good day to go and start the practice of blood donation? If you have, did you really ask who was going to receive it? Are you sure the blood you donate goes to the same person for whom you donated it? Does it bother you as to who receives the blood donated by you? What is the feeling you get when you donate blood?
  2. Do you really think and plan before you choose a gift for someone? More often than not a gift is given as an obligation being discharged than an expression of genuine affection; do you fall in the same category of gift givers? Have you experienced a feeling of not being appreciated for the efforts you have put  in ? Is this feeling because you had more took extra efforts or you felt the appreciation lacked the warmth that you expected?
  3. How often have you spontaneously called up a friend whom you haven’t been in touch with for a while? Can you take the initiative to meet up with an old teacher / former neighbor / a colleague from a previous workplace and cheer them up with your presence? Do you feel the warmth of their joy on meeting you, in your heart? Is that joy the same as when you first fell in LOVE?

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