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The power of example

Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing. – Albert Schweitzer

Our initial learning is from imitating others particularly our parents, grandparents, neighbors, the au pair or nanny and those with whom we are in close contact. Obviously we end up learning both the good and the bad from these influencers since we are unable to distinguish good from bad at that stage. This method of learning continues to influence us deeply till our dying day although as we grow we can become selective in our learning. However the example set by others often tends to have an overwhelming influence on us and very often we unconsciously imbibe a lot of bad, negative and avoidable qualities, traits and mannerisms from others. The best example is our use of profanity when irritated, annoyed, angry or furious. Our accent too is a good example of how we get unconsciously influenced by those around us.

While logic, understanding, rational and reason have a major bearing on how we shape up in life, we have always underestimated the power of examples of others in shaping us. The rituals we follow at home have a major bearing on how we imitate the same as we grow up and then set an example for others. From the time we rise up each morning, to the chores we perform and even the subtle mannerisms, attitude and behavior are often molded by the examples set by those who are key influencers in one’s life. Teachers for example have a very very important role to play as role models and prima donnas of good example. Those teachers who demand the best, often get the best from their students. Those who lack that charisma and self will, end up having a set of mediocre students to battle with. While the strict teacher might not be very popular when one is in school, with maturity and the advantage of hindsight, one would easily realize that those  teachers who were strict but not whimsical or biased gave you the strength, the motivation and the self belief to excel.

While a role model would have a strong influence on helping us set standards, the choice of the wrong role model could critically hamper us and even negatively influence us. Thus many youngsters are mistakenly drawn to the antisocial and undesirable mannerisms and communication of those role models who seem to be larger than life simply because they are anti establishment or rebellious. The hippy culture of the 70’s and similar fashion trends that tend to be gross and the trend to splurge on brands promoted by our person role models, the abuse of drugs and promiscuity are but the tip of the iceberg. Selective idolization of role models is another dangerous problem. While everyone sees the success, the fame and the adulation enjoyed by our role models very few of us pay attention to the tremendous effort, hard work and sacrifices they make to reach the top of their profession. We tend to follow only the example that is suitable to us and conveniently ignore the tougher part. The net result is that we end up frustrated and disheartened by the lack of success.

The best way to improve ourselves is by the realization that each of us has both a responsibility and an obligation to be aware of our own power to influence those around us. We would then consciously attempt to change and put forward our own best efforts and suddenly we would notice that everything and everyone around us seems to be very close to the ideal we would have visualized. Both, us who set the example and the others who imitate our example would then be doing the perfect tango in sync and with grace.

Remember: “A good example has twice the value of good advice”

Try this:

  1. Can you identify 3 bad habits/ mannerisms / qualities in you that you would like to change. Do you think you imbibed it because of the influence of those around you?
  2. Identify the 3 good habits/ mannerisms/ qualities that you imbibed/ developed because of the influence of someone around you. Name the person who was responsible for it and if possible thank them too.
  3. Make a list of one role model each for the following and the one quality that you would like to imitate.
  • A sportsperson
  • A politician
  • A businessman/ business woman
  • A teacher
  • A social crusader/ social activist

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Role Model

Example is the school of mankind, and they will learn at no other. Burke

It is said that imitation is the best form of flattery. How many of us would wish it weren’t so true, because if others were to imitate us too often, we would be more embarrassed than proud. If you don’t believe me, here is a quick check. Ask your spouse/ children/ colleague/ superior / subordinate / friend to list out 5 things in you they wish you changed. More often than not, the list would exceed 5 easily. Guess that is a good reality check to realize that while most times we are at our best behavior, quite often we set poor examples for others to follow.

The poor examples we set may relate to a poor personal character or a bad habit. It could also be because of a lack of self discipline or a dubious moral value structure or simply a bad disposition. What ever the cause or reason, if what we do pricks our consciences though we may rationalize it to one an all, you can be sure it is not worth emulating. Telling white lies, a couple of pegs when one is recommended, gorging on food when you have to diet, using abusive language because it is not really meant but just an expression of myself, being stingy  are unfortunate examples of bad habits masquerading as necessary evils. Boorish behavior, cheating, telling blatant lies, physical abuse, having a violent temper are worse behavior on a rising scale of the poor role models.

On the other hand, many of us choose role models who have excelled in something maybe sports, academics, entrepreneurship, acting, technology etc. When we adopt role models, it is imperative to go beyond their success and actually see the effort and sacrifice put in by them to attain the accolades. It is important to realize that the end product is actually the outcome of tremendous hard work, self belief and sacrifice. Are we prepared to follow them up the same path they have and feel the pain they felt?

Remember : Lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime; and, departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time.- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Try these:

  • Who is your role model? Ask you self why you have chosen that person as your role model. Do you know a lot about your role models upbringing, background and efforts? Are there some blemishes in the role model that you would not want to imitate in your life?
  • Can you list out the faults in yourself that you need to correct or work on? Ask a close friend or your spouse to evaluate you and see if there are many areas of improvement in you, that they point out to. Outline your plan of action to tackle these areas of improvement and ensure you put a start date and a time frame to see the results.
  • Make an attempt to take on a new task or challenging assignment voluntarily. It could be something related to your profession like learning a new professional course or it could be a social oriented activity but something you have never attempted before. What is the new learning you got by playing a different role?

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