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I don’t quit

Everyone faces problems. Each one has to confront his/ her fears regularly. Worry and stress are as much part of our lives as are happiness and contentment.  However, there is one danger that worry and stress triggers; the danger of giving up; of surrendering; of quitting. At times it is possible that giving up chasing … Continue reading I don’t quit


Dare, do, win…

When a baby learns to take his/ her first step, it is always tentative and for the first few times it will fall down. Yet, it continues to trust its instincts and when he/ she has mastered the art, there is a perceptible sense of achievement and happiness on the child’s face as well as … Continue reading Dare, do, win…

Excuses Gone… Results GOT

From early childhood, most of us have unconsciously adopted the undesirable trait of making excuses to rationalize non performance. It begins with us making excuses for our poor handwriting, our inability to meet deadlines or stick to our schedules, not doing homework etc. Later it manifests in us having various regrets be it in our … Continue reading Excuses Gone… Results GOT

Enthusiasm holds the key to success

In life, as in cricket no one hits a six of every ball or gets a wicket of every ball. However a cricketer continues his quest with enthusiasm and hope. Yet the same person would often feel dejected, disheartened and disappointed when his/ her life is not smooth sailing. The difference lies in how one … Continue reading Enthusiasm holds the key to success

An effective way to make New Year Resolutions

At the outset let me thank all my readers, blog followers and well wishers for your encouragement, feedback and support over the past two years. Let me also wish each one of you a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012 “Clothe with life the weak intent, let me be the thing I meant.” John … Continue reading An effective way to make New Year Resolutions

Determination makes the difference

The will to conquer is the first condition of victory.  Marshal Ferdinand Foch Success tastes sweeter when it is obtained by overcoming near impossible odds, but if one has to overcome those odds, it is not mere ability but determination that ensures a dogged pursual of the goal. While we are quick to applaud success … Continue reading Determination makes the difference