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6 Lessons from the fisher folk

20-09- 15 April 20- When fishermen cannot go to sea

The humble fisher folk set us an excellent example of what do when you have time on hand. They are used to compulsory lock down and lack of income during the heavy monsoons and or when there is extremely inclement weather predicted. What is interesting is they do not rue this time but spend that time very wisely. One reason is that they anticipate these lock down situations and the second reason is that, like a wood cutter who spends more time sharpening the axe so that he spends less time and energy chopping wood, the fisher folk  use the time to repair their nets.

For each of us, there is meaningful lesson to be learned from the humble woodcutter and the fisher folk. Use time wisely to ensure your life and your work are more productive, better managed and equally satisfying. As individuals what can each of us do to use the time give to us as bonus by nature, albeit as a reminder to respect nature to? It is important to keep in mind that our safety net in life is our blessings, the relationships, our goals, our values, our time and our own self worth. We need to repair those areas of our net that need mending.

Relook our priorities – One needs to look back at what one has achieved, look forward to what one aims to achieve and check if the price we have paid and the price we will pay are worth the end results. Check also if we are living in the present, living the moment and if we will ever have regrets of having misplaced priorities. Ask yourself if you taking care of our relationships, your health, your loved ones, are you being true to our values, do you take notice and do something about those around etc.

Respect the blessings given to us – In our pursuit of happiness which we often seek in the form of more money and power do we value the blessings that one has inherited, been gifted, been blessed with. Do we take what we have for granted? If you do not value the blessings you have, chances of you repairing the net you inherited are rather bleak because you see it as second hand, old and perhaps needing replacement.

Revive relationships – If we say that man is a social animal it simply means we need to have people around and ensure we engage with those around. Relationships need to be kept healthy if one has to have a positive, friendly, encouraging environment. Check if some relationships need more attention, if they require more effort to stabilize. Be open to nurturing healthier and happier relationships with existing circle and creating new circles of friends.  Patch up those parts of the relationship net that are frayed or require additional strengthening.

Remember the less privileged – You need to ensure that the net is spread wide if you have to get a good catch. Spreading the net wide is not a one man job. You will need the support of all types of comrades. Hence it is in your interest that the net given to those around is not torn or frayed lest your catch gets less. Even the most humble companion in your journey of life has the power to be useful to one another. Carry them along as a valued companion who is also helping you cast the net wide.

Reward ourselves – While mending the net the fishermen also swap stories, sing songs, have fun too. Having fun is an important part of the process of repairing the net else it will become a chore, a burden, a millstone around the neck. Find ways and means of enjoying the process of repairing the net although it has been forced/ trust upon you at this point in time.

Remember to be grateful – Be grateful you have a net to repair. There are many who have nothing to really care for; no possessions; no income; no meaningful life; no hope. Pause and think of all the blessings you have, most of which you never earned but inherited. When you value your blessings you will be motivated to take care of your possessions even more carefully. The net of life is now has a new meaning; a fresh perspective and above all becomes your most valued treasure.

Try these:           

  1. Draw a simple fishing net. On each intersection on the net, write down one valuable thing in your life that the intersection represents/ stands for. E.g. family / income / friends / education / good health etc.
  2. Can you list out a couple of songs that are typical of people who go fishing or which represents the fisher folks culture.
  3. List out one thing you will do to repair the following
  • Change your attitude for the better
  • Improve your knowledge and learn something new
  • Build on your strengths
  • Overcome your weakness
  • Enhance your social / professional circle
  • Spend even more quality time with your loved ones

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Our business in life

Our business in life is not to get ahead of others, but to get ahead of ourselves — to break our own records, to outstrip our yesterday by our today. ~Stewart B. Johnson

Time and time again, many of us end up wishing we could do better in life. While having more wealth would perhaps be uppermost in our wish list, there are many other yearnings like being better looking, more articulate, more daring, more intelligent, more popular etc. What is common across this spectrum of wishes is the reality that our desires are often fueled by a streak of jealously or a craving for them because someone else has it in ample measure. A natural corollary of this sort of thinking is a subconscious breeding of negative emotions and a stifling of our own strengths, abilities, talents and potential.

Without exception, each of us is blessed with a uniqueness that is hard to explain, difficult to identify but something that is definitely possible to utilize. Nothing is as unique to each of us as our ability to think independently. So by tweaking our thinking inwards to our talents, our abilities and our immense potential we can focus on a structured, proactive and gratifying life by using all the gifts we posses to the fullest. We need not make great inventions nor are we required to take path breaking steps to leave our mark in this world; all we need to do is improve everyday and thereby influence the world around us personally, progressively and positively.

To improve and get ahead of ourselves we need to PLAN

Prepare– No one wins a battle even with himself/ herself without preparation. The primary requirement is to make an objective personal assessment of one’s own strengths and weakness, outline the contours of personal potential and perceived limitations and make a personal scorecard in the form of GOALS. Progress can then be measured, slippages be recorded and the effort required clearly identified once the preparation is comprehensively done.

Labor – From birth onwards we have to labor or work, right from the time we wailed loudly at birth and progressively thereafter as we learnt to speak and walk. Fortunately for us nature had prepared the blueprint for our development from babies to being children and then our parents and teachers prepared our blueprint to adolescence.  From adolescence when we began to have our own independent thinking the labor slowly became more personal and individual specific. If we have cultivated good habits, encompassed the right work ethics and have the right attitude we can utilize our preparation with the appropriate effort to achieve our goals. However labor is not embraced easily because it involves hard work, discipline and the rewards are occasionally not commensurate.

Assess – For the average person nothing is more painful than getting a report card. Assessing one’s progress and performance in real life is far more tougher for the failures are more painful, occasionally there are no second chances and success often seem very fleeting and momentarily. Yet when viewed with faith and hope as the predominant emotion, a pragmatic assessment offers us opportunities to progress, improve and excel. We can become aware of the corrections we need to do in order to realize our full potential and it also helps us luxuriate in the coziness of our success especially when we had planned and labored well.

Navigate – There are times when we can be numbed by our inability to progress, stunned by unexpected failures or stumped by quirks of fate that would challenge our resilience. For some of us it is equally probable that we can be drunk with success, fail to appreciate that we did get lucky breaks and go adrift in the vast ocean of life. It is these times that necessitate that we navigate carefully, purposefully and successfully through the minefield of self doubt, fear, arrogance and brazenness.

If we can plan our life as above, everyday would bring us the joy of personal progress, the thrill of looking forward to tomorrow and the bliss of a fulfilling life.

Remember: “The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”  ― Mark Twain

Try this:

  1. Outline 5 childhood dreams that you have yet to fulfill. Now work out an action plan to attempt to achieve at least 2 of these dreams in a reasonable time frame.
  2. Make a list of 5 successful persons at least 2 of whom you have personally known. Enumerate at least 3 qualities that you believe made each of them successful.
  3. Assuming you had adequate financial resources write down
  • One personal dream you would try to realize
  • One personal quality that you would try to develop
  • One new skill set that you would go ahead and acquire
  • One social service cause you would commit yourself to

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