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6 Lessons from the fisher folk

20-09- 15 April 20- When fishermen cannot go to sea

The humble fisher folk set us an excellent example of what do when you have time on hand. They are used to compulsory lock down and lack of income during the heavy monsoons and or when there is extremely inclement weather predicted. What is interesting is they do not rue this time but spend that time very wisely. One reason is that they anticipate these lock down situations and the second reason is that, like a wood cutter who spends more time sharpening the axe so that he spends less time and energy chopping wood, the fisher folk  use the time to repair their nets.

For each of us, there is meaningful lesson to be learned from the humble woodcutter and the fisher folk. Use time wisely to ensure your life and your work are more productive, better managed and equally satisfying. As individuals what can each of us do to use the time give to us as bonus by nature, albeit as a reminder to respect nature to? It is important to keep in mind that our safety net in life is our blessings, the relationships, our goals, our values, our time and our own self worth. We need to repair those areas of our net that need mending.

Relook our priorities – One needs to look back at what one has achieved, look forward to what one aims to achieve and check if the price we have paid and the price we will pay are worth the end results. Check also if we are living in the present, living the moment and if we will ever have regrets of having misplaced priorities. Ask yourself if you taking care of our relationships, your health, your loved ones, are you being true to our values, do you take notice and do something about those around etc.

Respect the blessings given to us – In our pursuit of happiness which we often seek in the form of more money and power do we value the blessings that one has inherited, been gifted, been blessed with. Do we take what we have for granted? If you do not value the blessings you have, chances of you repairing the net you inherited are rather bleak because you see it as second hand, old and perhaps needing replacement.

Revive relationships – If we say that man is a social animal it simply means we need to have people around and ensure we engage with those around. Relationships need to be kept healthy if one has to have a positive, friendly, encouraging environment. Check if some relationships need more attention, if they require more effort to stabilize. Be open to nurturing healthier and happier relationships with existing circle and creating new circles of friends.  Patch up those parts of the relationship net that are frayed or require additional strengthening.

Remember the less privileged – You need to ensure that the net is spread wide if you have to get a good catch. Spreading the net wide is not a one man job. You will need the support of all types of comrades. Hence it is in your interest that the net given to those around is not torn or frayed lest your catch gets less. Even the most humble companion in your journey of life has the power to be useful to one another. Carry them along as a valued companion who is also helping you cast the net wide.

Reward ourselves – While mending the net the fishermen also swap stories, sing songs, have fun too. Having fun is an important part of the process of repairing the net else it will become a chore, a burden, a millstone around the neck. Find ways and means of enjoying the process of repairing the net although it has been forced/ trust upon you at this point in time.

Remember to be grateful – Be grateful you have a net to repair. There are many who have nothing to really care for; no possessions; no income; no meaningful life; no hope. Pause and think of all the blessings you have, most of which you never earned but inherited. When you value your blessings you will be motivated to take care of your possessions even more carefully. The net of life is now has a new meaning; a fresh perspective and above all becomes your most valued treasure.

Try these:           

  1. Draw a simple fishing net. On each intersection on the net, write down one valuable thing in your life that the intersection represents/ stands for. E.g. family / income / friends / education / good health etc.
  2. Can you list out a couple of songs that are typical of people who go fishing or which represents the fisher folks culture.
  3. List out one thing you will do to repair the following
  • Change your attitude for the better
  • Improve your knowledge and learn something new
  • Build on your strengths
  • Overcome your weakness
  • Enhance your social / professional circle
  • Spend even more quality time with your loved ones

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Set yourself free

13-1-Set yourself free_life

With the start of a new year, we can begin afresh, leaving behind both the troubles and the accolades of the past year behind. While the past will always be lurking in the deep recess of our minds, the future invariably gives us hope but is largely tempered by apprehensions born out of a wild imagination. The present then is squeezed between nostalgia and apprehension, your hopes and your despairs and your dreams and your nightmares. The only way out is to set yourself free; free of your own self imposed bondage.

Here is how you go about setting yourself free

Find a purpose for yourself. Parental expectations during our formative years have a large bearing in how we visualize a future for ourselves. However, the individuality in you often feels stifled and throttled by having to toe a line drawn by others. However perilous a course we chart for ourselves, if we focus on our goal our journey would be more meaningful, more fulfilling and definitely more liberating.

Tip: Write an epitaph for yourself and you would have the purpose of your life outlined clearly.

Reward yourself. We often ourselves overburdened, stressed and running to stay ahead in pursuit of our goals. It is as if the world is examining us with a microscope and we need to do meet their expectations. The reality is you have to pace yourself not with the benchmarks set by others but in relation to our own abilities, potential and capabilities.. This invariably means that you have to reward yourself; be it by taking breaks, indulging in something off beat, taking your foot off the gas pedal or simply lounging around and clearing your mind.

Tip: The key is not how far you go but how much you have enjoyed the journey.

Explore beyond yourself. Time to change your routine. Give yourself a new makeup. If you have been following the beaten path, pause, think of the numerous possibilities that you have failed to explore. Have you wanted to try your hand at something off beat? Ever tried bungee jumping or rock climbing or scuba diving? Ever had the urge to learn a musical instrument or act in a play? Did you always have a social service streak that you never dared to try so far?

Tip: There is nothing stopping you except your inhibitions and possibly your inertia.

Excuse yourself.

Notice that at every stage you are doing what you have planned for yourself, without being weighed down by the expectations, the hopes, the plans and the aspirations others have for you. It is possible that in the process you would have stumbled, bruised yourself, suffered criticism, wondered if you made a mistake and worse of all get the sinking feeling that you should not have dared to move out of your comfort zone. Learn to excuse yourself no matter what the consequence of your personal, calculated and deliberate actions.

Tip : Since you chose to follow your heart and mind you should allow your heart and mind to be free of any guilt.

It is your life – set it free – find the YOU within YOUrself.

Try this:

  • List out 5 of your apprehensions/ fears. Now for each of them work out a way to actually confront your fear. E.g. You fear lizards. Now find a reptile zoo that you can visit to actually confront that fear. Don’t do it because it is suggested here but because you want to overcome those fears.
  • List out 5 of your greatest desires or wishes. Now for each of them work out a way to actually realize them. E.g. You want to go on a cruise. Now read up on all the cruises. Select one that seems to catch your imagination. Slowly but deliberately start working on the finances, the dates, the preparations etc. for it. Before you realize it you would be packing your bags to realize your dreams.

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