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Excuses Gone… Results GOT

15-20 Jun 15-Excuses gone results gotFrom early childhood, most of us have unconsciously adopted the undesirable trait of making excuses to rationalize non performance. It begins with us making excuses for our poor handwriting, our inability to meet deadlines or stick to our schedules, not doing homework etc. Later it manifests in us having various regrets be it in our academic performance, tardy work output, out inability to meet targets and deadlines and our constant rebuttal of any criticism directed at us. Unfortunately, in a highly competitive world, all that matters is results and no excuse is ever good enough for not meeting the expectations set. So achieving results is simply a matter of eliminating excuses.

Here are some tips to overcome our tendency to create excuses to rationalize non performance.

1 Have goals – The major difference between successful people and those who are not successful is the goal focused approach of the former set of people. When goals are set, one can direct one’s energies to focus on the goal. When the end objective is clear, we would always finds ways and means of overcoming all obstacles on the way. More importantly goals give a purpose, a direction and meaning to our life. A student who targets a certain rank or percentage in the exams knows that he/ she can attain it only if the studies are planned, prepared and diligently adhered too. Similarly, someone who has set his/ her eyes on a specific career choice would also then chart out the progress systematically, get appropriate inputs and suggestions and pursue the goal with passion.

2.Inbuilt motivation – A goal helps one to see the and aim for something specific. However, very often the goal is at a distance, the efforts required herculean, the obstacles along the way challenging and we are prone to give up and make excuses to justify our stand. Hence it is essential that we have some strong compelling motivation to keep us going even when our spirits are drooping, our physical energies failing and our mind wavering. A good motivation is the perfect antidote for our tendency to make excuses. Have you noticed that when one is eagerly looking forward to something pleasurable like going for a picnic, an holiday or even to see a movie we would find a way to overcome any obstacle that crops up for we are deeply to motivated to attain that goal.

3. Avoid giving in to temptation – Perhaps the single most common excuse comes from the fact that we succumb to the temptation to chase pleasurable alternatives rather than focus on the goal in front. Going for a friend’s birthday party or watching an interesting match on the day before a crucial exam or running errands that could have been postponed, to avoid studying are examples of giving in to temptations. A strong sense of priority, a firm resolve to remain detached from pleasurable alternatives, a deep desire to attain the goal set are essential to ensure that one doe not waver from the plans laid out. A very strong motivation like proving your mettle, surprising your critics, being with the best would surely be torch light that beams on the goal and guiding you towards it.

4. Relish achievements – Life would be both boring and stressed if we are only obsessed with attaining our goals. Every goal is actually a series of smaller goals being realized along the way. It is essential that we are aware of each of the sub goals and more importantly pause to enjoy and relish the attainment of these sub-goals. When we are able to relish the small achievements, they provide us added motivation, inspiration and energy to pursue our larger goals. If we take the case of academics, there would definitely be a subject or two that we do not enjoy as much as other subjects. The challenge then is to remain enthused to focus on those subjects so that the learning and subsequent results contribute significantly to one’s larger goal of academic excellence. It is important to enjoy the thrill of completing the set targets especially for those subjects that one finds tough or boring.

5. Don’t give up easily – Many a time, it is not the temptation of alternatives but the sheer pressure of the effort that would deflate our enthusiasm, sap our energy and depress us. Those low periods are the times when one is extremely vulnerable to throw in the towel and quit. Giving up is easy and the excuses will flow but the reality is that your goals remain unattained dreams. When the going gets tough, that is when one has look within for inspiration, motivation and positive action. Maybe a short break would help rejuvenate, perhaps the counsel of an elder or expert would bring fresh perspective or maybe you just have to change tracks and pursue the goal by traversing a different path; what is important is to continue not stop.

Remember that when excuses are gone results are got !

Try these:

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Reap as you sow…

Results are what you expect; consequences are what you get. Anon

Every morning we get up in the fond hope that we shall attain some worthwhile and tangible results during the course of the day. We maybe unsure of what exactly we expect but we are fairly sure that it has to be something that is to our liking. At end of day, when we look back we could possibly be left with a mixed day some good coming out, a large amount of indifference and monotonous happenings and occasionally some disappointing and frustrating moments. We react in different ways to each day, most times reasonably happy but when going through a rough patch as would happen if a close family member is very ill, then we would be upset, irritated and annoyed. At this critical junction in our life, we actually question the unfairness of the world and wonder aloud as to what wrong we have done to face such drastic consequences.

One needs to distinguish between the consequences of our actions and the happenings of fate in order to appreciate the reality that we are faced with. Death, illness, calamities are often the work of acts of god which are beyond the realms of human understanding or reason. However, there are plenty of self inflicted consequences that we are witness to and this is purely because of our own folly. A alcoholic getting liver cirrhosis or an obese person who takes no precaution to keep fit and suffers a heart attack are examples of self inflicted consequences. When we drink excessively or take no precaution to reduce weight, we never expect life to be too harsh and so we are confident that the results of our tardiness will never be serious. Unfortunately when calamity strikes, it is then it dawns on us that we are suffering the consequences of our lethargy and indifference.

In our day to life though we often make elaborate plans and preparations and when things don’t go our way we are terribly distraught and hate the consequences. What we fail to really appreciate is that with rare exceptions when acts of god override our plans, most times it is our flawed planning or unrealistic expectations of the results that leads us to face terrible consequences. A student who despite being advised to study regularly wastes his time and hopes to do well with a last minute studies and banks on some unethical means to score well would be mortified when he/ she fails the exams. Worse still is their rationalization of the consequences as being the result of questions being asked out of the syllabus, exceedingly tough questions paper being set, the perceived unfairness  of very strict correction etc. Nothing changes the reality though and the consequences are there as proof of some very unrealistic expectations of the results.

The concept of flawed planning goes beyond just the planning but extends to the poor execution of the plan too. The sports arena is resplendent with numerous examples of these phenomena. While at the briefing the coach would have meticulously chalked out the strategy and carefully selected the players, if the opposition has unleashed an action plan not considered at all, the entire pattern of the game is now turned on its head. The root cause of flawed planning is the basic assumptions made around which the plan is drawn up. The thousands of students who attempt very competitive exams, more in hope than in faith because  their own academic credentials are weak is a classic case of how our basic assumption of our ability itself is wrong and yet we plunge in with bravado. The concept of positive thinking does emphasize that we need to keep our face to the sun so that we do not see the shadow but this does not means we should not pay attention to the potholes along the way because of which we could stumble and fall. While hoping for the best results be pragmatic and then the ultimate consequences will never be a rude shock or a result in unbearable pain.

Remember: Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts inevitably bring about right results. James Allen

Try this:

  1. Attempt something that you have never tried before like going on a trek, or being a master of ceremonies or organizing a party / picnic. This requires a lot of planning and hard work all of which is centered around the results you expect. After the activity is over evaluate the outcome and study it both from the point of view of the success it gained and the areas of improvement.
  2. Recollect some of the most wonderful moments in your life and 2 of the worst moments. How much of influence did your planning or lack of it have on these good and bad moments? Do you think you would have done / reacted differently to those outcomes?

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Perfection is…

Perfection never exists in reality, but only in our dreams. Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs

Aiming for perfection is a sure shot way to ensure that we can achieve excellence in whatever we set out to do. However that does not guarantee that one can come up with a perfect performance. No doubt on some occasions and some days when the going is good, one will be able to experience the rare high of perfection but these are far and few and in between.  Perfection in its absolute sense refers to a state of meeting 100% every parameter that is enumerated which we as human beings have serious limitations in achieving. The biggest flaw being our inability to replicate in Toto what is expected of us.

On the other hand each of us capable of visualizing perfection simply because the end is crystal clear to us and we can take liberties with the process and assume we have the perfect ability to achieve it. In a perfect world for example there would be no sin, no tears and joy all around. Yet pain is a reality we cannot close our eyes too and where there is pain there will be tears. Temptation too is hard to resist and so sinfulness will be another reality that will mar the concept of perfection in this world. Yet each of us tries to live in a manner that focuses on perfection in our lives and accept the realities as inevitable.

Many of us wonder why we need to even remotely seek perfection if it is just an illusion. Perfection is not an illusion but attaining perfection can be almost illusionary for there is many a slip between the cup and lip. Even the best laid plans can go awry but when we strive for perfection we ensure that we minimize the eventualities. Perfection provides the yardstick and control points to help us be on track. When we have the parameters laid down we are better positioned to keep on track and deviations if any can be quickly pin pointed and corrected.

Perfection gives us an opportunity to experience bliss even if it is in our dreams. This state of bliss triggers hope and encourages us to overcome our limitations, forget our pain and spurs us into exceeding our own abilities. Perhaps that accounts for us being overjoyed with our success and despondent at our failure, emotions that make life so vibrant. Perfection is the reason we make another attempt even when we fail for there is that one dream we have set our eyes on and we shall overcome all odds just to realize that dream.

Remember: “In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.”Alice Walker

Try this:

  1. Which was the most wonderful holiday you ever had? Was it perfect the way you planned it out? Did the imperfections lessen the fun?  How could it have been even better? Could it have gone horribly wrong?
  2. Write down the name of a person whom you see as an idol. Now jot down 5 flaws in that person. Do these flaws in any way make you lose your respect for that person? What is it about the person that draws you to him/ her?

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