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Be rich always

04-get-richTake away money as a measure of richness and ever single human being can be as rich as he /she chooses to be. True riches lies in being rich in mind body and soul. 

Keep in my mind the mantra:

I alone have the power to become as rich as I want to be.

The formula is simple, the application requires discipline and it’s your life your riches your choice.

Rich in knowledge – Read, observe, learn, teach, assimilate, experience, explore.

Rich in adventure – move away from your comfort zone, take risks, do something different, be creative, experiment.

Rich in laughter – See the funny side, laugh at yourself, share laughter, learn to see the funny side of the worst, think fun, be fun, make every moment fun.

Rich in family – Be together, meet often, celebrate together, keep in touch, talk more with each other, listen, touch, and hug.

Rich in health – Eat healthy, exercise, avoid stress, have a positive attitude, be around with people who make you happy and comfortable.

Rich in love – Love yourself! Love those around! Learn to love life! Learn love each moment.

Try these:

  1. Identify and use a website for each of the above riches. Oh yes there are ample alternatives online. If you want you can even identify a suitable app.
  2. Make it a point to do the following off and on
  • Tell (not share on whatsapp) a joke to a friend / colleague
  • Pay attention to a frequent criticism that you get and do something to overcome that.
  • Read something that is totally different from what you normally read
  • Surprise your family members for no special reason
  • Announce and do something challenging e.g. losing weight or dancing / singing at a function etc.

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Wisdom holds the key

No great things are done more through courage than through wisdom. German proverb

A careful analysis of history would reveal that all major victories in war were due the exemplary courage of the soldiers and the tactical acumen of the generals who led their forces. Similarly a scan of all the progresses made in science and technology would amplify the courage of conviction of scientist who passionately and diligently worked towards their intelligent hypothesis. If we introspect our own achievements and successes we would be bursting with pride at the key embolden steps we have taken in our lives like changing a job, taking on a big challenge and getting recognition for  its success  or simply being courageously patient till the opportunity came our way. While we may gloat at our own bravado and daring we would also slowly realise that at every stage we let our mind work overtime to help us decide on the appropriate course of action.

The common thread visible above is that without the wisdom of tactical acumen the sheer courage and daring shown would be useless. Remember the famous poem Charge of the Light Brigade that is testimony in verse to this reality. (Here a company of soldiers valiantly followed orders and perished simply because they were not given the right orders). The failure of battles, expeditions, business and economies can be traced to incorrect or fallacious conclusions based on which wrong decisions were taken which when executed even with passion and grit resulted in failure. There are times when retreating is the most ideal decision for then there is a hope for tomorrow although it might seem like a temporary setback. By merely pushing ones luck more in hope than with conviction or calculation, the wheels of failure are set in motion by ourselves. E.g. For a mountaineer, when faced with adverse weather conditions the peak that is in sight might be teasingly alluring but better wisdom would compel one to opt for abandoning the expedition than risking life and limb.

This is not to belittle the role of courage, for it has a vital role to play in ensuring victories. To begin with, all great plans remain plans till someone has the courage to execute it. In some cases, especially in battle, there are times when raw courage ends up in death for an individual but in the overall context of the battle it could be a decisive sacrifice that paves the way for victory. Moral courage and courage of conviction are perhaps the sternest test of courage. In both cases, often a person in a minority ahs to battle the collective wisdom and pressures of peer groups and even sometimes dodge through minefields of sabotage to prove their point and raise the victory flag. However, all these types of courage end up in victory / success only when it is firmly rooted in the wisdom born out of experience, intelligence and sound knowledge.

Remember: This wonderful Prayer — God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference

Try this:

  1. Examine your irrational fears that you still find hard to overcome. E.g. Fear of dogs, snakes, lizards etc. or overcoming superstitions that we believe in etc. Now try to rationalize the fears so that you are prepared to accept that the fear is not as serious as you first thought. Attempt to overcome the fear by using both the understanding you have gained and by being courageous enough to try.
  2. Attempt to write your own ‘Epitaph’. This is real test of both courage and wisdom. (An Epitaph refers to the wordings written on a tomb stone of a person who is buried and which eulogises or highlights the qualities of that person for which he is remembered)

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Knowledge and Ignorance

Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do. Edgar Degas

Look at the handiwork of children when they are given crayons and a drawing book. They will gleefully paint the most audacious colors for the objects in the pictures and the parents will praise their efforts as a masterpiece.. The effort of the child is simple in form, often shabby in appearance and lavishly praised. All concerned are happy simply because we give due allowance for the child’s age and understanding. As we grow up we suddenly realize that painting is an art form of a very high order requiring expertise, flair and a sound knowledge. The effect of style, medium, light and shades can elevate the art form to a near mystique status. All of a sudden the whole business of art takes on a new dimension and the nuances of the same suddenly come to haunt us.

The same is so true of life too. We go through life, just making demands of our elders particularly parents and grandparents. We cringe when they have expectations from us on the academic front. Soon when we get to competitive exams we realize that the world is a much bigger place, the contestants formidable and the challenge intense. This realization brings on a sense of urgency and propels us into taking proactive measures to ensure that we have a realistic chance to finish the rat race. Knowledge makes us painfully aware of our own limitations, the width of the canvas suddenly looks ominous and the masterpiece in our mind now looks well neigh impossible to capture on canvas.

When in love we only see the romantic moon but shortly after marriage when the mirage of honeymooning is over, we see stars twinkling in the distance but the moon seems to have disappeared behind a cloud. Falling in love is easy for the commitment is limited, the challenges ahead distant and the rational mind is clouded by love. Marriage changes this status and we get enlightened about the real world, the real challenges and the real cost of love. Life then is a reality to be lived, a spouse becomes a human being with independent thoughts and behavior and we find ourselves adrift together with the challenge to swim or sink together. Deciding on the direction of the shore itself becomes a bone of contention and rowing in sync looks more difficult with each passing day; we wistfully wonder if those carefree days of just being in love will return to us again. This is crunch time when we need to put our learning to the test, dunk our egos, find common ground for progress and relish the togetherness now and for eternity.  Within your HeART lies the ART of painting a colorful life of togetherness.

Remember: Ignorance is bliss; till knowledge knocks open your senses to reality.

Try these:

  1. Go around asking people for a feedback about yourself. Encourage them to give you negative feedback too. It will be a challenging process, for you may not agree with the negative feedback and may be tempted to make an enemy of those who gave you such feedback Resist all such temptation but make sure you reflect on the feedback and try to improve your areas of weakness.
  2. List out your strengths. Compare this list with the feedback list. If there are contradictions pay close attention to them and try to reconcile your actions and behavior to ensure the feedback is not wasted. Ask yourself if you have fully utilized your strengths. Find ways and means of using your strengths more often.

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