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Life is fun if you can find a purpose and passion

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Look around and identify those people who seem lackluster, disillusioned and despondent. The one common thread in their life that significantly contributes to this state of living is the lack of purpose in their life and their inability to find a passion to motivate them. It is possible that at times each of us too has gone through the misery of facing a bleak and dreary day, week, month or at times a much longer period. So how does purpose and passion influence us? Is there a way to find our purpose and passion? How can I make best use of the purpose and passion that I identify? Answers to these three questions form the crux of today’s post.

So how does purpose and passion influence us?

Without a purpose, there is no worthwhile goal that we can pursue. It is the purpose that gives us a direction, a road map to the future and a reason to strive. The purpose in the short term could keep changing but it would be by and large be in sync with the larger purpose we have for our life mission. E.g. The purpose of going to school would initial start of as learning to read and write. As we progress the purpose would change to learning a wide variety of subjects. It could further change to getting degree. It could then change to being a stepping stone to a career. The larger purpose though could also change over time but it would be the outcome of thinking and reflection and would not change color as often as our short term purpose. E.g. I want to be a successful person. At some point this could change to I want to be a change agent in society or I hope to make a difference to the environment around or I just want to be a diligent, upright and respected citizen.

The passion is the fire in your belly that helps you peruse relentlessly the purpose set out. Without passion, you would lack the motivation, the commitment, the inspiration and zest to meet the challenges that are bound to crop up as you journey through life. Your passion makes the journey more endurable, the challenges more manageable and the goal more covetable.

Is there a way to find our purpose and passion?

Finding a purpose and passion in life is like finding the holy grail of life. It exists but it is incognito, it appears but fades quickly and it beckons seductively only to teasingly remain elusive. Yet it is possible for one to decipher it by focused attention and imaginative analysis. Focus on areas of interests, activities that excite you, areas in which you excel, aspects of life that engage your mind more often, arenas that capture your imagination. Be aware also of those topics, subjects, activities that you are most naturally drawn to or those about which you read more intensely or those that you have a natural flair for or skills that you are complimented for. Obviously there would be varied topics, subjects and activities that would vie for your attention at different times. Yet there would be a couple of areas that engage you much more than the others. Your purpose and passion are hidden in this little maze. With experience and maturity, fresh ideas, new thoughts and a changing world view would deeply influence and possibly alter your purpose and passion. E.g. Your passion could be photography and you find a purpose in documenting through photography wild life or news. Once you have achieved a measure of success and professionalism, your purpose could shift to sharing your expertise with others and your passion could change to being a teacher of the subject.

How can I make best use of the purpose and passion that I identify?

Learn with intensity – This is a lifelong purpose. While the subject experts and the text books will add tremendous value there is no substitute for experiential learning. Learn by using all the senses.

Explore with daring – The best experience is got when one moves out of the comfort zone and ventures into unknown territory  all the time being aware of the risk but not being foolhardy.

Temper your purpose and passion – Expertise and success could be dizzying and tempt one to feel almost invincible and that is what one needs to be cautious about and avoid falling into the trap of being reckless or foolish.

Enjoy the process – There will always be challenges, doubts, frustrations and criticism along the way; but that should not let you not enjoy the larger process of pursing your purpose with passion.

Share whole heartedly– Whatever you achieve or any success you attain must be shared; this need be in monetary terms alone but also in terms of sharing the learning, encouraging others, disseminating information and being a friend philosopher and guide to those who are struggling along the way.

Try this:

Here is a picture shared with me. The task for you is to locate the leopard in the picture.

Do you see the leopard

Identify one childhood passion/ dream that is not yet fulfilled. Over the next one month prepare a scrap book or PPT that will be testimony to others about how passionate you were about that dream.

How would you tackle the following situations if your spouse / best friend hates it.

  • You love to travel.
  • You are passionate about dogs
  • You love to gorge on Chinese cuisine
  • Your favorite color is blue
  • You love long treks and hikes

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Let your passion guide you

The conclusions of passion are the only reliable ones. Soren Kierkegaard

Unless one feels strongly about an issue, action is not spontaneous and in all probability the effort if any will be lackadaisical.  This in effect is at the heart of today’s post. Pause for a moment and evaluate all the things that you are passionate about; food, movies, books, travel etc. You will definitely ensure that despite your busy schedule there is a slot available to ensure that you can indulge in your passion. While it is true that we can be more effective if we are organized, we can be exceptionally effective if we identify our passions and organize things around our passions for then what has to be done is not a chore but a pleasure.

Most of unfortunately are text bookish in our approach to life, thereby using logic and reasoning as pivots around which we build our future. There is nothing wrong with this approach since we must be practical and realistic in embracing the future as much as in harnessing the present. However the reality is that we would be even better of if we simply let our heart choose the path ahead and then let logic and reasoning take over to ensure that we have control over what we set out to do. Stop and ask yourself if you are really doing what you always wanted to do? Did you choose your career path or did people influence your choice and are you happy you listened to them? If you answer NO to any of the two questions, it definitely means that there could perhaps have been a better alternative if you just listened to your inner passion.

Is it too late to change tracks? That depends on how strongly you feel about your current state of affairs. However, it is never too late to start indulging in your passion and incorporating that if possible in your current work life, personal life and social life. Assume you are an accountant but you would have loved to be a musician. It is possible that you didn’t peruse your passion because when you did a reality check you realized that you were not top draw in your field. So it is a good thing that you chose a good profession of being an accountant. Yet, you can still moonlight with your musical inclinations. Play for a local band, record and upload your music on the net, teach music to people, play for the local choir etc. You will suddenly experience a thrill that is hard to describe and I can bet you will be reinvigorated too.

The message is simple, it is never too late to indulge in your passion and you can bet that life will be even more fun. Don’t let reasoning, logic and excessive analysis clip your wings; spread out your wings and reach for the skies riding the wind of passion that will help you soar every single day.

Remember: “If there is no passion in your life, then have you really lived? Find your passion, whatever it may be. Become it, and let it become you and you will find great things happen FOR you, TO you and BECAUSE of you.” T. Alan Armstrong

Try this:

  1. Did  you ever wish you could do magic? Have you ever attempted it? Perhaps it is time you did something about it. How about asking someone to teach you some card tricks? Practice makes perfect so practice the tricks till you can do it almost blindfolded and then perform. Soon you may find it fascinating and perhaps you may develop a passion for it.
  2. Name the three alternatives that you would have chosen if you were given an option to choose a new profession. Ask yourself if any of these were childhood dreams? Do you realistically think you can change tracks now? If yes ask what is holding you back. If it is not possible to change tracks now, is there some way you can ensure that you can leverage your passion even today? Go and attempt to indulge in your passion!

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Anger & Fear

The angry people are those people who are most afraid. Dr. Robert Anthony

Aggression they say is the best form of defense and very often this logic succeeds because the counter party is too swamped or overwhelmed to respond effectively. It is this logic that is used by many a people many a time when they are on a weak footing and have their back to the wall. To hide they fear they use aggression, very often in the form of anger, to deflect the opponent, divert attention from the problem and to bulldoze the other into submission. While there may be temporary success, it is obvious that in the long run it wont hold up against someone who sees though your thin veneer of the angry performance.

 There are two lessons to be learned here. The first is that, if you are on the wrong, it best that you stop covering up and admit the fault rather than deflecting attention by aggression and anger. Your fear that you will be exposed can happen any which way because the probability of the truth succeeding is much higher than the untruth being camouflaged forever. It is also important to realize that when fearful we are prone to make more mistakes, tell more untruths, get stressed and will be mentally disturbed. This will take a toll on ones personal health, relationships and mental peace. The net effect is that we would be walking around fooling ourselves that we have a problem solved but always wary that the facade can be exposed.

 It is imperative that we be aware that an angry opponent is very often irrational in his/ her behavior and hence prudent confrontation is always advised. Bearing this in mind the second lesson is that when confronting someone who is angry; examine the source of the anger even while we maintain our cool. Remember a calm mind can think better and more rationally and so your arguments, logic and rebuttal to an angry outburst will be measured, firm and pointed. Often an aggressive, angry and  fearful opponent when cornered with facts, evidence and logic will make some attempts to heighten the tempo of his / her aggression but will never be able to keep it up for they suddenly realize that they are standing on a quick sand pit. They will then make attempts to reconcile and resole rather than confront and lose.

Remember: Anger is nothing more than an outward expression of hurt, fear and frustration. Dr Phil

 Try these:

The next time you lose your temper and after you have calmed down, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Did I lose my temper because I didn’t get my way?
  2. Did the other party irritate me by being stubborn/ indifferent/ unresponsive/ loud/ boorish etc.?
  3. Was the other party right and was my anger more a reaction to my own helplessness?
  4. Was I cowed down or fearful of the fact that my own family members/ children disobey me and I feel powerless and try to assert myself by anger?
  5. Did the answers to the above enlighten you?

During the past month can you recollect the times and the reasons why you got angry and irritated?

  1. How many of these situations warranted your legitimate anger and how many of them were avoidable?
  2. When you get annoyed how do you express your anger?
  3. Do you shout, use foul language, sulk , threaten people or get physical?

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Do your best

Nothing of worthy or weight can be achieved with half a mind, with a faint heart, and with a lame endeavor. Isaac Barrow

Observe children playing and you will notice, that they are enjoying with gay abandon their pursuits. If we analyze this phenomenon, you will realize that it is not just that they are doing what they like best, but giving of their best in the process and this is what doubles their joy and triples their fun. Examine our daily routine, and you will be hard pressed to find that sort of gay abandon in your routine. If you do a clinical examination of your day, it is possible that you will discover some interesting facets that you were blissfully unaware, that camouflaged your efforts from being truly satisfying and rewarding. (Before you read on, can you pause and take a pen and paper and attempt to retrace the activities of the previous two days of your life, putting it into hourly slots?)

If you have the list ready, carefully analyze it and mark out which activities and how many hours of the day gave you 100% satisfaction. Continue this analysis for 75% -50%-25%-1% and then ask yourself; what was the difference between the activity that gave you over 75% happiness and satisfaction and the one on the lower end of the scale. How many of the activities were initiated by you. How many of them were forced on to you. How of them were unavoidable? What were those activities that you did for yourself/ your family/ your friends & colleagues/ your company/ job specific etc. Can you see any correlation between activities initiated by you and higher satisfaction or activities done for yourself and family / friends and higher satisfaction? The converse must be true for the other activities.

The learning’s from the analyses done would give us the following points.

  • When we do things that we like or what we volunteer for or what motivates us, we are willing to give our 100% to that activity. Since we cannot always do what we like nor commit too much time volunteering, we need to motivate ourselves to perform a good job when there are tasks that are to be undertaken by compulsion.
  • The routine is invariably boring since it is often repetitive and has limited scope for variety. You need to be creative in tackling such tasks. Creativity can take many forms, from visualizing the task in a different way to tackling the job in a unique way or exploring alternatives to simplifying the task etc.
  •  Occasionally we get overwhelmed by the scope of the tasks on hand. This results in what we call paralysis by analysis, wherein we keep studying the task but not beginning it. The net result is procrastination and the hope is that the task will get solve over time. In reality, the criticality of the task gets increases, your anxiety levels o up and the possibility of failure keeps looming threatingly. The cure to this is to START. (See the post in  our weekly blog www.poweract.blogspot.com on Simply Trigger Actionable Results Today)
  •  We also, if we are very honesty to ourselves, realize that our personal weakness plays a critical role in poor performance. That is when we make half hearted attempts, display a shallow temperament, find excuses to justify failure, pass on blame etc. The remedy is to address the personal weakness and fortify yourself by academic inputs/ openness to feedback/ getting professional help by way of counseling or attending specialized training like Personality Development or Effective Communication Skills

Remember: To tell yourself ‘I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination’

Try These:

  1. In your daily chores / routine there would be many tasks that you fin hard to do or dislike. List out 2-5 such tasks. Now make a special effort to objectively look at each task and make 3-5 points on how you can get yourself motivated to do the task, Alternatively how can you circumvent the task or delegate it officially.( This is not avoiding the task but handing over the task to someone more competent or more interested or more prepared to do it)
  2. What are those tasks that you love to do? Are there ways to improve upon it? Can you add more value to it? Are there other tasks that you can club with it so that the net outcome is even better than the two tasks being done independently? What is it that motivates you in doing these tasks? Are there other tasks that you can take on based on similar motivational factors being present in those tasks?

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The one who is intent on making the most of his opportunities is too busy to bother about luck. B.C. Forbes

It is common for us to make an observation that a successful person has been very lucky. While the fact may be partially true, we miss the big picture that any one who is successful has worked for it and by sheer dint of hard work, perseverance and acumen has achieved success. Quite often if you delve into the life of the successful person, you would discover that failure has been the stepping stone on which he / she has climbed the ladder of success.

As you would have observed in our post on “Opportunity” dated 9th Feb2010, every one of us is blessed with ample opportunities. Many of us fail recognize  it, most of us see it as an obstacle and the large majority of us are waiting for the lucky break in the form of a financial windfall, an inherited business, a sudden promotion at the work place, the abrupt departure of superior etc. The question we need to ask is, when the lucky break comes are you prepared to make the best of it?

Note a very insightful observation of the legendry golfer Gary Player, when he said “The harder I work, the luckier I get”. He simply stated the key to success; Hardwork. Hardwork is not simply ploding along; then a mule would be very successful, it isn’t just being faithful and diligient; then a dog would do a better job nor is it just blood, toil, tears and sweat; the Churchill mantra. Hardwork is all these and more; a focused approach to work, a thoughtful application of mind and physique to the tasks on hand, an insightful scanning of work environment  and adding value to all you do. The lucky breaks will pop up at the right moment, which is actually all the time; are you observant, opportunistic and dynamic enough to grab them, even when they often appear masquerading as problems to be solved, obstacles to be overcome and challenges that cannot be sidestepped. Go beyond the obvious- and for once you will find the elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Remember: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

Try these:

  1. Name three personalities who you think are very lucky. Can you list out the luck they have had or was it just your intuition that they were lucky? When these people got their lucky breaks was it by accident or was it in the course of their daily work / profession that they were blessed with luck?
  2. Visit the following website http://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/ and can you outline what were the lucky breaks the hero Nick Vujicic got in life? Do also visit the video links
to get more inspired and to realize how LUCKY YOU are!
  1. In what way do you want to get lucky? If it is money you want, have you purchased a lottery ticket? Objectively ask yourself if you are ready to take the lucky break when it comes; have you the confidence, the expertise, the knowledge, the skills, the leadership qualities, the decision making ability, the man management skills, etc

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The very first step towards success in any occupation is to become interested in it. Sir William Osler

We are curious by nature, but very often our curiosity is peripheral and we are unable to sustain our interest. This means that while we know a little about many things, we do not know much about any particular thing. In this day of competitions and specialization, to have an edge and be successful, one needs to leverage ones competitive advantage in the market place. This means that we need to have a deep and specialized knowledge, which can be gained only if we take an active and passionate interest in it.

It was Dale Carnegie who made an interesting observation when he said ‘If you take interest in people, people will take interest in you’. The importance of taking interest is equally true about everything in life. It is when you take interest in studies that one prepares better for exams, if music is your passion, it is logical that you have deep and abiding interest in it and if you are a food lover it naturally follows that you know the best eating joints in town or have access to the recipes of some exotic dishes, simply because you take interest and collate that information. Extend the logic a little further and you will notice that almost all successful professionals are passionate about their profession mainly because they have taken an extraordinary interest in the same. The same holds true for all successful people; be they in business, the performing arts, those with a scientific bent of mind or even those doing a mundane job extraordinarily well like the pizza delivery boy or the waiter in the restaurant.

It is not as simple as it looks to identify and get interested in something that in the long run gives you excellent results and brings success to you. This is because, many things interest us but when we get into the nitty gritty of each, we soon discover that there are certain unavoidable activities associated with it that challenge us, are repetitive and boring and tax us mentally and physically. Often we are lured by interest in passive activities like listening to music, watching TV and partying around, but to make a success of it means that we have to be active and leverage our interest with some learning, hard work and risk taking.

Remember: The whole secret of life is to be interested in one thing profoundly and in a thousand things well.”- Horace Walpole

Try these:

  1. If you are a student ask which subject in your current course interests you the most? If you are a professional or a homemaker ask a similar question about what interests you the most in your current role. Next ask if you are taking any special efforts to leverage your interest and gaining more proficiency or adding value to your area of interest. Eg As a home maker, your interest is in the studies of your children. Are you reading up on new techniques that will facilitate better learning? Do you know if there are resource people around who can help your children with some of their weaker subjects? Do you think you can have a data bank of such similar inputs related to students and studies that you can leverage and make into a profession as an educational consultant or offer education relate services?
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For answers to last weeks challenge in the post ‘Doubts’ dated 8th February 2010, please see today’s post on www.poweract.blogspot.com dated 15th February 2010.

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There is no security on this earth. Only opportunity. General Douglas MacArthur

 Look around and you will find scores of competent, intelligent and dynamic people who have never realized their full potential. The one common trait these people will invariably share, is their propensity to gravitate towards safe options, be it in career, social life or personal life. As the old saying goes, a ship is safe in the harbor, but that was never the reason for which it was built. Similarly if our talents, our learning, our personality is to be harnessed to its fullest so that we impact our surroundings, society and the world at large we must be prepared to face the risks of failure, disappointments, lack of appreciation and criticism.

Security in life is very limited and is as good or as bad as the human mind can conceive. Every one of us runs the risk of death, be it a sudden one through an accident or a heart attack or a slow and painful one through cancer, Alzheimer’s or arthritis. Does it mean that we become hypochondriacs popping pills to remain disease free or live life with the Damocles sword of death hanging over our lives everyday? Take the case of our computer systems, it is prone to hacking every moment; yet do we stop using the computer? Then why is that we stop being adventurous, being creative, being daring, being torchbearers for a cause or simply go about doing the best we can? Perhaps we need to seek the opportunities that are galore in life and grab them with both hands rather than go about whining that we are beset with problems, troubles and failures!

 Even failure is an opportunity to learn and correct ones self. If we look at life from that perspective, we will soon realize that there are opportunities galore all around us and that we have been wasting those opportunities. It is never too late, so start now. Take the initiative to step forward and attempt what you always wanted to do. A word of caution, plan well before you embark on your mission to size the opportunities. The question now is where and what are these opportunities? Most opportunities are available in the form of problems to be solved, passions to be explored, new experiences to be had, discoveries to be made, improvements to me made, feelings to be expressed e.g. through paintings, poetry, drama, films etc.

When Columbus embarked on his voyage to discover the other lands, he didn’t see it as a problem of crossing seven seas instead he saw an opportunity to create history. Look at the heroics of the Spaniard Hernando Cortes who set out in 1519 to conquer the Aztecs. When he set out, Cortes had eleven ships, 600 men, twenty horses, and ten small cannons. Upon landing in Mexico, he burned his ships, so that his men would not desert him and hen his men had no option but to fight and Win. We may not attempt such heroics, but when we can conquer our fears, over come our apprehensions and have self belief, we will then seize the wondrous opportunities that are swirling around us.

Remember: Opportunity is sheep in wolf’s clothing.

Try this:

  1. If you are aware of SWOT analysis, attempt it now. (You can see the post on Self Acceptance dated 12th January 2010 to know more about SWOT). In particular pay attention to the possible opportunities around you which can help you grow in your career, your personal life and improve the quality of your personal and family life. Try to attempt a secret passion that you want to give expression to, like dancing, acting, singing, painting, photography, traveling etc.
  2. Outline some of your worst fears. Can you see opportunity in them? You may need to be creative and think differently in order to see the opportunities. E.g. You fear your stagnating in your career. Can you see opportunity to start your own venture? Do you think you can change your career path and move on to something that you are passionate about? Will a change of jobs be opportune? This might be the right time to circulate your resume and explore possibilities elsewhere. Maybe this is the time to upgrade your skills or learn a skill that is much in demand at your work place and one which can actually help you leap frog your career.

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Every day I wake up a little afraid.  Only a fool is never afraid. Ron Meyer 

Fear is an emotion provided by nature to rein in our bravado and foolhardiness. It is an inbuilt self preservation mechanism that cautions us, warns us and protects us from the perils of life. However, it is human nature to look at fear as an emotion that connotes weakness, belittles us in the eyes of others and devalues our self esteem. It s this misnomer about fear that often provokes us into displaying bravado at dangerous moments and rushing in where angles fear to tread.

Viewed from another angle, fear plays a positive part in shaping us as we grow. Fear of parents made us obedient, fear of authority made us disciplined, fear of biting of more than what we can chew made us pragmatic, fear of over reaching made us conservative, fear of divine retribution made us create a social structure and put in place social norms and practices. Fear has molded our thought process when we temper our ambitions with an infusion of realism; it helps us control our strong emotions so as to ensure our reactions are measured; makes us realized our own limitations and encourages us to think creatively.

Ironically one of the most common fears, world over, has very little to do with facing dangers or confronting an external enemy; rather the fear of ‘public speaking’ frightens legions of the best human talent for they find it harder to conquer the enemy within themselves – the lack of confidence and the fear of ‘exposing themselves to failure and consequent ridicule’. Surprisingly this is also one of the easiest fears to overcome for all it needs is encouragement, guidance, preparation, practice and a few sessions of practice. What a pity that a vast majority don’t take the small effort of confronting this fear by seeking expert guidance or help.

Many of our fears are mental blocks. They lock up our energy, stifle our enthusiasm and paralyses us psychologically and physically. When we attempt anything for the first time, there is always the fear of the unknown for there is no experience to back your instincts. The first attempt often helps us reduce our fears drastically, except where our experience has been terrible or exceptional scary or where it reconfirms our inability psychologically or physically. However, the self preservation nature of fear will never go for it is part of our personality that helps us prepare better, tones up our senses and makes us perform at our peak when it matters most. Like the string that restraints and guides the kite when it flies in the air, your fears restraint your from being stupidly brave and guides you in intelligent discernment.

Remember: Courage is not the lack of fear but the ability to face it.”  – Lt. John B. Putnam Jr. (1921-1944)

 Try these

  1. List out your dream activities that you have still not attempted. Ask yourself if you have ignore attempting it because you feared that they were too ambitious or your lacked financial resources or you were apprehensive of  the reactions of close family and friends or you feared the commitment an effort that you would have to put in. Do you think that it is possible for you to revive those dream activities now?
  2. What are the situations or who are the people you fear the most? What is it that you fear in these – is it because of your lack of self belief, fear of failure, the task looks too daunting that you even fear to begin planning, the person is too intimidating because of temperament, knowledge, authority or position. If given an opportunity now, would you gather courage to face these situations or persons and make an attempt to indulge in realizing your goals / dreams?

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Everything considered, work is less boring than amusing oneself.  Charles Baudelaire

It is very rarely that you come across people who say that they thoroughly enjoy what they do. If you probe that further, you will realize that most of us are working to earn a living and not working because we enjoy what we are doing. The reasons for frustrations strangely enough have less to do with the nature of work itself, but more to do with our attitude, our pre conceived notions and our personal failings in terms of envy, jealousy, ego etc.

In the rat race of life, most of us do not follow our heart and instead are guided by well meaning parents and elders who push, goad and pressurize us into academics and careers that they perceive offers the best job prospects. Unfortunately, the overwhelming large majority of us, in our formative years are clueless about our real passions, risk averse in exploring opportunities that interest us but are far removed from the family history or the social norms and even more bound by family expectations and values to assert our independent views. Work therefore is not a choice but thrust on us and we often find it difficult to reconcile to the monotony and drabness of our work.

In reality though, the ideal thing is to follow our hearts desire and chart out own course. In practice though we might be stuck with a job or career that can in theory be thrown to the winds and a fresh start made but we lack the courage to do it. Then the best option is to find motivation in the work we have, make creative allowances to love what we do and accept changes in work as being for the best. Once we have changed our mental frame of reference to our work, you will discover new pleasures in mundane tasks, gladly take on challenges that others refuse, wont make monetary rewards the focus of our work, we will revel in team work and the fruits of team success and wont be envious of others or jealous of their apparent successes.

More importantly, it will dawn on us that not having anything to do will bore us to death and if retirement is what we pine for when stressed at work, how much more stressful will it be when we have nothing to do and a life time ahead. How often and how long can you amuse yourself doing just daily chores and keeping busy with trivial pursuits? The lucky person is one who has a passion to pursue and all the time and resources in the world to do it. Of course then it becomes our daily work that we enjoy and embrace, proving that Charles Baudelaire was absolutely right!

Remember: Take up a profession that is your passion and you will never have to work a day in your life!

 Try these:

  •  Look back a your childhood- what were the dreams you had when you were 7 years, 11 years, 15 years, 17 years and 21 years old. Did these dreams change over time? Have you pursued any of these dreams? Are any of these dreams still a passion? Do you have it in you, to risk everything to peruse that passion?
  • Ask yourself if you enjoy Monday mornings. Do you enjoy the job profile, the work environment and the job itself? If you got an opportunity to choose your job what would you choose?
  • It is never too late to follow your passion provided you know what you want to pursue. Identify that today. Then fix a time slot on a daily or weekly basis to pursue it, It could be learning something new, maybe teaching someone, maybe a creative pursuit like writing, photography, painting etc, maybe a social activity like helping the less privileged, maybe traveling to explore nature, new destinations, etc.

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