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Your dreams have no expiry date

35 -Your dreams have no expiry dateIt is that time of the year when most of us subconsciously rewind the tape of our life with reference to the year gone by. We certainly do fondly recollect the good events and times, we may also painfully remember the hard times that passed us by. However, what we dwell on often are the numerous lost opportunities, the chances we did not take, the actions that we could have done differently and possibly got another outcome and the slow motion picture of the broken new year resolutions, the plans that never took off and the remorse of having wasted our time either because we didn’t get around to chasing our dream or because our dream didn’t materialize despite our best efforts.

It is easy to brood. Easier still is to give up on our dreams. So then we decide that making New Year Resolutions is a waste of time an exercise in futility or we rationalize that it is a silly custom or idea. If at all we get down to writing some resolutions we might resolutely decide not to add any of the previous year’s unfinished work since it brings back painful memories. That leaves us with broken dreams, unfulfilled hopes and a sense of regret and frustration. Fortunately time is a great healer. It is also a great leveler. Far more important is the fact that we are blessed with an imagination and can dream bigger and if we commit ourselves to realizing this dream you can do it. Dreams have no expiry date so no matter what age you are, no matter what the size of your dream, no matter what impediments you visualize along the way; if you write down your dream and commit it to it and start working on attaining it, you will wake up and live your dream.

Define and develop your dream – Having a wish or a hope is merely making castles in the air. To have a realistic dream one has to define it in terms of a tangible goal and develop it by outlining all the intermediate steps that one has to progress through before realizing the dream. The more vivid the dream the more purposeful and realistic it becomes for there is shape and structure that one can identify with. Doing well in an exam is too vague as compared to having an aim of scoring 80%. When the later is clearly defined, it is relatively more easy to outline the steps required to reach it.

Revise and reorganize your plans – While one must be largely rigid and hold fast to the dream one has, one must make allowances for changes around, unanticipated hiccups, a drastic change in the assumptions made and even revision forced by pragmatic considerations. While the goal is not to be diluted or changed the means to the goal could undergo a major metamorphosis. This is merely to ensure that one is realistic and in tune with the circumstances prevailing.

Expect and experience difficulties – Even the most well laid out plans may not go as expected. There will be delays, obstacles, confusion, differences of opinion, dilemmas to be resolved along the way. This is to be expected because life is never linear and we need to adapt to the flow. Experiences will prepare us better to meet bigger emergencies and also sometimes assist us in reframing our path or expanding our goal.

Act and attain progress – Paralysis by analysis is a common refrain. This happens because most times we try to ensure perfection in plans, little realizing that this is an oxymoron. The key to attaining anything in life is action. By initiating the action we begin our quest to glory. Action is painful, it requires effort, it needs sustainace and most of all it means commitment. As a couplet goes’ Sitting still and waiting makes no person great; the good lord sends the fishing, but you must dig the bait.

Make and meet success – Dreams are not realized by accident; they are to be made by dint of good planning, hard work and complete commitment. You meet your dreams not when asleep but when you awaken to the reality that you have built it. Even as you read this post many thoughts are swirling in your mind. Some may find the post inspirational, others mere shrug it off as one amon many such proclamations, others may have more to say and many would want the learning from the post to work for them. The question is ‘What are you going to do after reading this?’

Try these:

  • Make a list of last year’s New Year Resolutions that you never attempted or didn’t progress in any worthy manner. If you haven’t even made any resolutions last year make a list now.
  • Commit yourself to one social service resolution. Now work out a plan to ensure that you spend at least 20 days in a year in pursuit of that goal. If possible also outline what you expect to achieve when pursuing this goal, by the year end Dec 2016.
  • Is there a change you plan to bring about in your habits / mannerisms / style of functioning / relationships that you hope will make you an even better person? Outline the steps you propose to bring about this change in you.

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Our two lives

4-28 Feb 15-Our two livesWe are not talking about this life and after life. Yet in a matter of sorts, it is an afterlife that comes, once we realize that for the larger part of our life we have been either living someone else’s dream or pursuing a life driven by fear of the unknown, greed for the insatiable and to compete with the worldly ways of those around us. Expectations, comparisons and subordination to others are the three root causes for us unknowingly leading a life not that we would love to lead but one that we force ourselves to lead.

To really live and lead the life that you crave, it is essential that a person be aware of who sets the expectations for you and what are those expectations. Often it is family but it could also be neighbors, teachers and other influential people in our life. They would, with good intent subtly nudge you to tread the beaten path, the one that many others have successfully trod on. Alas that deprives you of the opportunity to explore your dreams, your ideas, give expression to your talents and take risks that would give you a thrill. You will also soon be burdened by the comparisons made by others be it peers, friends, parents, extended family and well meaning influencers about your potential and the success possible. They would also subtly point out to you role models and equally subtly attempt to draw comparisons between you and them. Finally you succumb under the weight of the comparisons and expectations and unwittingly subordinate your dreams to those set by others. You will not take risks, be constrained to meet the standards set by others, possibly also lower your own standards of ethics and morals simply to cope with the demands placed on you.

Once you realize that you cannot afford to waste your life simply because you have just one life, that is when wisdom dawns on you to push aside all external pressures and to follow your heart and your dreams. To do this is not easy but it is very much possible. All you need to do is…

Let your passion lead you. Once you discover what you are passionate about, you will find a hundred different ways in which to pursue it. You will find a way to make every obstacle a stepping stone, every failure a learning experience and create opportunities where none exist. However, finding one’s passion is challenging because there are so many competing and lucrative alternatives that catch our fancy. Let our passion be something that wakes up each day with enthusiasm, make us feel confident of attaining and gives us reason to celebrate when going to bed each night.

Be disciplined. When a person is following his / her passion, nothing is every boring, dull or useless. You have a goal and you map out the way to attain that. However apathy, laziness and casualness are pitfalls that derail even the best laid out plans. You should be motivated, self driven, hardworking and optimistic to walk the talk and make things happen.

Have faith. Far too often, when we encounter some difficulties or impediments or roadblocks to our well laid out plans we tend to worry and even panic. We try alternatives but lack the conviction or self belief that the alternatives will work. Unfortunately we also expect quick changes that we seek and when these do not seem to happen we give up. We then tend to believe that the well intentioned suggestions of others could perhaps be the answer rather than the well thought out and passionate goals you have set for yourself. The key to realizing your passion and leading a life of fulfillment and contentment is in believing in your own abilities and goals.

Have no regrets. When one travels the road less travelled, often it is a lonely path that one furrows. You will experience discouragement, difficulties and disappointments along the way. At times the effort seems wasted, other times the goal seems too distant and occasionally you would wonder if you made a mistake. Never ever regret the courageous steps you took to live your dreams and lead your life. Every moment of that journey is an experience, a challenge you set for yourself and a step forward to your goals.

Try this:

What are the three alternative career choices you would have made if you had another chance today. ( Ensure that these are not wild thoughts but something that is possible even today ) Now list out what is holding you back from pursuing those dreams. Can you work around these to take a shot at what you are most passionate about?

If you haven’t already tried do you think you could attempt to explore your interests and talents in the following

  • Being a chef
  • Becoming a magician or juggler
  • Trying you hand as a Master of Ceremonies / Stand up comedy
  • Becoming a writer / photographer / artist
  • A guide at a museum / art gallery / nature trail
  • Be a coach for any sport in which you are competent

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No matter how you feel

19-30 Sept- 14 No matter how you feel

At some time or the other, especially on Monday mornings many of us are prone to feel lazy, lousy and lethargic. There are other times particularly when we have a tough task on hand or hard nut customer appointment or times when we have to convey bad news or fire people, when we are beset with the same feeling of despondency and inadequacy. Those are the times when we are challenged to bring to the fore our inner strength, push our core beliefs to the test and above all discover the leader within us.

Avoiding the task is merely postponing the problem. Ignoring the challenge would be lying to ourselves. Delegating the unpleasant to others would be an admission of inadequacy to take on responsibility. The solution lies in being brave, bold and brazen enough to banish your apprehensions and take the bull by the horns. This is best done in the following ways

Believe that you are duty bound– Everyone has a task to perform and you are duty bound to execute all that is entrusted to you. A forest ranger at great peril to his life will confront poachers just as a fireman or solider will put his / her life on the line in fulfilling his/her duties. Do you think your tasks / duties are more life threatening or dangerous? Perhaps laziness or complacency is an unwitting companion in your life which saps your motivation and zeal to hit work. Time to be aware, awake and act decisively; get up, dress up, show up for starters.

Be aware that this is testing time – Every exam time was full of stress, anxiety and apprehension for even the toppers. Most exams were planned events and we always had time to prepare. In daily life the tests are frequent, mainly unexpected and largely challenge our self belief, self discipline and resilience. Once you realize this, it is relatively easier to accept the challenges, act decisively and have a never give up attitude.

Act with prudence, passion and fairness – When we indulge in anything reluctantly, we are tempted to treat the act with contempt, seethe with anger and do the task haphazardly with the sole intent of completing it. The outcome of such hasty, tardy and reluctant effort will nearly always be slipshod and barren. Once the decision to take on the challenge is made, then doing a good job must be the only driving force. This demands we suppress our negative emotions, delve into our strengths and act with prudence, passion and fairness to achieve the b est results.

Have no regrets – There are times when despite our best efforts we do not attain success. Imagine the plight of the person standing second; it is not for lack of effort or ability but perhaps merely because of a mistake or an extra ordinary performance by the winner. However the person standing second will never regret the effort put in or the sacrifices made because the fruits of one’s labor will always be sweet for they are earned with daring, sweat and toil.

Try this:

Identify 3 aspects of your daily work life that you dislike but cannot avoid. Now for each of these, jot down 2 things that you think make this task meaningful. Next time you perform this task think of the 2 meaningful aspects of the task and see how it makes you do the task with less consternation.

You have been gifted 2 tickets for a very prized event. You are excited and all set to go for the event with your best friend. However on the previous evening of the event you are asked to urgently go to a work site in a different city on an urgent assignment lasting 2 days. How would you rationalize the complete change of plans to yourself so that you can still do meaningful and satisfying work despite the unfortunate change in plans?

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Guide post to a fuller life…

13-11-It is not...The essence of life is in living it to the full; making the best of the opportunities that are there for the taking; overcoming the inevitable challenges that one would encounter along the way with equanimity and exuding with joy when reaching various destinations along the way. Yet each one of us would have some complain or the other, feel dejected and overwhelmed at times and most of us remain clueless as to how to make each day count as a blessing.


The focus of today’s post is on a 4 point agenda that should serve as guideposts to living our life to the full.


If only is a common lament oft repeated, in which we tend to look back and moan about our ill fortune be it our economic, social, academic background which we think has given us a handicap in achieving our dreams. For sure those with better economic, social, academic backgrounds start off with an advantage there is nothing that prevents us from bettering ourselves and finding our niche in life. However this is possible only if we know what is our Goal in life. A goal gives us something to work towards, helps us focus better and provides us the motivation to achieve. Every goal achieved is a success that adds to the thrill of life.  Your background means nothing… your destination is everything.


Getting up each morning is relatively easier then getting going. Look back at the excitement and eagerness with which we looked forward to the early dawn when going for a picnic or an outing. Can we replicate the same enthusiasm every morning? It is the mundaneness of daily chores, the repetitive nature of what we do, the noticeable lack of excitement once we get up that zaps our energies, makes us dull and leaves us dissatisfied and frustrated over the week. We get pepped at the thought of the weekend only to lapse again into a quagmire of self inflicted moroseness and victim syndrome. The key is in discovering some sort of Passion in the tasks on hand. The job on hand is part of life… you have to bring life into that job.


Having a fancy job title or belonging to an elite club or having a string of academic and social accolades might help one become charged up and possibly also get a head start in what we do. However remaining on top, earning respect and becoming a role model requires taking risks, accepting challenges, exploring new frontiers and overcoming failure. The key here is Fortitude. This is born out of self belief and the ability to go that extra mile because you believe that beyond that horizon lies a wondrous discovery.  It easy to take risks with a safety net below… taking a leap of faith is a different ball game but well worth it.


Each moment we are bombarded with a million different ideas, thoughts, and possibilities. Yet except when we are forced to by circumstances, we stick to the tried and the tested path. Often we carry the impression that exploiting and experimenting with offbeat thoughts and ideas is largely the prerogative of Artistes, thinkers, scientists and the line. Having a Vision is every individuals prerogative and subconsciously we do give expression in our dressing, in the way we do up our homes, in our expression of likes and dislikes and in making our choices. However what we fail to realize is that we suppress our vision with the hammer of pragmaticsm thus vetoing our thoughts idea and possibilities even before they get a chance to bloom. Knowledge gives us the theory… vision is the seeing the theory work in the mind, believing in it and then making it happen.


To live a full life, begin by visioning your goal, discovering your passion and then tightly hug each moment with a zealous fortitude born out of self belief. Now feel the difference and discover a new you!


Try this:

  • List out 5 exotic holiday destinations ( 1 in the mountain, 1 near the sea/ beach, 1 in the Jungle, 1 Overseas and 1 within 200 kms of your current place of stay, none of which you have been to before ) and then plan out your holiday to any one of them in the coming year.  
  • Irrespective of the occasion, for the next 3 functions / occasions where you have to carry a gift, try to give a completely offbeat gift. ( Hint : it could be as varied as a potted plant, a cute pet, a handy man tool kit etc.)

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Discover yourself and stand out…

Write down the 5 nicest things anyone has spoken about you before you read any further. It could be a compliment, an appreciation, a prediction, a hope expressed, a special reference to quality/ talent/ behavior and / or just congratulations on something achieved.  Now introspect about how often or frequently you have been bestowed these encouraging feedback.  If you have written down/ outlined all of what you were told to do above you are ready to read further for you have just displayed your ability to believe in yourself and leverage that ability to discover the ‘power of the individuality in you

Almost all of us have been subjected to warnings, cautions, threats, discouragement and also perhaps heaped insults, more often than the times we got praise, encouragement, appreciation and respect be it from well meaning parents, siblings, friends, teachers, peers or superiors. The most common negative feedback we get begins in childhood when we are regularly told NOT TO do this or that thereby retraining our natural child like curiosity and the ability to freely explore and discover. In school days we are constantly berated to study, score well, aim for the top spot and regularly exhorted to excel in every endeavor. If we did not have the natural ability to excel in academics as reflected in the formal examination results we dreaded the resulting tirade and learned to be deaf to the unrelenting criticism. At the same time, we didn’t dare pursue out other natural talents be it painting, singing, dancing, sports etc. for we were constantly reminded that our future lay in academic excellence.

Yet despite all these limitations, most of us learned to enjoy our pursuits, unconsciously discover our potential and indulged in our passions without seeking approval of parents or teachers or elders. This is a result of the flowering of our individuality.   Our uniqueness lies in us being able to chalk out a personalized roadmap for ourselves, our ability to shut out the negatives and foresee the success that awaits us. Often we have to grapple with our own self doubts, overcome our lack of confidence, deftly maneuver through occasional failures and regularly rediscovering ourselves. Yet many of us hesitate to completely surrender ourselves to our inner cravings and natural urge mainly because we cannot see ourselves fitting into the expectations of the world around us be it our family, friends or society.  As a result we take great pains to adapt, mould and fit into  what we believe the world expects us to become whilst we are being suffocated, hurt and subconsciously fighting to be set free.

Now look at the list you wrote down when you began reading this post. Ask yourself what you have done to justify the faith expressed in you and your potential. Have you been able to latch on to the encouragement, the faith and the abilities that others expressed in you? Do you still believe that the real you and your unique individuality can be showcased to the world? What is it that you can do, that you can ecstatically embrace, get passionately involved in and help you stand out and be noticed.  Isn’t it time now, that you stop living someone else’s dream and instead give expression to your individuality?

Action Points:

  1. Can you outline the various career choices that you thought about in your school days. Are any of those choices still something that excites you? Is it practical for you to still pursue it today? If the answer to the last question is YES, go on and start working on attempting that choice in the next couple of months.
  2. Find out more about people who have achieved something notable despite having these limitations
  • Being blind
  • Being physically handicapped
  • Being illiterate
  • Being orphaned
  • Being mentally challenged
  • Being a midget or dwarf

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Tips to identify your passion…

“If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.”   T. Alan Armstrong

With rare exceptions for the vast majority of people finding ones passion is a challenge. Part of the problem stems from the fact that during our formative years we seem to flirt with various interests and likings and over time we grow out of our obsession with many of these. The other problem is that ironically,  almost always what we are truly interested in, invariably does not guarantee financial security nor opens up possibilities of good career prospects and if they are unconventional interest they would never meet parental approval or find favor with our well wishers. Confusion, dilemma and indecision are three emotions that overwhelm us and douse the lingering spark of passion if any. Thereafter we become robotic, controlled by what we loosely term as fate, destiny and convention. The fact though is that our passion tugs at our heart strings but we plead haplessness and go on with the business of life less enthused, more frustrated and definitely dissatisfied.

Is it possible to somehow identify ones passion by cutting through the clutter in our mind, by pinpointing what can truly become our real interest and which can motivate, enthuse and propel our life? For those still searching for his/ her passion here are a few pointers to locate that elusive North Star in one’s own heart and mind.

What gets you all excited?  Yes movies, parties, gossip, lazing around, sports, holidays etc would top the list. It would help though if this list also contains a list of at least one or two subjects that you studied in school days or maybe in college to ensure that all those years of education are not considered wasted. Now add a list of alternative career choices that you always fancied. So now you have a wide variety of stuff that gets you excited.

What is that you never get bored of? What is it that will get you of the couch and sweat it out because you can’t resist it? Topping the list will be talking on phone, gossiping, texting, surfing the net, eating, sleeping etc. Now widen the list by adding those activities that got a lot of approval from family, friends, peers and even perhaps some of those who are jealous of you. Lengthen the list by adding a wish list of career choices that you fancied.

Do you have the aptitude and attitude to make your interest your life goal? Perhaps a close hard look at the choices you have listed earlier by holding it up against the mirror of your personality that reflects your aptitude and attitude will enable you to clear see some choices emerging as truly something that you really love and are passionate about.

Would you be thrilled doing what you are doing even if you were to die a pauper, unrecognized and perhaps ostracized by society too? The final test is in making choices and seeing it against the light of the reality check.  The reality check is simple; see if your passion surfaces even if you have no one to support you, even if there are lots of doubting Thomas’s who attempt to dissuade you. Are you so excited about what you want to do that you are willing to risk failure, prepared to battle single handed and are sure that your enthusiasm will neither wane nor your spirit weakened because you are doing what you really want to do.

The real test though is to tweak your passion to ensure you come closest to enjoying what you do. This is essential because only the exceptionally lucky person gets to pursue his/ her own passion in it is original form.  Eg. You might want to be a filmy hero but if you are not really talented perhaps you can still find a niche space in the industry that enables you pursue your interest in films.

Remember: “Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion.”  Hebbel

 Try this:

  1. Name 3 of your passionate career choices in the following fields:
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Marine related
  • Law enforcement
  1. What are the offbeat careers you can think of in the following fields  (one example each is given for your ready reference)
  • Entertainment business e.g. Film critic
  • Financial services sector e.g. being a technical analyst
  • Education sector e.g. special needs educator
  • In the business of LIFE e.g. being a funeral director

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A firm will

It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it. General Douglas MacArthur

Every day is a challenge, a war with our emotions, our feelings, our thoughts and our experiences. Most times we win the battle because we are prepared mentally and ensure that we are well equipped to meet the challenges with a positive attitude, a firm determination and a fighting spirit. On the occasions when we are defeated, dispirited and desperate we tend to lose hope, fail to see the learning from the experience and instead are tempted to throw in the towel. Fortunately for us more often than not our will to win will energize our spirit and keep us going to fight another day.

The reality of life is that, for us to achieve anything or attain anything, we must have a strong motivation, a passionate desire and a very firm will and determination. Look back at the school days and visualize the passionate competition indulged in by the toppers be it in academics, sports or extra circular activities. Can you recollect some of the more innovative techniques and styles of these people, the constant studies or practice they endured and the numerous distractions they overcame in order to unwaveringly attain their goal? The will is not just any commitment but a steadfast refusal to be distracted by anything be it happy or sorrow filled, challenging and risky and / or routine or experiential.

Look at boxers in a ring and the sheer brutality of the game is a classic example of how the will becomes central to the success of the ultimate winner.  While good technique, stamina, physical fitness, power packed punches etc. are all very vital elements, the winners are able to take a punishment and inflict worse on the opponent and this is made possible by drawing on their determination and will. The sufferings we undergo may not be physically so challenging but mentally and emotionally they can be torturous and we would need to draw upon all our inner strength and self belief to overcome the pain and hurt.

A strong will is quite different from being obstinate. The former is focused and clear and we are convinced we must tread during our journey through life, whereas obstinacy is a more emotional, less rational and possibly a rather radical approach. When we have the will it is a conscious and planned approach that takes into account the upside gains and the downside losses and lets the circumstances determine our commitment. On the other hand when we are obstinate we are committed no matter what the situation. Obstinacy is often triggered by our ego, our perceived but mistaken notion of our invincibility and our itch to prove a point. Many a war is actually played in the mind; we need to acknowledge a problem, we would have to make painful decisions with regards to how to tackle it and there are times when we have to simply step back and withdraw to avoid more humiliation and misery. Then we may live to fight another day and win.

Remember: “So many of our dreams at first seem Impossible, then they seem Improbable, and then when we Summon the Will, they soon become Inevitable. Christopher Reeve

Try this:

  1. Name 3 things that you envy, that is owned by a friend who is of comparable financial status and background as you. Now make a determined will to also acquire it within a determined time frame and be prepared to make sacrifices for it. Experience the joy when you actually acquire it.
  2. For the New Year, make your New Year resolutions list. Ensure that there are at least 3 personal habits or personal changes that you want to make in the coming year. E.g. To be more punctual at work or to spend less time on the internet etc.

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Courage of conviction

God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right, even though I think it is hopeless. Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

All of us have the ability to passionately argue for what we believe is the right point of view and we can be both very adamant and equally vehement in sticking to our point of view even if those opposing us pick a few holes in our arguments. However, when it comes to actually standing up for our point of view when it matters, very very few of us have the courage and tenacity to take up the cause and pursue the matter till its logical end. In our previous post yesterday, we talked about ‘translating good intentions into actual deeds and this is precisely what we are focusing on today. We often give up not because we do not believe in our cause but we think it is a hopeless case since there may be a lot of vested interests in the opposing point of view, the opponents are far too strong, we lack the guts or we simply rationalize that the end result is just not worth the fight.

One reason most of us do not commit to what we believe in is because, far too many of us are armchair critics. It is easy to be one. All we need to do is spout our criticisms loudly, vehemently and dogmatically. If we out smarted all we need to do is sulk and slink away. Other times we can wave the flag of our beliefs and loudly proclaim that we were part of the original rooters for the belief even though we may have done nothing note worthy other than lending our lung power. You will find many such people in social service organizations, voluntary organizations and in social gatherings. In fact we see our own conversations in get together and parties, it invariably revolves around criticizing the government, the organizers, the local administration, our surroundings and society. In almost all cases, we would never ever offer our services in addressing the issue nor would we volunteer to be part of a set up which is keen to solve the problem.

For us to bite the bullet when it comes to standing up for our point of view, the first essential is a passionate belief in our point of view. Unless one is passionate about the cause, it is very difficult to convince ourselves that the fight is worth it. One reason many of us are not too passionate about things is because we are comfortable with the idea that the world maybe be in turmoil and it is best we adjust to it. Nothing then can shake us from our ‘ignorance is bliss’ attitude unless of course we get directly sucked into a problem. Often by then, we do not have too many backers for us for most of friends have subtlety hinted that our problems is ours and they can only sympathize. The second requirement is developing a tenacious attitude. This is partly inborn but largely the result of having developed not mere sympathy but a nature that is empathically inclined. This means that we don’t just stand by and acknowledge a problem but actively get involved in solving it. This requires patience to understand, a willingness to be involved and courage to commit to the cause.

Remember: You will see it when you believe it

Try this:

  1. Pick up at least 2 social causes one related to the general concerns of society and one related to a passion of yours and outline 5 ways you can actively contribute to it. Eg. You could be interested in the improving the general hygiene of your locality and also be passionate about cause regarding pets.
  2. Identify one old age home, one orphanage, one school for the physically challenged and another for the mentally challenged. Now make a beginning by visiting each one in turns once in two months at least. Examine your feelings, your learning, your changing style of empathy etc.

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Taking up challenges

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything? ”Vincent van Gogh

Even as I write on this quote, I can see its relevance immediately. I have just returned from an exhausting day long trip and it is 1.30 am but since I haven’t written the blog I am determined to do it. However I was assailed by self doubts, my body was screaming with tiredness and the urge to throw in the towel very compelling. However the quote jabbed my conscious hard and injected a fresh dose of enthusiasm, partly by its compelling truth but mainly by its taunting challenge.

Many of us would have gone through a similar crisis where the spirit seems willing but the flesh perceives itself to be weak. These are the critical times in life when we need to find our inner resources deep within us and motivate ourselves to pick up the challenge. Despite our personal misgivings we must plod on in hope and then we will be pleasantly surprised to discover that we had badly underestimated ourselves. This new discovery about ourselves triggers a chain reaction and suddenly we find that we are more energized, very positive and find courage to welcome more challenges. Our life suddenly seems a lot different than what it was when we merely breathed, ate and lived devoid of too much of plan, purpose or passion.

Unless we have a plan for ourselves, we would be simply drifting through life with neither any interest nor any focus. The unrealized potential of the numerous people we know, clearly vindicates the reality that without a plan people are bound to exist but  end up wasting their abilities, talents and potential. On the other hand the numerous success stories of the apparently average person, sharply focuses attention on how these individuals identified their core strengths and formulated a plan to leverage that strength. For a plan to succeed there must be larger purpose to which it is aligned. The purpose that we are set to focus on must be positive in tone, create value and generate goodwill. Corporate mission and vision statements reflect the purpose and plan of the organization.

No plan or purpose by itself gives results unless backed by passion. It is when the inner urge overrides the negative emotions that we actually gain courage and confidence for then we are sized by the need to accomplish and succeed. When we lack courage to attempt we are setting ourselves up for failure. Passion provides that one critical ingredient that ignites mind, body and soul to align as one, work in tandem and persevere even if our initial attempts fail. Our reward is in the exuding that we stuck to our task and achieved what we set out to do. The one common trait in all those who have  no passion is reflected in them behaving like wimps constantly complaining, frequently failing and wallowing in self pity. Unless one dares to attempt we will never realize the true potential we have within us be it our talents, abilities or skills. The most important lesson would be the discovery that failure never kills, opportunities need to be sought out and exploited and success is yours for the asking if you have to courage to attempt again and again.

Remember: “You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try.”  Beverly Sills

Try this:

  1. Outline the three passions you were keen to indulge in but never did. Choose one of these passions and make a determined bid to be fully committed to that passion. Eg. Wanting to play the mouth organ
  2. Examine some of your worst fears. Choose one and plan with a purpose as to  how you will go about minimizing your fears. Start working on that fear an attempt to regain your confidence. E.g. You  are scared of snakes. Begin by watching some program on snakes on TV. Thereafter try to visit a snake park and if bold enough to handle  a snake.

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Passion leads the way

A strong passion for any object will ensure success, for the desire of the end will point out the means. William Hazlitt

Passion is all about surrendering to ones heart’s desire and relentlessly pursuing, being fanatically possessive and obsessively visualizing, success. Many of us have passions which unfortunately get watered down, wilt and wither under the pressure of being forced to confirm to the set norms of family, society and the world at large. In a hugely competitive world, there is a huge risk in straying off the beaten track for no one sides with a failure and success is unfortunately measured by the financial well being of an individual. Yet if we scan the surroundings we would be pleasantly surprised to note that there are so many people who are happily and successfully pursing their passions though not all maybe as financially well off as they would ideally love to be.

Success is all about making a mark in the world we live in. Passions provides us the impetus to make a success off whatever we set out to do. Many of us are clueless about what and where we want to go in life but our childhood interests, dreams and obsessions would provide us a good compass reading to map our future. Let us say a person is crazy about football. He is a decent player but is well aware that he is not cut out for competitive football or a professional league. Yet if he is really passionate about the game, he will find avenues to be professionally involved with the sport. He could be a coach, a physio, a fitness trainer, a referee, sports administrator etc. In a similar vein if one were to express a desire to follow ones hearts desire and become a naturalist or a social worker, a lot of eyebrows would be raised and well meaning friends and family would try their best to dissuade the person from a profession they view as non conformists and fraught with insecurity. Yet, there are so many people who have embraced their passions and are enjoying their profession and life.

Passion holds the key to overcoming all obstacles that threaten to derail ones carefully laid out plans. Finance is one of the biggest obstacles that frustrates and disheartens those who attempt to trust their passion. Support from those around is also hard to get when our passions are completely at variance with the standards of those around. Self belief takes a beating when people inject doses of doubts and make us swallow the bitter pill called fear of the unknown. However if one were to be really passionate, fate throws us various life lines and if we set our sails right we will definitely catch the right winds that will steer us to our shores.

When one is passionate one not only enjoys the activity but more than that one is prepared to take risks. It is this risk taking ability that ultimately proves to be the decider when evaluating the way forward. It is true that not all risk takers succeed, but it is certain that those who succeed definitely took risks. Passion ignites in us the desire to achieve, stimulates our creativity and drives us with a single minded purpose towards setting our heart mind and body to align and achieve our dreams.

Remember: “When work, commitment, and pleasure all become one and you reach that deep well where passion lives, nothing is impossible.”

Try this:

  1. Ask yourself what was your favorite subject in school. Are you doing anything remotely connected with that subject? Do you miss that subject? Do you think you can do something to rekindle your love for that subject? Perhaps you can write on that subject, maybe you can take tuitions or teach that subject.
  2. Do check out the links on Steve Irwin the Crocodile man in your tube to understand what it means to be passionate and take risks. Here is one link for you  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HgHhHNC92M

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