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Don’t Quit but ideally go ahead and DO IT

Don’t Quit but ideally go ahead and DO IT

In a fast paced materialistic world, quick success is what the expectation norm is. Unfortunately this also comes with a downside that people give up too fast when they do not attain what they seek in the short time frames they set for themselves. Society in general, the family unit and the community in particular are equally to blame for pushing people to achieve unrealistic expectations. Higher exam scores, high paying jobs, amassing wealth etc. have become the yardstick to judge success. Gone into the background are qualities like hard work, honest ways, morals and etiquette’s. Perhaps this explains the rising suicides, the increase in psychological/ neurotic illness, spate of violence and rampant intolerance reflected in incidence of road rage, robberies, cyber crimes and off late trolling. The average conscientious citizen then is under tremendous pressure to perform or quit. It takes tremendous courage, will power and self respect to follow ones dreams, passion, goals and to express ones thoughts freely, in the face of constant scrutiny, criticism and unrealistic expectations from others.

I am sharing an Acronym that should be a good guide to help you overcome the feeling of quitting and instead of simply saying a passive Don’t Quit and keep it for another time, become proactive and go on and DO IT  :

Develop – The focus is on finding ways and means to work and bring into fructification various dreams, aspirations, goals that you have set for yourself. Do not let criticism, negativity or failures hamper you from pursuing your ultimate aim. Developing your mind, spirit and work is essential for you to make progress however slow in the right direction. The task may seem ominous, it may begin to sprout doubts in your mind but as long as you plant the seeds of self belief, exude passion and are prepared to roll up your sleeves and work you will develop in body, mind and soul.

Opinions – Form your own opinions and also seek the opinion of those who matter. Consult elders, experts, mentors and those in your circle of positive influence. Each of them will be able to contribute even if it is by way of constructive criticism or pragmatic wisdom or by simple encouragement. Remember they have your welfare in mind. However, also remember that they may not be able to see your vision or feel your passion and so they could be conservative in their thinking and opinions. Ultimately you have to assimilate and then decide the course of action or the corrective course of action to be taken. Focus on Doing it.

Ideas  – You mind might be spinning with ideas. You see opportunity in various forms. At the same time you could also be seeing problems in every opportunity. Remember that the problems are there to make you grounded and realistic but not put to make you pessimistic and faint hearted. At times some ideas seem to be exceptional and you are just itching to get it going. All ideas need to be vetted thoroughly and mulled over and planned. Only then can you begin. Follow the process and Do It.

Thoughts – The crux of success lies in your ability to think positively. Your thoughts must be focused on achieving your plans and goals. Your thoughts must be on finding solutions, overcoming obstacles and managing constraints. This will enable you to come up with alternatives, bring about clarity on how to proceed further and will also reinforce your belief in your plans. Never let the mind falter when you face a crisis. Instead, use the power of you mind it to think differently, to be innovative and to be goal focused. Solutions will present itself . All you need to do then is DO IT.

 Try these:

What are the three things you have kept on hold and not attempted yet. How about drawing up an action plan to DO IT?  Then instead of just saying Don’t Quit but I shall keep it on the back burner now say DO IT and get cracking.

How about attempting something new that you never ever thought of doing?  Maybe learn some new skill or be a wee bit more adventurous with your choice of picnics/ parties / get together. Go on ensure that you DO IT differently the very next opportunity that comes.

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Courage of conviction

God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right, even though I think it is hopeless. Admiral Chester W. Nimitz

All of us have the ability to passionately argue for what we believe is the right point of view and we can be both very adamant and equally vehement in sticking to our point of view even if those opposing us pick a few holes in our arguments. However, when it comes to actually standing up for our point of view when it matters, very very few of us have the courage and tenacity to take up the cause and pursue the matter till its logical end. In our previous post yesterday, we talked about ‘translating good intentions into actual deeds and this is precisely what we are focusing on today. We often give up not because we do not believe in our cause but we think it is a hopeless case since there may be a lot of vested interests in the opposing point of view, the opponents are far too strong, we lack the guts or we simply rationalize that the end result is just not worth the fight.

One reason most of us do not commit to what we believe in is because, far too many of us are armchair critics. It is easy to be one. All we need to do is spout our criticisms loudly, vehemently and dogmatically. If we out smarted all we need to do is sulk and slink away. Other times we can wave the flag of our beliefs and loudly proclaim that we were part of the original rooters for the belief even though we may have done nothing note worthy other than lending our lung power. You will find many such people in social service organizations, voluntary organizations and in social gatherings. In fact we see our own conversations in get together and parties, it invariably revolves around criticizing the government, the organizers, the local administration, our surroundings and society. In almost all cases, we would never ever offer our services in addressing the issue nor would we volunteer to be part of a set up which is keen to solve the problem.

For us to bite the bullet when it comes to standing up for our point of view, the first essential is a passionate belief in our point of view. Unless one is passionate about the cause, it is very difficult to convince ourselves that the fight is worth it. One reason many of us are not too passionate about things is because we are comfortable with the idea that the world maybe be in turmoil and it is best we adjust to it. Nothing then can shake us from our ‘ignorance is bliss’ attitude unless of course we get directly sucked into a problem. Often by then, we do not have too many backers for us for most of friends have subtlety hinted that our problems is ours and they can only sympathize. The second requirement is developing a tenacious attitude. This is partly inborn but largely the result of having developed not mere sympathy but a nature that is empathically inclined. This means that we don’t just stand by and acknowledge a problem but actively get involved in solving it. This requires patience to understand, a willingness to be involved and courage to commit to the cause.

Remember: You will see it when you believe it

Try this:

  1. Pick up at least 2 social causes one related to the general concerns of society and one related to a passion of yours and outline 5 ways you can actively contribute to it. Eg. You could be interested in the improving the general hygiene of your locality and also be passionate about cause regarding pets.
  2. Identify one old age home, one orphanage, one school for the physically challenged and another for the mentally challenged. Now make a beginning by visiting each one in turns once in two months at least. Examine your feelings, your learning, your changing style of empathy etc.

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