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With each sunrise, we start anew. Anon

When we get up in the morning with a song in our hearts, a prayer on our lips and a spring in our step we are on the way to a new enjoyable day.  Never mind the odd crisis, occasional work pressure, the rare reality of unavoidable tragic news and the painful thought of having long spells of mundane and boring inactivity life is still a blast as long as you are alive. If we look at it positively every day also brings the possibility of good news, pleasant surprises, new friendships, exposure to crazy technology and spirited challenges. The real benefit is the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual growth that we can be sure of.

While we can’t turn the clock back we certainly can rev up our attitudinal engines and decarbonize both our mental and physical systems. Perhaps nothing is as invigorating as starting the day with a Suryanamaskar (yoga exercise – meaning worship of the Sun god). This can be followed by pranayam and meditation. A well drawn out and planned schedule will provide us both the advantage of optimum time utilization as well as a clear cut goal for the moment. More than anything else the new sunrise promises us a full day, a clean slate and ample opportunity to achieve our dreams.

Even the gloomy days have a message for us. It helps us appreciate the bright sunrise better and tells us that things could be worse but we are spared that. If we pay attention to nature we can be guided by its simplicity and message. The birds singing herald a new day, the sunflowers dancing in the breeze and forever following the sunlight, the calmness and the sudden change of tides in the ocean are an analogy for the vagaries of life and the beauty of the full moon brightens ups the darkest night like a lit candle that dispels darkness.

Life provides us not just the spark of existence but throws us the challenge to burn ourselves in order to light up the life of all around, each of whom can draw from your light and your life.

Remember: “There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.” Alexander Woollcott

Try These:

  1. Visit one of the numerous websites on the net on yoga. Attempt a few asanas. If you can attend a basic yoga course it will help you know the basics of yoga and pranayam well.
  2. For a week every morning write down what you want to achieve during the day. At night evaluate your success rate. What were the specific reasons where you failed yourself? E.g. if someone did not keep an appointment was it your fault that you didn’t plan and alternative tie usage in case the person did not show up. Also, list out the pleasant surprises for each day and also one unpleasant happening in the day.

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There is no security on this earth. Only opportunity. General Douglas MacArthur

 Look around and you will find scores of competent, intelligent and dynamic people who have never realized their full potential. The one common trait these people will invariably share, is their propensity to gravitate towards safe options, be it in career, social life or personal life. As the old saying goes, a ship is safe in the harbor, but that was never the reason for which it was built. Similarly if our talents, our learning, our personality is to be harnessed to its fullest so that we impact our surroundings, society and the world at large we must be prepared to face the risks of failure, disappointments, lack of appreciation and criticism.

Security in life is very limited and is as good or as bad as the human mind can conceive. Every one of us runs the risk of death, be it a sudden one through an accident or a heart attack or a slow and painful one through cancer, Alzheimer’s or arthritis. Does it mean that we become hypochondriacs popping pills to remain disease free or live life with the Damocles sword of death hanging over our lives everyday? Take the case of our computer systems, it is prone to hacking every moment; yet do we stop using the computer? Then why is that we stop being adventurous, being creative, being daring, being torchbearers for a cause or simply go about doing the best we can? Perhaps we need to seek the opportunities that are galore in life and grab them with both hands rather than go about whining that we are beset with problems, troubles and failures!

 Even failure is an opportunity to learn and correct ones self. If we look at life from that perspective, we will soon realize that there are opportunities galore all around us and that we have been wasting those opportunities. It is never too late, so start now. Take the initiative to step forward and attempt what you always wanted to do. A word of caution, plan well before you embark on your mission to size the opportunities. The question now is where and what are these opportunities? Most opportunities are available in the form of problems to be solved, passions to be explored, new experiences to be had, discoveries to be made, improvements to me made, feelings to be expressed e.g. through paintings, poetry, drama, films etc.

When Columbus embarked on his voyage to discover the other lands, he didn’t see it as a problem of crossing seven seas instead he saw an opportunity to create history. Look at the heroics of the Spaniard Hernando Cortes who set out in 1519 to conquer the Aztecs. When he set out, Cortes had eleven ships, 600 men, twenty horses, and ten small cannons. Upon landing in Mexico, he burned his ships, so that his men would not desert him and hen his men had no option but to fight and Win. We may not attempt such heroics, but when we can conquer our fears, over come our apprehensions and have self belief, we will then seize the wondrous opportunities that are swirling around us.

Remember: Opportunity is sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Try this:

  1. If you are aware of SWOT analysis, attempt it now. (You can see the post on Self Acceptance dated 12th January 2010 to know more about SWOT). In particular pay attention to the possible opportunities around you which can help you grow in your career, your personal life and improve the quality of your personal and family life. Try to attempt a secret passion that you want to give expression to, like dancing, acting, singing, painting, photography, traveling etc.
  2. Outline some of your worst fears. Can you see opportunity in them? You may need to be creative and think differently in order to see the opportunities. E.g. You fear your stagnating in your career. Can you see opportunity to start your own venture? Do you think you can change your career path and move on to something that you are passionate about? Will a change of jobs be opportune? This might be the right time to circulate your resume and explore possibilities elsewhere. Maybe this is the time to upgrade your skills or learn a skill that is much in demand at your work place and one which can actually help you leap frog your career.

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Even if a farmer intends to loaf, he gets up in time to get an early start. Edgar Watson Howe

 An old adage states ‘Early to bed and early to Rise, makes a person healthy wealthy and wise’. The world at large strongly believes in this advice, and almost all boarding schools, spiritual retreat centers, monasteries and religious houses follow an early to rise – early to bed policy. However with the changed lifestyle in the modern age; with call centre jobs, three shift jobs, rotation shifts late night parties etc. the context of this old adage has to be reinterpreted to suit modern needs.

 It is imperative to note that only the context has changed and not the message. An early start to the day ensures that you get up fresh, enjoy the wonders of a new day for a longer time and most importantly squeeze in more time into your daily schedule. Discipline and motivation are two critical pre conditions to ensure that we get up early. The discipline ensures that we enjoy a sound sleep provided we go to bed on time and do not waver from our morning chores. The motivation reinforces our discipline and enables us to be positive every morning.

 One might argue that we also need to enjoy the fruits of our efforts and that a regimented schedule is not the best way to ensure it. Anything done in excess is self defeating and a regimented schedule devoid of enthusiasm and fun is equally damaging. In the modern day, the shift has been to work hard on weekdays and party hard on the weekends. We need to adapt to changing times, new challenges and evolving lifestyles. Viewed in this context, Edgar Watson has put it in correct perspective that if you want to have more fun, spend more time awake, unless of course your idea of fun is a long sound sleep.

Remember: The moment when you first wake up in the morning, is the most wonderful of the twenty-four hours.  No matter how weary or dreary you may feel, you possess the certainty that, during the day that lies before you, absolutely anything may happen.  And the fact that it practically always doesn’t, matters not a jot.  The possibility is always there.  ~Monica Baldwin

 Try these  

  • Ask yourself are you peppy and bright every morning (irrespective of what time you get up) when you get up? If not then you need to work on your Positive Thinking and Self Confidence.
  • Re examine your morning chores. Can you reduce/ eliminate a few practices that are wasteful and possibly damaging to you. Eg. Smoking, drinking too many cups of coffee, wasting abnormal time reading the newspaper, walking groggily and sitting on the internet, being addicted to the emails etc. 
  • Do you start your day with a warm up? It can be a combination of prayer, exercise, meditation, yoga, a couple of glasses of warm water etc. Like a sporstman who warms up before getting into the thick of action, it would be wonderful to start one’s day with your own set of warm ups. Watching TV, reading the newspaper, getting hooked to email, chat and browsing the net, acting grumpy and irritable, do not count as warm ups!

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