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Foolish risks

Living at risk is jumping off the cliff and building your wings on the way down. Ray Bradbury

The concept of risks and reward go hand in hand; the higher the risk the greater the reward. The trouble is that each one of us has a different perception of risk and obviously if we get it wrong then we are in real danger of paying a very heavy price. Many of us have flirted with this type of risk right from childhood; by banking on last minute studies to somehow cleat h exams and if lucky even do reasonably well too. Many of us despite getting into trouble by taking undue risks still thrive on skating on thin ice at great peril to ourselves. Speculators in general and gamblers in particular get a high by constantly wagering and taking chances.

Risk taking assumes that one has some safe guards put in place before we plunge into it. The more macho amongst us would have their ego tickled if told to ensure the mandatory safe guards and would probably rebel and perhaps heighten the risk factor to become a hero. They not only endanger themselves but put at risk others too by their irresponsible and often foolhardy behavior. What they fail to understand is that risk is quite different from a gamble or a lottery. A gamble or a bet is often impulsive, has a predominant financial angle to it and have far too many variables that have a major influence on the outcome. In the case of a lottery, the stakes are much lower, the rewards reasonable and luck plays the most important role in it.

Never put all your eggs in once basket is an old adage that succinctly captures a key element of risk viz. do not risk everything. Yet greed and power are two emotions that have a major bearing on how one perceives risks. When one is greedy our sense of reasoning is completely obscured by the lure of big returns and we ignore the risks involved or rationalize it conveniently. When drunk with power a person’s sense of control and influence takes on a falsely inflated proportion which when pricked can send things into a tail spin and a crash landing is the obvious ending. Often the arrogance of a person goads him/ her to take undue risks far beyond one’s own abilities and when things go wrong there is no safety net to cushion the free fall.

To take reasonable risks, one has to be pragmatic and at the same time have the courage to widen the scope of our comfort zone.  When one is pragmatic the chances of ensuring that we have studied the risks carefully is very high. More importantly the true natures of the risks are clearly understood and a fall back/ safety mechanism is put in place. A pragmatic person will only have reasonable expectations and therefore take on only a reasonable amount of risk. To ensure that we get a decent reward one also has to be a risk taker. That is where courage counts. There is always some danger lurking around but once we know the extent of that danger, and we have made arrangements to minimize that, then one needs to have the courage to take the risk. Without courage there will not be any risks taken and then we would be risking not latching on to some fine opportunities.

Remember: “Thoughtless risks are destructive, of course, but perhaps even more wasteful is thoughtless caution which prompts inaction and promotes failure to seize opportunity.”Gary Ryan Blair

Try this:

  1. Evaluate your investments and outline your risk profile. Consult a good investment consultant to guide you about your risk profile and align it with your age profile. The younger you are the more risks one can take and as one gets older the mix changes.
  2. If you were forced to go with friends to a casino how much would you spend gambling? Will you get influenced by the high spending by some of your friends? Would you be under pressure to spend more by friends who chide you and suggest that you are stingy?

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Happiness sneaks in

Happiness sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open. John Barrymore

As we go through life, the challenge one faces is to accept our little difficulties and to find happiness in the numerous blessings that we are given. It is human nature though to focus on ‘making a mountain out of a mole hill’ and feel aggrieved that life is unfair to us and has very little to offer us by way of blessing. If we are wee bit more objective and can appreciate events in proper perspective we will notice that most times we cannot enjoy happiness because we are too greedy or we are too problem focused that the million little happy moments pass at by whilst we are seeking the lucky break. The reality that we are healthy, reasonably financially secure, have the affection and love of a family, are all blessing we take for granted  simply because all the while  we are craving  to win the lottery or a windfall or something bigger that is more noticeable and envied by others.

On the other hand if we seek out the joys that exist even when we are going through a rough time or a difficult period we would realize how much happiness is actually there around us. The thoughtful gestures of friends and neighbors when we have to nurse someone in the family who is sick, the understanding of a task master boss when we seek his support for a very personal crisis, the unexpected performance of children in their exams or careers or the sheer joy of unexpectedly meeting up with a long lost friend are various ways in which happiness sneaks into our lives. Funerals are perhaps very poignant moments in the lives of the deceased persons family, yet a large turnout of mourners may not lessen the pain of losing a loved one but warms our hearts to know how much the deceased was loved and admired.

When we have misplaced things we are frantic. If the lost items are precious like valuables, money or a passport the panic and anxiety are terrible.  Imagine the joy of finding these lost things. In daily life we have many opportunities to spread happiness with others and in turn we enjoy the pleasure of happiness. A smile, a word of praise, a pat on the back for a job well done, helping someone carry a heavy burden or simply listening to a person make the recipient happy. Their happiness in turn is transmitted to us and we feel very nice and peaceful deep inside that we have utilized our talents to good effect. Many a time we are overjoyed when we get support from some expected source, like a bitter opponent or praise from a critic. The problem sometimes is that instead of appreciating their contribution our mind is focused on trying to find out if they have an ulterior motive. It is our attitude that determines us enjoying happiness.

If one really wants to observe how happiness sneaks into our lives every moment, make it a point to see something positive in every thing that happens in your life. This requires not just positive thinking but a very positive attitude too. Or perhaps you need to see happenings in the right perspective as the person who made this statement observed ‘ I complained because I had no shoes until I saw a person who had no feet’.

Remember:   “Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

Try this:

  1. Tonight before going to bed make a list of 5 events that disturbed you today. It could be the boss shouting at you or you being fined by a cop for a traffic violation. Now try to see the positives in the event and experience a whiff of happiness sneaking into your heart and mind.
  2. Plan out a surprise for someone least expecting it. E.g. Surprise an uncle  or aunt living all alone or one of your favorite teachers by taking time out to visit them and give them a gift and spend sometime with them. That is happiness sneaking into their lives and a lot of it rubs on to you too!

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Getting lucky

You don’t just luck into things … You build step by step, whether it’s friendships or opportunities. Barbara Bush

You prepare to be favored by luck. Just examine all the lucky breaks you got in life and you will realize that you did something effectively prior to you running into that luck. It could be simply doing the monotonous task diligently and you were noticed for promotion or doing your studies regularly and you were lucky to get some questions that most others left in option for lack of time. Many a time the luck you get is not so obvious and it is much later that you realize the break you got was due to the seeds you planted many years ago. A classic example is the friendships formed in school days. These were mostly on account of common interests, comfort level and compatibility. Sometimes, much later in life you come to value those friendships for they back you up when no one else will.

Look at those who are involved in research. There is no guarantee that their efforts will bear the fruits they hope to get. Yet their self belief, dedication and unwavering focus often leads them to achieve success simply because they didn’t quit nor change tracks when the going got tough. Look at the numerous aspiring singers. Very few of them will get that big lucky break, but it is imperative that each of them continue their study of music and practice regularly to ensure that they are prepared to grasp the lucky break with both hands. Take people in the creative field be it movies, art, advertising etc. They have to constantly churn out ideas but not all of them will click. Yet they continue to pursue their art and are assured of the right breaks.

Many a time luck is all about taking the right chances at the right time. Look at the numerous success stories of people who gave up a high paying corporate life to pursue their own dreams. Not just their fortunes but event their own quality of life might have changed for the better because he/ she took that bold step of quitting their jobs and risking it for their own venture. There are others who never gave up when told they would never amount to anything. Walt Disney and the Beatles are prime examples of those who flirted with their self belief and ran into luck. Luck is always there around the corner but you have to walk that little bit and lo and behold you will encounter her there.

Remember: Chance favors the prepared man!

Try these:

  1. Think of the two most cherished things you desire the most. It could be getting a good job, settling abroad, making a million bucks in the next year etc. Now ask yourself if you have done enough on your own to entice luck to pay you a visit? If not start doing your bit in right earnest and you can be sure luck will come calling soon.
  2. Check out your own attitude when someone gets a lucky break. Do we get jealous? Do we envy them? Do we stop to think that they deserved the lucky break? Can you visualize the price that they pay for their luck? E.g. Successful movie actors have to compromise on their privacy because of their fan following or a Award winning author is under pressure to become equally successful next time too.

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This day

Nothing is worth more than this day. Johann von Goethe

Too often we put a very high value on money and the worldly goods / possessions that money can buy. We blissfully ignore the reality that intangibles like strong family ties, harmonious relations ships and a clear conscience are far more valuable, for money can’t buy these. Yet much more valuable than all this is the moment; this very moment and the day that is formed by all the moments strung together.

The beauty of today lies in its uniqueness for each person. Although it is available in the same identical measure to every one yet it has a unique DNA that makes it so different and so special for each one of us. No two days are ever the same and when we are happy the hours fly by and when we are sad and forlorn, time almost ceases and never seems to move. The morning brings hope, the night rest and depending on how we used the opportunities of the day, we will either sleep well or sleeplessly toss and turn, feeling miserable that we can not turn the clock back.

A good day is one when we have attained all we set out to do, a day when we are blessed with good tidings and moments of bliss and ecstasy. To make every day count and become invaluable we need to realize that we have to plan our day. No doubt there will be numerous changes and adjustments required during the course of the day but the end goal will rarely change or remain unattained. Planning enables us to clarify our goals, put in place an action plan, visualize the rewards and work purposefully towards our goals. Every goal we achieve is a victory for our spirit and spurs us to redefine our goals, take up even bigger challenges and helps us realize our full potential.

While goals give us direction and a target to guide our efforts, the day itself gives us ample opportunities to grow rich in spirit, widen our horizons, expand out circle of friends, bond intimately with our family and experience the mercy and blessings of GOD. Today is yours NOW, cling tightly to its bosom and drink amply from its bounty; for tomorrow is another DAY.

Remember: Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream. Kahlil Gibran

Try these:

Analyise your day in time slots of 1 hour each. Write down what you do and how you spent your time. Do this for a week and you will find a pattern. Examine how much how time was fruit fully spent and how much was wasted. Ask yourself if a lack of planning and not having a goal contributed in some way to not using your day properly.

When you visit your doctor or dentist and you are forced to wait till you are called how do you spend your time? Do you do something meaningful or just while away your time frivolously? Does the same thing happen when you are waiting in the airports or railway stations and there are delays or do you plan something specific to take care of time available when there are delays?

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New Friendships

“Every person is a new door to a different world.”

Unless we have an exceptionally open mind, our perceptions would often influence our ability to accept people the way they are. Obviously when we get acquainted with a new person, the first impression we get, very often has a disproportionate bearing on how we interact with the person and the type of relationship we are likely to develop. While some people look very loud in their appearance and dress sense, others look too scholarly and reserved;  others look dumb and pretty while a few others have a plain jane look but have an intellectual air around them. The permutations and combinations are countless and that is the reason we forge friendships with some and wonder how some people ever have friends.

Irrespective of whether we form strong bonds with people or not, an interaction with a new person always opens the door to our heart and mind wide, to a wide variety of influences be it in the terms of culture, language, profession, religion, experiences etc. In effect, our interactions open the doors to a different world than the one we are used to or comfortable with. The new scenery may not be necessarily appealing but it is also possible that we get to see things that we never imagined. The beauty of life in its myriad splendors is revealed to us, through the our interactions with new people.

Sometimes, behind the gregarious bubbly and lively personality we discover a very lonely, sad and bitter person who seeks to be understood but limits themselves to superficial relationships. Others who seem hardened and tough reveal a childlike innocence when we get to know them better. There could be others with a petite demur, calm in temperament, cool as a cucumber but deep inside they are scheming, crooked and cunning. There will me many who are warm, full of life and genuine and yet we may not be comfortable with them simply because we envy them. Anyone new whom we meet will be different; do we make the effort to try to open the door to them and explore the world they can lead us to?

Remember: Sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down

Try these:

  1. The next time you go for a social event or party, make it a point to meet 3-5 new people (at least one of whom should be of the opposite sex) who you haven’t known before. The challenge is to know more about their family, hobby and dislikes. Also assess how you would rate the person on a friendship scale of 1 -10 with 10 being the person would be excellent to have as a friend.
  2. Check the profile of your friends. How many of them come from a different religious, cultural, language background? Do you have any single parent, divorcee, widow/ widower, amongst your friends. Do you have friends who have an age gap of over 7 years or more between you and them? Do you have friends who are in completely different professions than your own like fashion photographers, journalists, animal activists, research scientists, professional musicians, an undertaker etc. Do you think you can befriend someone with such a background in the next 3 months?

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Strong people are made by opposition, like kites that go up against the wind. Frank Harris

It is said that if you want to know the character of a person, see his/ her behavior when they face adversity. Just like iron can be molded when put into fire, we individuals are molded by the fire of adversity that tempers us. How is it that adversity actually proves beneficial to us? The answer lies in the fact that when we are put to the test, with no back up or escape route, that is when we actually use all our strengths, particularly our inner strength to face the difficulties that confront us. It is also the time when those with a weak heart might fail the test and throw in the towel, either by meek surrender or they take the extreme step of suicide.

The most common adversary is competition. Competition is a dreaded word for it means we have to fight for a share of the pie; be it market share, job opportunities or the basic amenities of life. Competition is dreaded because it is nothing but another adversary that one has to fight. Yet, it must be noted that competition is the reason we have variety, improved quality and alternates in the market place. We can be inspired by the new ideas and possibilities that are introduced by the adversary and we can then adopt and adapt them to make our space in the market place. Look at the technological revolution. It has changed the rules of the game.

Adversity also provides us the standards to benchmark ourselves. A strong adversary would force us to pull up our socks be it terms of learning, quality improvement, better customer relations or new product offerings. The same yardstick applied in our personal lives when faced with adversity, would reflect in better interpersonal relations, inspired creative thinking and better work ethics. Adversity provides us the added impetus to push our limits. It is this healthy competition that helps top notch athletes create new world records. In our lives, we may not be recognized by the world for the improvements we make but there is the great thrill of achievement that you can experience yourself, when you see the improvements, changes and achievements that you attain.

It is not just iron that uses the heat of the fire to be molded, but on the other extreme even GOLD is purified in fire and intricate designs, patterns and shapes that adorn and enhance our beauty.

Think Adversity – Think Iron – Think Gold – Be Tough- Grow Strong – Get Rich

Remember: Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.” Arthur Golden

Try these:

  1. Recollect the low points in your life. How did you meet the challenges posed by these low and depressing times? Were most of the fears and challenges that you visualized at that point, hyped by your wild imagination?
  2. Visit a palliative care center / an old age home/ a mental asylum or a hospital. Spend a day trying to cheer up the inmates. Perhaps you will come back with a feeling that you are actually blessed. Now look at your personal worries and put them in the right perspective.

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Labor disgraces no man; unfortunately, you occasionally find men who disgrace labor. Ulysses S. Grant

Work has been the one goal that has kept the human race sane active and progressive. Unlike animals, the human race has been blessed with a superior intellect, which craves to expand its horizons, seeks stimulation in adventurous pursuits and translates thoughts into action. Work provides us the horizons, the stimulation and the action to engage the human mind, satisfy the inner yearnings and explore the life beyond just waking and sleeping.

Ironically, the biblical theory that work was given to man / woman the day Adam ate the forbidden fruit and is actually a punishment for our original sin could have an element of truth because when we examine work, we find that work has too many shades, meanings, connotations and varieties. Yes, everyone without exception, be he beggar or king has to labor. While physical labor is perhaps considered low skilled and less rewarding, the white collared job has bee the prerogative of the educated and the intelligent. Alas, the white collared job comes with a major handicap of stress being major devil that tempts us with cravings to achieve more, be rewarded more but at the cost of ill health, mental trauma, lifestyle disease like diabetes and blood pressure, not to mention heart attacks.

While hunting and farming were the forerunners of what we today call work, slavery and bonded labor were the disgraceful consequences of work and workers being abused. Till recently one of the most pitiable work being done was by the lowest of the low in the social hierarchy, was carrying night soil from the lavatories. Merciful that has been banned and the emergence of more hygienic and cost effective sanitation methods have helped in eliminating this pathetic work. Yet the evils of bonded labor, child labor, racial abuse and sexual harassment at the work place continue unabashedly; a sad commentary on the progress made by man in his pursuit of progress.

Remember: The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Try these:

  1. What is you dream job? List out 5 reasons why you chose this as your dream job. Outline 7 things you think will be the troublesome areas of that job.
  2. Can you list out the 5 worst jobs in the world in your opinion. Who are the people doing these jobs and why do they do it? What are the 3 things that motivate them to do that job?
  3. If you had the resources tell us how you will tackle the problems of bonded labor, child labor, racial abuse and sexual harassment in the work place.

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Do your best

Nothing of worthy or weight can be achieved with half a mind, with a faint heart, and with a lame endeavor. Isaac Barrow

Observe children playing and you will notice, that they are enjoying with gay abandon their pursuits. If we analyze this phenomenon, you will realize that it is not just that they are doing what they like best, but giving of their best in the process and this is what doubles their joy and triples their fun. Examine our daily routine, and you will be hard pressed to find that sort of gay abandon in your routine. If you do a clinical examination of your day, it is possible that you will discover some interesting facets that you were blissfully unaware, that camouflaged your efforts from being truly satisfying and rewarding. (Before you read on, can you pause and take a pen and paper and attempt to retrace the activities of the previous two days of your life, putting it into hourly slots?)

If you have the list ready, carefully analyze it and mark out which activities and how many hours of the day gave you 100% satisfaction. Continue this analysis for 75% -50%-25%-1% and then ask yourself; what was the difference between the activity that gave you over 75% happiness and satisfaction and the one on the lower end of the scale. How many of the activities were initiated by you. How many of them were forced on to you. How of them were unavoidable? What were those activities that you did for yourself/ your family/ your friends & colleagues/ your company/ job specific etc. Can you see any correlation between activities initiated by you and higher satisfaction or activities done for yourself and family / friends and higher satisfaction? The converse must be true for the other activities.

The learning’s from the analyses done would give us the following points.

  • When we do things that we like or what we volunteer for or what motivates us, we are willing to give our 100% to that activity. Since we cannot always do what we like nor commit too much time volunteering, we need to motivate ourselves to perform a good job when there are tasks that are to be undertaken by compulsion.
  • The routine is invariably boring since it is often repetitive and has limited scope for variety. You need to be creative in tackling such tasks. Creativity can take many forms, from visualizing the task in a different way to tackling the job in a unique way or exploring alternatives to simplifying the task etc.
  •  Occasionally we get overwhelmed by the scope of the tasks on hand. This results in what we call paralysis by analysis, wherein we keep studying the task but not beginning it. The net result is procrastination and the hope is that the task will get solve over time. In reality, the criticality of the task gets increases, your anxiety levels o up and the possibility of failure keeps looming threatingly. The cure to this is to START. (See the post in  our weekly blog www.poweract.blogspot.com on Simply Trigger Actionable Results Today)
  •  We also, if we are very honesty to ourselves, realize that our personal weakness plays a critical role in poor performance. That is when we make half hearted attempts, display a shallow temperament, find excuses to justify failure, pass on blame etc. The remedy is to address the personal weakness and fortify yourself by academic inputs/ openness to feedback/ getting professional help by way of counseling or attending specialized training like Personality Development or Effective Communication Skills

Remember: To tell yourself ‘I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination’

Try These:

  1. In your daily chores / routine there would be many tasks that you fin hard to do or dislike. List out 2-5 such tasks. Now make a special effort to objectively look at each task and make 3-5 points on how you can get yourself motivated to do the task, Alternatively how can you circumvent the task or delegate it officially.( This is not avoiding the task but handing over the task to someone more competent or more interested or more prepared to do it)
  2. What are those tasks that you love to do? Are there ways to improve upon it? Can you add more value to it? Are there other tasks that you can club with it so that the net outcome is even better than the two tasks being done independently? What is it that motivates you in doing these tasks? Are there other tasks that you can take on based on similar motivational factors being present in those tasks?

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The successful person is one who had the chance and took it. Roger Babson

Chancing your arm is an old English phrase, which is not in vogue any more; it means taking a risk or a gamble. If we scrutinize the lives of the rich and the famous, without exception, every one of them had at many times chanced their arm and have come up triumphant. Very often the chance is a probability, with a real possibility of winning and a near equal probability of losing. It takes more than guts to chance your arm; it requires you to make an intelligent guess, be well prepared for the downside risk and being very clear about the upside potential and having the stomach to digest the win or loss.

To know what it feels like to take chances, play some of the card games like bluff or poker.  As the game progresses, observe the expressions on the faces of he players and you will soon get a hang of who has a good hand and who is risk averse and who are the foolish daredevils. You will soon realize that the guy on the winning spree, did not just have the good fortune of getting a good hand, but was shrewd enough to chance his arm and dexterously outwit the others. In real life, the competition is stiffer, the stakes much higher and the payoff enormous.

You need a good acumen, a strong heart and an excellent temperament to be able to chance your arm in whatever you do. Look at a basketball player attempting a 3 pointer, or the goalkeeper defending a penalty kick in soccer or an athlete attempting to break the world record. They have tremendous self belief, exude full confidence and have prepared hard to reach their objective. An interesting sidelight to this is the quirks, oddities and superstitious rituals that very often accompany some of the heroics displayed.

Seeing the big picture is a pre requisite to taking chances. This in effect means to see the risk in the correct perspective; in terms of quantum of risk, probability of success and conditions for success, the rewards of success, the effort involved, the time and scale of the activity etc. This is particularly true when the stakes are very high. Investing in a new venture, changing a line of business, changing jobs, pursuing higher education etc. have to be viewed with an eye on the payoff. A good SWOT analysis done diligently and honestly, would be a good first step before you take chances.

Remember: Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.”

Try these:

  1. Play a few rounds of bluff and/ or poker to get a feel of your own ability to take chances. Notice how small the stakes you are playing for are and yet how anxious you are about the activity. Also ask yourself, if while playing the game, you are focusing on not losing, or on just you winning or on not letting the other person win.
  2. Try to lay a few bets on your favorite team winning a game and the score line at the end of the game. Pay close attention to the parameters you paid close attention to when you laid your bets. Was the knowledge and strength o your opponent (the person who wagered against you) a very important consideration, when you laid the bet? Did you feel you had a good chance to win the bet when you wagered the bet?  Did you get an uncomfortable feeling you would lose soon after you laid the bet?
  3. Notice the difference between the first set of you playing the card games and the second set of activity where you only wagered but didn’t participate in the process that determined the outcome of your bet. Was there a difference? Did the first one make you feel more responsible and the second one make you feel it is all a matter of luck? Did you enjoy the first experience or the second one. Justify to yourself, why you got that feeling.

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The one who is intent on making the most of his opportunities is too busy to bother about luck. B.C. Forbes

It is common for us to make an observation that a successful person has been very lucky. While the fact may be partially true, we miss the big picture that any one who is successful has worked for it and by sheer dint of hard work, perseverance and acumen has achieved success. Quite often if you delve into the life of the successful person, you would discover that failure has been the stepping stone on which he / she has climbed the ladder of success.

As you would have observed in our post on “Opportunity” dated 9th Feb2010, every one of us is blessed with ample opportunities. Many of us fail recognize  it, most of us see it as an obstacle and the large majority of us are waiting for the lucky break in the form of a financial windfall, an inherited business, a sudden promotion at the work place, the abrupt departure of superior etc. The question we need to ask is, when the lucky break comes are you prepared to make the best of it?

Note a very insightful observation of the legendry golfer Gary Player, when he said “The harder I work, the luckier I get”. He simply stated the key to success; Hardwork. Hardwork is not simply ploding along; then a mule would be very successful, it isn’t just being faithful and diligient; then a dog would do a better job nor is it just blood, toil, tears and sweat; the Churchill mantra. Hardwork is all these and more; a focused approach to work, a thoughtful application of mind and physique to the tasks on hand, an insightful scanning of work environment  and adding value to all you do. The lucky breaks will pop up at the right moment, which is actually all the time; are you observant, opportunistic and dynamic enough to grab them, even when they often appear masquerading as problems to be solved, obstacles to be overcome and challenges that cannot be sidestepped. Go beyond the obvious- and for once you will find the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Remember: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Try these:

  1. Name three personalities who you think are very lucky. Can you list out the luck they have had or was it just your intuition that they were lucky? When these people got their lucky breaks was it by accident or was it in the course of their daily work / profession that they were blessed with luck?
  2. Visit the following website http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/ and can you outline what were the lucky breaks the hero Nick Vujicic got in life? Do also visit the video links
to get more inspired and to realize how LUCKY YOU are!
  1. In what way do you want to get lucky? If it is money you want, have you purchased a lottery ticket? Objectively ask yourself if you are ready to take the lucky break when it comes; have you the confidence, the expertise, the knowledge, the skills, the leadership qualities, the decision making ability, the man management skills, etc

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