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Nirvana – the Rubick’s cube way

Nirvana – the Rubick’s cube way

I came across this wonderful cartoon,  that puts in perspective what we need to do this coming year, to ensure that by the year end, we can look back with no regrets – simply get ourselves sorted right.

All of us travel with a whole lot of baggage; some inherited, some acquired, a few bestowed and most of it our own creation. As a result we are constantly balancing our imaginary and realistic possessions in the fond hope that they will ensure that we live a worry free life of comfort and happiness. Unfortunately, with each passing day, juggling becomes problematic as we seem to have a penchant for adding to our possessions, keep craving for more and wishing some of our less prized or despised possessions would be taken away. The six sides of the Rubick’s cube give us a clue as to how we can organize our life and attain Nirvana without having to climb the mountain in search of a guru.

Each of the six sides of the cube can be seen as representative of a broad aspect of our life. Our physical well being, our mental/ intelligent growth, our emotional stability, our spiritual/ ethical grounding , our financial security and our social needs. All we need to do is to ensure we sort out each of these aspects of our life so that they, like the colors of each side remain in harmony and pronto the Rubik cube of life is sorted.

A few pointers given below, may perhaps help us get the knack of sorting each aspect of our life more expeditiously and productively.

Physical well being – This is a no brainer. Obviously if we are not in the best physical shape, it is extremely difficult to live a productive life. Eating in moderation, eating healthy and physical exercise are the keystones of physical well being. However,  worry and stress do tend to have an unduly negative impact on physical well being as well. Regular health checkup and the subsequent suggestions of the medical practitioner’s would ensure that your over physical well being is at its best at all times. Those will disabilities and challenges would do well to accept the realities and pace their lives accordingly. This is particularly true for those who unfortunately become victims of such disabilities after leading a perfectly healthy lifestyle.

Mental and Intellectual growth – Reading widely, soaking in new experiences, experimenting, living beyond one’s comfort zone are ways and means of ensuring you continue to growth mentally and intellectually. Get involved in the changes happening around, interact with the young, listen without judging and be open to ideas that seem contrarian to your intellect.

Emotional stability – It is extremely difficult to control our emotions. Too often it is our emotional outbursts that fractures relationships, creates chasms between individuals, contributes to build up prejudices and drains us emotionally. Balance in evaluating any response and responding with a measured response both in choice of words and tone is the key to ensuring we maintain our emotional stability. Beware of issuing threats, ultimatums’, taking extreme positions in arguments; replace it with pragmaticism, reason and common sense.

Spiritual and ethical grounding – While circumstances and upbringing, have a role to play in how we develop our spiritual and ethical values, going to extremes is the cause of tensions within us. One needs to be aware of the ground realities, be accommodation to differences yet remain true to the values one cherishes. Get clarity about your values and your actions will be synchronized leaving no scope for doubts and worries.

Financial security – In a materialistic world, financial security is compulsive reality. You need to provide for your future, your lifetime and for the unexpected. Make a realistic assessment and save accordingly. Take professional help if required. However, let not the future scare you so much that you do not enjoy the present. The challenge is to balance your current utilization and provide for future security. Take those holidays you crave for, indulge in some luxuries that you dream about, experiment with a progressive lifestyle and make your today just as enjoyable as the future you dream off.

Social needs – As a social animal, one cannot live as a hermit or in seclusion. Yet, on one extreme we are connected with all the gadgets and technology and on the other hand the physical interactions seem to be disappearing. Life is always full of beautiful memories which you have to create and make a reality. There is no substitute to meeting, interacting and enjoying life in groups. It could be families together, friends together, travel companions or making connections with strangers. Be there in person; minimize the use of gadgets and you will create magical moments to cherish forever.

Try these:

  1. Just list out one resolution that you will diligently adhere to for each of the above points. Begin Now.
  2. List out 3 of your fondest memories
  • With your parents
  • Your siblings / cousins
  • Your school mates
  • Your college mates
  • Friends you made in your travels
  • Unexpected but fond experiences
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Fanatic…who me?

A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.  Sir Winston Churchill

The word fanatic conjures images of dogmatic, inward looking, near crazy and deeply religious individuals who are filled with hate for the non believers, passionate about their own beliefs and committed to kill or be killed for their beliefs. While the stereo type of a fanatic is ideally caricatured in this mould, fanatics are not confined to the religious beliefs of people, although that is the most visible type of fanatic. The unfortunate part is that there are equally bad groups of fanatics, who in fact have a cult following be it sports fan followers, Maoists, naxalites or regional sons of the soil theory goons. They have a limited agenda in as much as they want to propound their beliefs on the population to the extent they can reach.

As is rightly said, they are so dogmatic that they wont see reason, they will be wedded to their cause, concoct facts to suit their beliefs and they are prepared to die for their beliefs. Most fanatics believe that dying for their cause is the ultimate proof of their staunch faith and a necessary sacrifice to attain their ultimate goal. Fear is the key to fanaticism. They fear their cause will be diluted if not enforced by hook or by crook; they use fear to ensure that everyone toes their line; they fear humiliation if they do not stand up for their beliefs and they ensure that fear of eternal damnation will psychological coercion the fence sitters and the non committal.

The strength of a fanatic is his/ her ability to creatively rationalize the available facts to suit their beliefs. Like the devil quoting the scriptures, they can refute logic and convince themselves by sheer pigheadedness. To reinforce their beliefs they will resort to continuously and incessantly talking on their beliefs partly to convince the available audience but chiefly to reinforce their own beliefs. The fanatic will blindly follow, relentlessly push his/ her agenda and would not hesitate to wipe out all those who cannot toe their line or those whom they perceive to be threats to their beliefs. The growing threat of religious fanaticism is what the new age paranoia is.

The weakness of the fanatic is ‘paranoia’. They fear divine retribution, they fear themselves being overrun by a majority, they fear injustice and annihilation and most of all they fear they might lose their faith in their own beliefs. Take the case of football fans of a football club. When they lose they blame the referees, the betting syndicates, the quality of play on the day etc. but they cannot get themselves to believe that they were outplayed by a superior team. Similarly if age old customs and practices which are irrational and illegal by the norms of modern society are banned by the authorities of the day, there would be stiff resistance by the fanatics who would rather follow tradition than be pragmatic and rational.

However much we may call ourselves rational we too very much guilty of being fanatics in our own ways; by being prisoners of superstitions, by our substantial belief in the occult science including horoscopes, palmistry and numerology, through our prejudices of caste, creed and color and by being clannish and parochial in our dealings and interactions.

Remember: “A fanatic is a man that does what he thinks the Lord would do if He knew the facts of the case.”

Try these:

  1. Ask yourself if you read your horoscope regularly. Why do you do it ? Can you completely avoid it?
  2. Jot down at  least 3 things you will be ready to die for. Why will you die for it? Do you thing you can do a better job for that cause without dying? If yes how can you do it and if not why do you say so.

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